Last Week's Meet-Up

From: Lisa Hastings, D.
Sent on: Saturday, January 31, 2009 3:19 PM
Hi Wellspringers,

We had a great time last week connecting and discussing ways to care for ourselves in just a moment. I enjoyed those who came and look forward to connecting with more of you in the months to come.

To recap some of our insights and shared perspectives:
The topic was Caring for Ourselves Moment by Moment. Making time in our schedule to care for ourselves for an extended period of time is important, yet so many of us put a side our needs in the moment as we are caring for others. This conversation was an effort to bring focus on how we live in the moment and can be aware of our own needs even while accomplishing other tasks. Much like microsavings (rounding up to the dollar and putting the extra cents in your savings account), micro or moment self care can build up quickly and go a long way over time.

Major categories of nourishment/nourishing endeavors:

Top 10 ways to nourish/care for ourselves in just a moment:
1. Simply stop and be still, take a long intentional breath in and out
2. Keep your water close and take a drink right when you are feeling thirsty, or just for a treat for yourself. Keep healthy snacks readily available for you. You can keep apples and nuts anywhere.
3. Go get some water now, not later. Use the bathroom now, not later. Take a stretch now, not later. Everyone has to do these things, by doing them right when you feel the call, your body feels supported.
4. Get outside in the sunshine - walk to the curb and back, walk around the building, walk out the front door and attend to your flowers, sit on your front porch and take in the scenery - even just for a moment.
5. Be mindful while moving.
6. When using your body, assess your posture, position, use your core strength while accomplishing your task.
7. If sitting at a computer, assess how you are positioned in your task, and move to a spot that relieves tension in your joints, put on your reading glasses to remove eye strain, move to different positions, do pelvic tilts.
8. If feeling anxious or edgy take a breath: breathe in, breathe out as much as you can, do not breathe in, force more breath out, do not breathe in, force more breath out, then let yourself naturally inhale. Let that feeling wash over you.
9. As you move a part of your body, be aware of the small movements, or contractions in other parts of your body. Awareness of our connectedness is very centering.
10. If you are a wellness practitioner, consider keeping a basin of still water accessible. Washing, or even rinsing your hands in still water is very grounding.

Look forward to seeing you all at our next meeting 4th Wed. in Feb. (25th). Email me back if you have a topic and would like to lead an upcoming discussion.

With Love and Respect,

[address removed]

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