RE: [atheists-55] Re: Tyranny of the atheist minority

From: Steve Z.
Sent on: Friday, May 16, 2008 1:54 PM

And this was my response to Jeff's Response.

>However, by posting it you are tacitly telling people to harass this guy.  This makes us appear
>just as belligerent and asinine as him.

>If the numbers you posted are his office and work phones, then you may have a point.

>But you said that one was his personal number.  He has just as much right to not be 
>harassed at home as you and I.  There must be other more reasonable and, in my opinion,
>mature ways to respond to that ridiculous article.

>I don't want people's personal information posted without their permission.

>Steve Z.

The difference between genius and stupidity, is genius has its limits.-- Albert Einstein.

> From: [address removed]
> To: [address removed]
> Subject: [atheists-55] Re: Tyranny of the atheist minority
> Date: Fri, 16 May[masked]:47:57 -0700
> It was just recently brought to my attention that posting phone #'s may be crossing the line.
> Well as I answered that person, so will I now answer anyone else who thinks that it's crossing the line...
> I humbly disagree...I think it pales in comparison to that OVER the TOP news article.
> Either we stand up for who we are, and confront Bigots like these, (not every bigot mind you, but I think this guy just made a great case for himself) b/c I think IT IS prudent to pick & choose your battles.  Wether this person is sane or not, he has it posted on a national news site, and he is the head of a national organization.
> As yoda said to Luke Skywalker..."Don't underestimate the powers of the dark side"
> Especially in this case, were the article is nothing less than a haineous attack on atheist everywhere.
> or
>  We don't confront the Bigots and continue to bitch and complain about being "persecuted minority" umongst ourselves...which got tired like 7 years ago.
> [http://www.cartoo...­]
> Quoting the late Saul Alinsky, who was renowned for his community organizing skills, Rudin noted that it only takes 2% of society to make change if it is a well-organized, fully committed cadre. "The other 98% is pretty inert."

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