Specific Information regarding Travis County Republican Delegate inquiries

From: Don Z.
Sent on: Monday, March 19, 2012 11:22 AM


I have received numerous individual requests regarding becoming a DELEGATE to the GOP Conventions in order to support Ron Paul.  Permit me to say a few words about all this.

FIRST, there are many, many ways and many places to defend the Constitution by supporting the Ron Paul campaign, and other countless other worthy causes (like defending Anthony Buehler).

IF you are "non political" (which normal people are) and don't have an interest long term in fighting the political battle, then THANK YOU for voting for Ron Paul on March 29th and doing whatever you can.

IF you are really disgusted with the "Republican Party", or would rather commit to working in the Libertarian Party, or prefer working independently in groups like TAG, THANK YOU for all you do for liberty and please continue!


IF you have an interest in joining the Ron Paul Republicans in TRAVIS COUNTY, in order to build your own personal electoral influence in your own precinct, and take a long term view (many years) of doing political battle to defend the Constitution with the GOP platform, and you'd like to focus your energy with power to elect/unelect politicians, I urge you to join this meetup group:


BELOW is an excerpt from the meetup for April 16th which is the (currently scheduled) start of the Travis SD Convention temporary committee cycle:



The Travis Senate District Temporary Committee Meetings are scheduled for April 16th and 17th, 7-9 PM, at the TCRP HQ at Cameron & US183.

You must appear before these committees to submit Resolutions, Rules suggestions, your request to be nominated as an at-large State GOP Delegate, resolve any questions about your voter registration or Oath of Affiliation, etc.

The committee work is absolutely crucial to the conduct of the April 21st Convention.  It is physically impossible to accomplish all the work needed on April 21st without these advance committee meetings.

It is customary for the work of Temporary Committees to be accepted and adopted by the Permanent Committees (of the same name and nature of business), and the entire SD Convention assembly, although it is possible for a majority (over 1/2 or 2/3rds, depending on what is being proposed) at the SD Convention to vote on changes to the committee work.

If you do NOT participate in the temporary convention meetings, you will practically have no chance to accomplish changes on Convention day, owing to things like timing logistics, lack of understanding and preparation, etc.

Please attend at least one of these meeting times.

Here are two very important facts:

1. The Temporary Rules Committee is responsible for setting the rules regarding Precinct Caucusing for electing delegates to the State Convention.  This rule is popular with the grassroots because it allows any precinct with 300 or more Rick Perry votes in prior general election to nominate one or more delegates to the State Convention.  If you support this rule you must appear before the Rules Committee and ask them to implement it as in prior years.  The Rules committee has the authority to NOT allow Precinct Caucusing, and if they make that decision it may not be easy for the entire SD Convention to reverse that rule on April 21st.  Typically, the Nominations Committee also has at-large state Delegate slots to fill (e.g., voting strength of the small precincts who can't nominate their own delegates).

2. If Precinct Caucusing rules are implemented, State Delegate nominations will happen on April 21st in those Precinct Caucuses.  Each precinct really has control over how they nominate their state delegates; the rule will probably say "by majority vote" in the Pct. Caucus.  Participants from the smaller precincts, who are new to the GOP and don't have history or relationships with TCRP leaders, may find it hard to make a case to become a State Delegate when they appear before the Nominations Committee.  Here are things new people need to have for nominations considerations (NOTE - delegate criteria is completely up to the nominations committee itself):

a. Record of voting in GOP primaries, especially in the same precinct

b. Record of volunteering in GOP campaigns

c. Record of donating to candidates or the TCRP

d. Involvement in neighboorhood activities like Home Owners Association or PTA

e. Business or career accomplishments, especially in the "private sector"

Of course, if ALL nominations are at-large, everone will have to be chosen by the nominating committee.

ALSO REMEMBER that going to Ft. Worth to be a delegate is an expensive proposition in time and out of pocket expenses; make sure you can follow through and show up before asking to be a delegate.  If you are named as an Alternate (for each Delegate position there is also an alternate), your alternate position is important.  Alternate #1 gets seated virtually all the time; Alternate #195 may not, depending on how many delegates (and higher priority alternates) don't show in Ft. Worth.

Final details about these meetings are set by the temporary committee chairs; information will be forwarded as it becomes known.  As of this date (March 19th, 2012) committees have not been formed.

To VOLUNTEER to serve on a committee, contact the SD committee chair; committee chairs are also precinct chairs and their e-mail is available on traviscountygop.org:

SD-14 Bill Crocker

SD-21 Reagan Dees

SD-24 Russell Gallahan

SD-25 Mike Rodriguez

For now, assume that your SD (Senate District) is the one listed on your 2010 voter registration card-- you may find it here as well: http://www.traviscountytax.org/showVoterNameSearch.do

BELOW are some notes from the prior Convention cycle (not updated for new 2012 rules)

(Don Zimmerman, SD-14)


The Senatorial District Convention Temporary Chair forms the pre-convention organization by appointment of committee chairs of the Temporary Committees of the Senatorial District Convention.  Each temporary committee is formed by the appointed temporary committee chair and/or the SD Convention Temporary Chair from list of elected Delegates supplied from each Precinct Convention.   Elected Delegates are entitled to attend any meetings held by temporary committees and testify prior to the Senatorial District Convention in accordance with RPT Rule #14.  Separate discussions of each committee’s duties will be authored. Committees meet prior to the Senatorial District Convention in order to perform their work. The meetings should be open for any Senatorial Convention Delegate to attend.  Time and place of meetings should be communicated to the Delegates. 


Temporary Committees of the Senatorial District Convention:

Credentials - hears testimony regarding any contest concerning Delegates and recommends the permanent Roll of the Convention. (Credentials is responsible for registration and issuing badges.) 

Rules -- recommends supplemental rules for the Convention in accordance with RPT Rule #10, subject to Texas Statutes and RPT Rules.

Permanent Organization -- recommends Permanent Officers from among the Delegates present.   RPT Rule #11 defines Convention officers.

Resolutions -- conducts preliminary deliberations to make recommendations to the Permanent Resolutions Committee. Permanent Resolutions Committee will make a formal report for adoption to the Convention Delegates. 

Nominations -- conducts preliminary deliberations to make recommendations to the Permanent Nominations Committee. Permanent Nominations Committee will make a formal report for adoption to the Convention Delegates.  Beginning the Senatorial District Convention (Prior to Call to Order) The Credentials Committee should have overall responsibility for performing Delegate/Alternate check-in and registration. Nametags for each Delegate/Alternate should be available with the Delegate Name, Precinct # and Delegate or Alternate status clearly stated on the nametag. Challenged Delegates may need to be separately credentialed, especially in cases of alternative delegations.


Committee Chairs of both Temporary Rules and Temporary Resolutions Committees present at the Temporary Chair’s podium (or with the secretary), five (5) copies of the temporary reports from their committees prior to the start of the Convention. They may be inspected by any delegate or alternate to the Convention prior to the scheduled Call to Order.    (RPT Rule #29B)

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