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Training rides for 63-mile Tour de Peninsula

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San Francisco, CA
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Hi All,
I know Mike G. is hosting training rides for the 30-mile course of Tour de Peninsula, but I'd like to do the 63-mile route with the crazy huge climb (http://supportparks.o...­. So, to make it official, I'm wondering if anyone is interested in training with me or has suggestions for routes. I've bookmarked quite a few out of SF and various BART stations, starting at 25 miles and working up to 50ish with lots of climbing. At least, that's the idea.

I'm at about an intermediate/recreational level and used to ride a lot more/further, so I'm sort of re-training. I'm a very slow and begrudging climber (I blame it on my 12-speed bike!) and am not trying to win any races, just complete the course without keeling over. I'd like to ride at least 2-3 times per week, but will try to get on the bike daily, even for just 10 miles.

If anyone out there is at about the same level or doesn't mind riding with someone of my level, I'd love to organize some regular, challenging rides from now until August. PS. Thank you Paul & everyone else who's been so helpful thus far. If you'd like to keep sending routes my way, I'd be 1,000-times appreciative!


Ronnie J.
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San Francisco, CA
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Hi Dana,
I wouldn't mind riding with you. What days are you generally available? I generally commute from Sunset to the Financial District M-F. Then Saturdays usually try to get a longer ride in. Sundays are the only day I am not available to ride. I also don't drive so my rides start from SF usually
I was just looking at the routes and I have rode some of the upper half of the course but have not rode the lower half.
A former member
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I haven't ridden with you yet to understand where you are but here are some climbing routes on Tam from SF, no BART or car required:

- Four Corners - 3.5 mile hill climb­

ride into Mill Valley and up to the Junction of Muir Woods Dr, Hwy 1 and Sequoia Valley Rd. on this route, when in doubt just follow the other cyclists, there's a pretty constant flow of cycling traffic. most of the climb is nicely shaded. most cyclists prefer to descend down Hwy 1 as it's less steep. I do not recommend going up Hwy 1 out of Mill Valley, there's little shoulder, it's rare to see anyone riding up it. going down Hwy 1 cyclists can pretty much keep up with the 25-30mph traffic I've done it many times and have never felt unsafe. when in doubt just pull over and let the cars go by.

- SF to Pan Toll, same as above, add another ~2.5 mile climb­

same route as to Four Corners but continue north towards Pan Toll Station. there are water fountains and rest rooms at Pan Toll.

- SF to Mt Tam East Peak, same as above, about 5 miles longer­

continue past Pan Toll up along Bolinas Ridge. there are restrooms, water and a Coke machine at the top.

- SF to Muir Woods - same as 4 Corners, add a ~2.5 mile climb­

I always get a kick out of riding to Muir Woods after driving there so many times in my pre-roadie days. note that you can climb the northern or the southern end of the loop. heads up for parked cars on the road waiting for parking. slow on the downs, fast on the ups. ;)

- Alpine Dam­

a Classic loop for SF cyclists. it's a mellow ride to Fairfax through two dozen stop signs. after that it's a 3 mile climb to the top of Pine Mountain, a fun downhill and four smaller climbs to Alpine Dam. after the dam it's 2.3 miles up the infamous switchbacks to the corner of Bolinas Fairfax Rd (aka BoFax) and Ridgecrest Rd (the road the follows the top of Bolinas Ridge, of which Mt Tam is its highest point.) from there you tackle 2.5 miles of the Seven Sisters, a series up uphill rollers, legendary for their views, challenges and number of car commercials filmed on them. it's 3.1 miles from the end of the Sisters to the Tam East Peak but most people roll home on Hwy 1.

longer rides include trips from Fairfax/four corners/Pan Toll to Stinson. you can also park a car in Fairfax to get more time in under the redwoods and skip the suburban shuffle.

there's also a trip over to the East Bay to hit Diablo. I do that from Pleasant Hill BART, through Heather Farms and up Northgate Rd. on some of those I continue out to Pinehurst or 3 Bears or, or...

I'd be happy to lead any of these routes if enough people are up for it. pick your poison!

hth, just killing time in between code compiles at work.
-Mike G
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Hey Dana,

I'd be interested to getting together for weekly rides with a group. What days were you thinking and what times?
I have done plenty of routes in the Bay but it has been a few months since I rode on a consistent basis so need a reboot ;)

In any case please keep us informed on when and where to ride.
user 7445922
San Francisco, CA
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Thank you for all these great routes and information!! I'll try at least some of them out, for sure. 

Miguel & Ronnie,
Great, I'd love to ride with you all! I do ride out of SF as well and for the next month will be available weekends (Saturday works just as well as Sunday for me) for longer rides. I just took on a temporary contract job that eats into my weekdays, so I'm only able to do shorter evening rides M-F. Another hiccup: I may have trashed the frame of my bike on a ride last weekend so there's a chance I won't be riding at all for a while. Terrible timing, right? In any event, when I'm able to get back out there, I can either contact you all directly or just throw up another meetup and you can join that way.

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San Francisco, CA
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Hey everyone,

Just jumping in on this too. If/when you guys figure out a time (I'm in the southern part of SF/ near SFSU) I too would like to join! I'm new to cycling but pretty athletic. So far I've done a few 30 mile rides w/ about 1000 ft elevation gain. I need to do way more climbs though (I'm really bad at them) and have never ridden in SF (have just done stuff in the South Bay, but I live up here.)

I was debating doing the 30 or 60 mi TdP (all depending on how I train.)

My work schedule is actually quite flexible. (I work in the Sunset.) So I can do a combination of weekday/weekends.

Let me know. :)

(Oh and I plan to tag along with the Sunday beginning riding group just to learn some routes around SF.)


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no worries. I ride every Saturday, I go nuts if I don't. at the least I'll be calling a Second Saturday ride with this group, all year round.

definitely get your frame checked out. it's pretty amazing what can be fixed. it's also pretty amazing what can happen when a frame fails. I look at bike costs as an investment in my health and happiness, it's well worth it.

see you out there,
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As Mike said: For sure get that frame checked out. I'm a pretty good mechanic, but if its a structural issue I wouldn't be too much help. Also what size bike do you ride? I can ask around and see if anyone has a spare frame or loaner if you need one or you can always swap out your frame temporarily (if it needs a major fix) by finding something on CL. for instance: http://sfbay.craigsli...­

For the rest tat replied If you are all interested in starting a weekly evening ride including weekend rides I'd be interested in setting something up.

I can meet anywhere near or around GG park, my usual meeting spot for rides is front of the DMV.

I'm free starting at about 5pm most evenings and early weekends (both days).

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