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DPB (Domestic Purpose Benefit) - what can you claim

Julie W.
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Auckland, NZ
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One of the things single parents can face, is welfare assistance when their relationship breaks up. It can be a daunting experience, especially when you've never been on a benefit before and even more-so when you haven't been in New Zealand for long. For this reason I've hunted down the information on how the DPB works and what you as a single parent can claim.
ELIGIBILITY You may receive the Domestic Purposes Benefit (DPB) if you: * are the parent of a child under 18 who is dependent on you (at least 60% of the time) * are not in a relationship with the other parent * do not have a partner or you have lost the support of your partner * be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident * have lived in New Zealand for at least 2 years at any one time since becoming a New Zealand citizen or resident (unless you are a refugee). You may also be able to get the DPB if you are caring for a child who is not your own.
A Single parent is given $278.04 net weekly. That's $322.98 less tax of $44.94. This is the starting point and from here things are added on.
If you have dependent children aged 18 years or younger you can get family tax credit. Here's how it works:
If your oldest child is ....Your weekly payment will be
aged 16, 17 or 18 years........$99.96
aged 15 years or younger......$86.29
<strong>For each other child who is....Your weekly payment will be </strong>
aged 16, 17 or 18 years........ $89.44
ages 13, 14 or 15 years........$68.40
aged 12 years or younger .....$59.98

You may be able to get the Accommodation Supplement. To qualify for this, your rent or 62% of your boarding costs must be over $91.00 p.w or if you own your own home, $109.00 p.w; and your cash assets must be under $16,200. Cash assets are anything you own, such as investment property, Bonus Bonds, savings, shares, stocks, debentures and loans to others, but don't include your assets for day to day living such as the home you live in, personal car and furniture (because you get a benefit your income will be under the income limit). You won't qualify if you have a tenancy agreement with Housing New Zealand - you'll qualify for income-related rent instead. For more details about income-related rent contact your local Housing New Zealand neighbourhood unit.

If you are a low income ratepayer you may qualify for a rates rebate of up to $500 under the Rates Rebate Scheme. For more details about the Rates Rebate Scheme contact your

Accommodation Supplement calculator (Working for Families website)

Work out how much Accommodation Supplement you may be entitled to (above). There is also Temporary Additional Support to help with Accommodation costs, if your financial outgoings are more than your income. This will be calculated through WINZ.

See comments for more.....
Julie W.
Group Organizer
Auckland, NZ
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You may be able to get help with health costs through the Disability Allowance if you or your child have a disability that is likely to last at least 6 months. These are costs related to health like; going to the doctor, specialists, medicine, phone, electricity, extra clothing, special food, and travel, ... for things like depression, anxiety, physical pain, intellectual disability, etc,. This is paid dollar for dollar up to $56.98 per family member and extra cost may receive Temporary Additional Support.

Another thing you may be eligible for is Child Disability Allowance. It is not taxed and doesn't depend on your income or costs. The child must be aged under 18 years, and need constant care and attention for at least 12 months because of their disability. On the DPB, you can receive both the Child Disability Allowance and the Disability Allowance for the same child. This is for children who have physical and intellectual disabilities. It is paid fortnightly at $42.96 per week.

You may also get Childcare Subsidy for your children to attend a childcare centre. What you are subsidised depends on what you earn but when on the DPB, it's set @ $3.70 an hour. Anything extra - you need to pay. The child must be: *under five years old <em>(or under six years if you get a Child Disability Allowance for them)</em> and *attending an early childhood programme for three or more hours a week. A Childcare Subsidy is normally paid up to nine hours of childcare a week but in some situations you may be able to get up to 50 hours a week if you are working, on an approved training course or ill. The payment is made directly to the early childhood centre. If you are claiming 20 hours Early Childhood Education you can't get Childcare Subsidy for those hours. The OSCAR Subsidy (Out of School Care and Recreational Subsidy) is for children aged 5-13 years. It helps towards the costs of before and after school care (up to 20 hours a week) and care during the school holidays (up to 50 hours a week). To get this subsidy you must be working, training or doing a work-related activity. The payment is made directly to the OSCAR service and your child has to attend an OSCAR service at least three hours a week. This is also paid @ $3.70 an hour.

You can also apply for Training Incentive Allowance that covers the cost of course fees, stationary and travel costs. This assistance is to help you obtain a job but it doesn't cover high levels of education and you won't be accepted if you are able to get a job on the qualification you already have. There is quite a bit of consideration taken into account that you need to be aware of. You may be entitled up to $98.45 weekly or $3,938.00 over a 52 week period.

You also get a Community Services Card while on a benefit that can help with the costs of visiting your doctor and getting prescriptions. It is a family card so you can use it for dependent children aged under 18 years.You may also qualify for the Pharmaceutical Subsidy Card if you or your children need a lot of prescriptions each year. To find out more about this card, talk to your pharmacist. If you don't qualify for the Community Services Card you may be able to get the High Use Health Card if you visit the doctor often for an on-going medical condition. Ask your doctor about this card.
Julie W.
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Auckland, NZ
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You may also get Home Help - if you've had a multiple birth, have a domestic emergency, or need domestic help with things like laundry, housework, cooking or childcare. You get $13.42 (without holiday pay) and $14.49 (with holiday pay) to help towards the cost of home help. Under circumstances this can also apply for other domestic needs.

You may also be eligible for Temporary Additional Support[url]. This is [url=]extra money paid to you for things like hire purchases for a car and household appliances if your financial outgoings are more than your income. In other words it is mean tested every 13 weeks to see if your circumstances have changed.

When you have costs that are unexpected you can apply for Special Needs Grant. Maybe you've had to pay for work on your car to get a warrant or need dental work for you or your children. WINZ will pay $300 a year for each member of the family towards dental and this is non-recoverable so you don't pay it back. When emergency costs occur, you can also get food grants that are non-recoverable. This is set at $450 1 or 2 children and $550 for 3 or more children over a 26 week period. For instance, say you ask for $100 in January, $150 in March, $100 in May, $100 in July as a parent with 1 dependant child. The $100 you used in January will become available again 26 weeks after the date you used it. The payments in March, May and July will also become available 26 weeks after the date you used them. There are also other things you can claim that are non-recoverable and recoverable.

Available also are other entitlements. You can borrow up to 6 weeks of your benefit and pay this back at a rate that you discuss with your case manager. You may need a bond for rental, are behind in rent from using the money elsewhere, didn't budget for electricity increase and have a disconnection notice, need assistance for school uniforms and books, bedding, household items, work on you car, have extra medical bills, dental work is over $300 a year and so on and don't have the money available. You can't borrow this money if your cash assets are over $1,617.73 and need to show you don't have other means of paying. Interest is not added. Here is a list of what you can claim and the general limits for items. WINZ case officers use their discretion if you need more than general limits, so it's best to ask personally rather than consider the list final.

For more information on how benefit entitlements work, check Manuals and Procedures.

Here's an interesting one. International Custody Dispute Payments are weekly payments paid to a parent who has an International dispute over child custody going on and isn't eligible for the DPB.

To learn about other interesting entitlements available see below.

Here is a list of all entitlements available from A - Z
Julie W.
Group Organizer
Auckland, NZ
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