Volunteer a couple of worthwhile hours!

From: Pam F.
Sent on: Saturday, May 19, 2012 11:37 AM

We have an important ongoing mission that will help with delegate strategy for the Texas convention.  It involves making some very easy and fun phone calls.  If 40 folks can come in and make about 100 calls apiece (a couple of hours - the sooner the better!), it'll get this job done and we can then move on to other efforts to get out the vote in the primary election!

The Liberty For All SuperPAC office will be open for phone-banking from Noon to 9pm each day Monday thru Friday.  Please RSVP to come make calls on at least one of these days!  We look forward to seeing you!

MON =>  http://www.meetup.com/Austin-RonPaul2012/events/65471102/
TUE =>  http://www.meetup.com/Austin-RonPaul2012/events/65471252/
WED =>  http://www.meetup.com/Austin-RonPaul2012/events/65471452/
THU =>  http://www.meetup.com/Austin-RonPaul2012/events/65471622/
FRI =>  http://www.meetup.com/Austin-RonPaul2012/events/65471762/

It's okay to bring your child(ren) along with their favorite toys and books!

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