Baltimore, MD

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October 15, 2012

Quam diu Latine studes? (How long have you studied Latin?)

I've been studying Latin since 2000 in college. I began teaching Latin in 2004, in Baltimore County, and attended my first speaking program in 2007 at Rusticatio Virginiana.

Quantopere loquens Latine calles? (How would you rate your speaking ability? NB speakers of any ability level are welcome!)

I've been rated as "Advanced-Mid" according to the ACTFL OPI. I'm able to hold conversations on a variety of topics, and in a group of mixed-ability speakers, I can keep a conversation going. I can usually follow the conversations of much more experienced speakers. In my classroom I use Latin extensively, using context and structured conversation to help students acquire vocabulary and grammar implicitly. I regularly provide training to teachers who are just beginning to use Latin actively in their classrooms, and very much enjoy working with beginners.

Quare Latine colloqui et versari velis? (Why would you like to speak Latin?)

For myself, I'd like to have more opportunities to steep myself in Latin conversation at a level higher than I am able to achieve in the classroom. Learning to read Latin as Latin has increased my appreciation of the classics a great deal, and I hope to share that experience with others by teaching them to use the language actively. Latin can be learned by anyone, and by creating new Latin speakers, both of those who have studied Latin, and those who have no prior experience, we add richness and depth to the community.

Quibus in locis versari soles? Quomodo veheris? (Share whatever you feel comfortable sharing - Where do you you work and live? How do you get around? This will help us with carpooling and scheduling events.)

I teach north of Baltimore City, and live in the vicinity of Remington and Charles Village. I have a car, but prefer to bike if I'm staying in the city.


Salvete, amici! Vobis gregis nostri sodalibus magnopere laetor! Magister publico in ludo Baltimora non procul Latine doceo. Baltimorae habitans vita urbana delector. Magno cum gaudio vobiscum loqui et Latine celebrare exspecto.

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