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1st Meetup! Location + Date

Erik S.
Group Organizer
San Jose, CA
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Yo yo all,

Got a few chillaxers now in the group. Good to see!

A little about my MTG background:

Like many of you, I started playing in grade school, trading a few foils here and there with friends and playing casually. I'm now 26. A few years ago, I started picking it back up again when I dusted off my old card box. I've never been to an organized MTG event, so I started one here to see if I can meet some like-minded individuals who share my love for the game.

About the group:

It's going to be pretty casual. If you're looking for hardcore tournaments, might look elsewhere. This is for people who love socializing and playing a little MTG as well. All types of MTG players are welcome, though, including serious players. But the vibe will be chillax.

I'm thinking we have our first meetup the 26th of April (Saturday) sometime in the afternoon/evening.

Anyone know of a good place in the South Bay that we can have our first meetup? I'll take suggestions, we'll vote and then I'll do all the planning, etc.
Robbie H.
Sunnyvale, CA
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Hey Erik,

Thanks for organizing this group, I'm looking forward to some non-store based magic events. However, that weekend is the pre-release for Journey into Nyx. Pre-releases are the most chill organized event you can attend, so I would suggest that people check those out if they are interested.

Personally I will be attending the 4:45pm 2 Headed Giant event at Illusive Comics and Games.

The next weekend is the official release of Journey into Nyx, which also has a lot of store events attached, but I'd be up for a meetup that weekend. As far as a place to host, I can offer my place which is near Lawrence and El Camino.

Anyone else attending Pre-releases?
A former member
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I'll be going to the 11am Legends Prerelease that day. Prereleases are fun sealed events.
A former member
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Yeah, I'm not going to be here on the 25.-27. either, but the weekend after would work for me.
user 12040679
Sunnyvale, CA
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Yeah, pre-release/release weekends are fun and are meant to be more casual-friendly. I'm busy during the day on 4/26 but would be up for some other time but my work schedule varies a bit. I can host a smaller event in Campbell.
Robbie H.
Sunnyvale, CA
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Hi all,

I'm organizing a draft for the weekend of May 3rd or 4th. Haven't figured out all the details, but thought I'd post it here if people are interested:­

Location would be my place near El Camino and Lawrence

A former member
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I missed the prerelease but would love to play sometime soon. I mostly get my Magic on at lunch breaks right now, with the few co-workers who play as well (and may have been introduced to the game by me).

I define myself as a casual player. By that, I mainly mean I am not super competitive, and I'm fine with using non-standard decks. I don't build the best deck with the best cards to win (though winning is still great). I want to see cool cards used in unexpected ways, and learn more about the game in the process. I am a Johnny--that is, I prefer creative deck building and testing out my builds in actual play. I play well with Timmys and other Johnnys. :)

I'll be keeping an eye on the group to see where we can meet next. If we don't meet at someone's home (sadly, my current living situation doesn't allow me to host people) why not at a LGS? I do sometimes get weirded out at game stores when they smell bad / I'm the only female there, but I'm willing to give it a shot.
user 133985492
Sunnyvale, CA
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Hey guys. I just found this group and I hope meet ups are still going to be planned for it. I've wanted for a long time now to find a smaller meet up very casual mtg group just so I can really get back into the game. Right now I only have a 60 card G/W lifelink/proliforate deck that I've been playing against my bf with. It's done pretty well so far but he is even more novice player than I am.

I saw that a Saturday was mentioned as a meetup day. Saturdays would be hard for me to attend since my bf works on Saturdays and he is my ride basically. Sundays and Mondays would work better for me personally since he has those days off. If we met on any other day, he gets off work at 6 and gets home by 6:20ish so 6:45 to 7 is the time frame that would work for me.

As far as location is concerned I would suggest looking at local restaurants. Most restaurant welcome meet up groups since they tend to order a lot of food and they don't mind us occupying the tables if they aren't busy. I know that the board gamers group I used to go to met at a place called armadillo willy's. I've never cared for the meet ups at comic book shops. They always seemed very uptight and exclusive to outsiders and new people. No offense meant to anyone who enjoys those. That was just my impression. :)
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