Patricia L.


Sunnyvale, CA

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April 15, 2012


What do you believe about the paranormal?

I believe that there is something out there that science cannot explain. I find the idea of spirits compelling and it makes me want to know more. I think all of us would like to believe that the soul does go on....( hey....they should write a song about that...oh yeah..Titanic) I believe that there are things that can be explained away and some that leave you scratching your head. I tend to be the "I want to find a logical explaination" kind of person but have a very open mind.

Have you ever had a personal experience with the paranormal?

I had a friend in high school who used to tell us her house was haunted, and we would all poke fun at her. One day when I was staying at her house and we were the only ones home and in another part of the house,we both heard a crash. We went to see what happened and in her room she had a "Iggy" water globe that was on her shelf and it had hit her closet door with such force that water from the globe was splattered on the wall. I never poked fun at her after that!

Do you have any experience in researching and documenting paranormal activity?

I do not, but am very eager to learn and as I said I tend to look at rational explainations and have alot of objectivity.

Why are you interested in ghost hunting?

Things that defy rational explainations fascinate me. It makes me want to know more, and learn more. And I love that we learn something everyday until the day we die.


HI, I am a divorced mom who just relocated back to the Bay Area. I am interested in the paranormal. It facinates me. I even worked as a tour guide for the Winchester House one summer. Looking forward to meeting people with similar interests.

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