Dan'l T.


Austin, TX

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November 27, 2012

What kind of hobbies and interests do you have? Why do you want to attend this event?

Well, I've been known to rock it out (on guitar, bass or Hammond B3) and have designed and built commercial toys, games, and guitars (both acoustic and electric. Archaeology and human relationship psychology are among my many passions. My book series is called "Becoming Her Sex God Guide to Butterflies: the Chemistry of Love, Sex and Attraction". That's one section in a much larger body of work called the Dumb Prick's Guide to Becoming ... that will roll out over the next 6 to 8 months as I finish up the photography and artwork (the bigger book - nearly 900 pages - is already written). Filmmaking is also a big interest and I've been in about a dozen films as actor, produced and directed a bunch of music videos and a few television pilots and sometimes do cinematography or production design for friends, when they need some solid experience on their team of mostly film industry beginners. And have been known to dabble in oil, pastel or sculpture and have exhibited across the US.

If you were were an animal, what kind of animal would you be? AND WHY??!!

I'd probably be a white Siberian Tiger. It fits my Leonine personality, we're rare and endangered, I can purr like a housecat but capable of making psychological or physical mincemeat out of a deserving jerk in the blink of a cat's eye. And like one, I'm only seen if I want to be yet when I choose to come out of hiding (my computer den), my playful, fun (and awesome) persona can brighten up the party. haha.

Describe what you do for a living or describe your occupation.

Websites, animation, photography, and writing. Might get into doing some public speaking once the books are selling like hotcakes. ;-) Used to be a college professor but hated the politics. Mostly do what's fun for me that helps clients with projects I can believe in (working on development of the promotional animation for a computer game startup), and finished a website for a company making products for the medical Marijuana emerging industry. Do part time art installations for Fosters Art Installers.

What's your Sign? If you don't know it, you can go here to calculate it. http://speedfriendingevents.com/zodiac-sign-calculator/

Love this question and like to have people guess because they're almost always wrong, wrong, wrong. Even my doctor says my vital signs and body chemistry is that of an 18 year old (no joke or exaggeration - I'm just a complete aberration). Maybe it's the sex, drugs and rock&roll. JK. ;-)

Please enter your Meyers Briggs 4 Letter Personality Type. We will be doing some fun things at Speed Friending with Personality Types to meet your match. Take the test here. http://speedfriendingevents.com/meyers-briggs-personality-test/

Found the site because according to Brad Fregger in his book, Lucky That Way, about his work in the Computer Game Industry, I'm "one of the best 3D computer graphics artists in the world today". Maybe I am, but there's a lot of great 3D artists and animators these days, so I probably don't deserve the crown, though appreciate the opinion. Days when it's not raining or too cold to ride my motorbike. Not picky otherwise.


Well, well. I love to break the rules because I've forever been the exception to them. I'm mature going on adolescent. I'm a modern Renaissance man, known nationwide for my film work, writing (4 books on the Chemistry of Attraction on Amazon) & art.


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