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Waimea, HI
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Buffalo Vegetarians let's get it together and open up a raw restaurant in the area. When presented right who can resist raw gourmet? Who can resist a living raw lasagna, raw pizza with cultured mac nut cheese, Raw Indian "potato" samosas? a raw chocolate shake or cashew butter date based "maple" walnut ice cream? A raw living food chocolate Elcair with vanilla pine nut custard and a glass of almond milk? How about some less expensive offerings as well such as sprouted peas and carrots with olive oil and sea salt? Sesame milk? How about ground hard winter wheatberries with flax oil, cumin and celtic sea salt for mock raw refried beans to put into a lettuce wrap or a dehydrated raw tortilla along with raw salsa and raw guacamole ? Who would want to resist it? If such a place exists, open 7 days per week with eventual delivery service, many people can stay raw. The best way to get the SAD out is to bring the RAW in. I am looking for a location. All we need to begin is a Location (for proper sit down and take out restaurant or cafe), a dedicated raw chef (me), and money. Bingo. Those three things are the three roots of all the raw goodness that will grow into a gorgeous Original Raw Lifestyle tree of Life.
Paul K.
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Niagara Falls, NY
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This is a great suggestion Molly. I certainly don't eat this way myself, however,
I DO love preparing such food. I'd so enjoy to help in your restaurant !!
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Hi Molly, the raw restaurant is a good idea. I'm not sure Buffalo is ready for it?? The restaurant biz is tough to begin with. HOWEVER, I would be in full support, and the raw spots in Toronto seem to do well.

How about a meetup at a new restaurant that is serving raw pizzas, but I do not remember the name or the district it's in? A friend at work told me about it. It would be good to support their efforts. I will reply with the name of the place when I remember it.

Forgive me if this is off topic, but I have been meaning to start a thread anyway: I have been wanting to ask everyone to start putting pressure (2 cent forms!) on the Lexington Coop to carry more raw items. Don't let them use the excuse that small vendors charge too much for shipping; Living Tree for one offers free shipping over $450. I work at the Coop and people are interested in the raw but the management is stodgy. There are probably several raw vendors that would allow a discount or free shipping for larger orders. The good news is that our raw books sell almost as soon as we get them in. The person who orders the books, Marla, is very hip and has increased the number of raw books for me, often ordering the ones I suggest. It seems like every time I look, the books are gone.

I'm new to the group. Hi everyone. Cheli
Aaron F.
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Buffalo, NY
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With regards to the raw restaurant idea Molly...There is a place for rent on the corner of Elmwood and Auburn, right across from the Coop! I called and spoke to the owner and he is asking for $800-$900 a month, I think depending on top or bottom floor. It is 1000 sq ft. He told me that it does need renovations and that it still needs zoning clearance, which as I understand it can cost as much as five grand. Overall I know very little about what it takes to open a restaurant, but seeing as we would not be needing a stove or any appliances that may cause a fire hazard, I would imagine that it would be substantially cheaper to get this started compared with other restaurants. We could all join together and each take a stake in the restaurant, the more money you invest the more shares you own - a cooperative raw restaurant. My naive guess is this operation would cost 30-40 grand to get started. I haven't checked out the inside of the place but this area is the perfect place to open a raw restaurant. It is on the wealthier side, attracts young people and older people alike, and the area is progressive. It is within a mile radius of several popular yoga clubs, not to mention the coop. This would really be an amazing thing. Who would be interested in partaking in such a project?

Love and Peace,


P.S. Paul and Toni, what are your thoughts, since you have experience in these matters already...?
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Back in the 80's when I worked for a printing firm, I somehow got wind that the UPS driver and his wife were operating a vegan take out from their home. Me and one girl from the office would order veggie pita's or gazpacho soup. Then after awhile they opened a restaurant on Main st in the town of Clarence, but that didn't last long. Out here in the suburbs we have our Feelrite store that has a small cafe in the back. But boy, I stopped in there the other day and paid over $6.00 for a hummus wrap with veggies. They will also juice for you and add protein powders, grind fresh peanut butter. They also sell small containers of foods, marinated tofu, which is delicious.

I personally find it hard to believe, with all the health conscious people in Buffalo, that a raw and vegan restaurant cannot survive, especially in such a trendy spot like Elmwood.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

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