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Safety guidelines for all Austin Cycling Meetup group rides

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All Austin Cycling Meetup group rides follow the Austin Cycling Association and League of American Bicyclists safety principles. Please remember that as cyclists we are subject to all traffic laws that cars are subject to. Please share the road wisely, use common sense, and brush up on these from time to time or if you're new to the group!

Cycling Traffic Principles
(Excerpted from: League of American Bicyclists -­rules.php)

1. Obey, obey, obey
*Cyclists, just like motorists, must obey all traffic control devices
*It takes longer to travel through an intersection on bike; plan to stop for yellow lights
*Avoid cars that run red lights by waiting for the signal to turn green and then scanning to make sure it's clear
2. Ride on the right
*Always ride with the flow of traffic
*Do not ride on the sidewalk
*Allow yourself room to maneuver around roadway hazards
3. Yield to traffic in busier lanes
*Roads with higher traffic volumes should be given right-of-way
*Always use signals to indicate your intentions to switch lanes
*Look behind you to indicate your desire to move and to make sure that you can
4. Yield to traffic in destination lane
*Traffic in your destination lane has the right-of-way
*Making eye contact with drivers lets them know that you see them
*Signal and make your lane change early, before you need to
5. Directional Positioning
*Position yourself in the right-most lane that goes in the direction of your destination
*Ride in the right third of the lane
*Avoid being overtaken in narrow-lane situations by riding in the right third of the lane
6. Take the lane
*If there is insufficient road width for cyclists and cars
*If traveling the same speed as other traffic or if hazards narrow the usable width
*Before intersections and turns to assert your position on the roadway
7. Positioning for turns
*Before a turn: scan, signal and move into the lane that leads to your destination
*Ride in the right third or middle of the lane, as lane width dictates
*To traverse multiple lanes, move one at a time, scanning and signaling each move
8. Avoiding turn lanes
*If your lane turns into a right turn only lane, change lanes before the intersection
*Changing lanes too late could result in an overtaking motorist turning in front of you
*Maintain a constant position relative to the curb or shoulder during a turn
9. Signaling
*Signal well before the intersection; make sure you are in proper lane position
*Left arm out and down with palm to the rear to indicate stopping
*Left or right arm straight out to indicate left or right turn
*When in a group signal road hazards to those behind you!

You can find more information on Traffic Skills and Defensive Cycling classes on the Austin Cycling Association's website at
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