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Loot from March 10th game: Raiding the Hangar

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Post #: 13
So we got ourselves a new ship filled with whatever random loot we could grab. Here’s what I have listed, which might be slightly inaccurate as some of the conversations were broken on my end.

100 data cards (100 credits)
100 roll of meshtape (500 credits)
50 power packs (1,250 credits)
200 liters of bacta (2,000 credits, Republic property)
80 energy cells (800 credits)
1 flechette launcher (1,100 credits, military)
2 thermal detonators (4,000 credits, illegal)
3 heavy repeating blasters (12,000 credits, military)
4 vibroblades (1,000 credits, licensed)
Verpine shatter gun (15,000 credits, illegal, rare)
colossal sublight drive (4) (50,000 credits, restricted)
JumpMaster 5000 (110,000 credits, restricted)

Now the data cards, meshtape, power packs, and energy cells are simple enough to sell at just about anyplace. The bacta is another issue, being stolen property. Returning it to the Republic might open up doors that we can exploit later, and so would be preferable to simply dumping it on the market.

The thermal detonators are handy, but we need to be careful about where we store them and we can’t carry them around freely in civilized territory. The Verpine shatter gun is basically right out, but we probably don’t want to risk selling it except at the shadow station.

In fact, pretty much all of the military equipment we would want to sell at the shadow station, as we can get a lot more credits selling them on the black market (X4 price multiplier). Illegal items have a X5 multiplier, restricted X3, and licensed are X2. WE might not get the full multiplier, but certainly we’d get more than in a legitimate sector. Alternatively, with the Human League gaining influence, it may be more difficult for alien species to get the proper licenses for weaponry, and we might be able to get full price for the arms right here and now by selling to them.

The sublight drive we should consider keeping and installing. I believe we only have a 2 square sublight drive, so that’s a good upgrade and something that is cheap to replace if and when we ditch the Aluminum Falcon. (much cheaper than repurchasing a 4-square drive in the future) Also, I believe that starship parts only sell for a quarter of their price, not half. A swap will only eat up 2 of our upgrade slots. Of course, the drive isn’t fully functional, so it might not be worth all those credits.

As for the JumpMaster, as it’s a favorite of bounty hunters and lone wolves, setting up a buyer at the shadow station might get us the best price. But, we’re on the clock and need to make it to the Iron Fist’s next rendezvous ASAP (Likely the ice planet, as they should be arriving at their first stop soon). We could dock it and hope there are no problems while we conduct our business, put our only astromech droid on it and tell it to hide somewhere in system until we signal for it, or we dump it for quick cash.
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Post #: 53
I agree with most of what you've posted. However, the data cards might be more valuable because of the information they're holding: something about the Corellian Expeditionary Force. I don't remember what the deal is with that group, but it's likely to be plot relevant (or at least maybe useful to one of our allies).

Also, I'm personally in favor of keeping the JumpMaster. I think it's a good idea for us to have access to multiple starships, and the JM is a pretty decent chassis. It's in good condition, has a good Dex score, defenses comparable to our current ship and twice as fast in sublight, plus a pilot-operated laser cannon. A couple of upgrades and it can serve as a good wingman to whatever main ship we eventually get to replace the YT-1250, and it has plenty of cargo space that can be used to convert into emplacement points. Slap some maneuvering jets on there and upgrade the weapons/shields and it could be used as an oversized starfighter.
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Post #: 14
Don't have a problem with holding on to the JumpMaster in the short term. In fact, it might be our ship of choice for insertion at whatever planet we're going to atm. (The pilot had to be going somewhere)

However, having the party split between two ships will eventually become a problem, as one of these ships will be able to instantly travel anywhere in the galaxy, and the other will not. There's also a question of if someone else has planned to put more resources into piloting. You really don't want to go into vehicle combat without a high Pilot score and the Vehicular Combat feat.
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Post #: 13
I know You guys would love that ship.. but several things I want to add and or suggest before your conversation continues.

First, I don't know if the book specifies this, but I am declaring that the jump masters gun can also be fired from a second or third station on the ship. So you all can have a seperate gunner if you want... which I do suggest btw.

Second, it always seemed to me you guys are best suited to have one larger ship, and then one or two smaller size ships that could either dock with or put down inside of the larger ship
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Post #: 15
That larger ship would have to be a frigate, which is a bit out of our price-range. Otherwise, Good News! The droid I've been talking about just became dirt cheap!
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Post #: 54
I actually prefer the pilot-operated guns because anybody trained in pilot can operate them (and gets a +2 bonus IIRC) whereas a mounted gun will require heavy weapons proficiency.

I'm not sure what you mean about one ship traveling instantly but not the other. They both have hyper drives. The 1250 has a x2 hyper drive, while the JM has a x3, but that isn't a huge difference and the hypder drive is on my short list for upgrades anyway (along w/ the shields).
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Post #: 16
Actually, while the pilot gets a +2 bonus, he's still not proficient without some sort of heavy weapon proficiency. Vehicular Combat grants proficiency with pilot controlled guns, but just pilot training does not.

And I mean exactly what I said: one vehicle will eventually be able to travel instantly across the galaxy, be it a landspeeder or cruiser. The other will be limited by, at best, a slow X0.5 hyperdrive, but more likely a primitive X1 model. Heck, the thing will even have to undock from a space port before it gets to its destination.
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Post #: 55
Damn, I misremembered that from back when I made a pilot character I guess.

And Jim, obviously I was not taking into account your special "tricks" in my previous post. Isn't there anything we can do to make multiple ships count as a single object, like clamping them together? I'm sure we can buy clamps.

I don't particularly like the idea of being stuck in a single ship, but if we are then we're going to need a much bigger one so everybody can have their personal space.
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Post #: 17
Well, regarding clamping on, that's DM call, but I know I'd rule in the negative (and a certain ruling last session points to that). However, I did say it could be done with a cruiser-sized vessel, which means we could get a colossal (frigate) and load a few starfighters into it, or get an actual colossal (cruiser) and dock a transport or two inside.

We do have the players to almost fully-staff two ships at once (and we can use droids to fill in the gaps). The real question is, do we have enough people who want to be good at running a starship? Not PCs who will just take up a slot because they can make the checks, but those who are willing to put feats into the proper Skill Focus or proficiencies? In the end, group interest determines how many ships we operate.

Looking at the party, I don't expect much in this regard from the skill-starved Jedi members; they'll have to be creative with Force powers to make their own roles almost regardless of what we do. I believe Joey and Mathew will wind up manning the guns. I've got pilot covered; I want my character to be a damn good pilot and he will be at level 6 (picking up Vehicular Combat and Starship Tactics). Joe will likely be the Engineer, though I'm not sure what his character trajectory is. We need a system operator (high mechanics and preferably high use computer, which might be Kevin). Your character is on call for surgery, so we already want as many people to have access to you as possible, which isn't possible if we split up. We can even have someone pick up the commander role. And let's not underestimate the value of aid-another checks and cheerleading powers. Anyone who has team-player abilities is a welcome passenger and can make a ship punch over its weight.

But it depends on what people want to do, and I don't see people rushing to claim spots. At the moment, they're happy to just fill whatever job is needed of them at the time, and they're not looking to be the best damn shield operator in the Galactic Core, for instance. So, I'm with Don. I don't see us running multiple ships as a matter of course.

Though we do need more personal space. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get the smell of human out of my clothes?
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Naperville, IL
Post #: 56
I dunno, having to take part of the rock because it was connected to the fence seems to point to a possibility there. You make a lot of good points, though.

Keep in mind that surgery is a long term source of healing, and right now it isn't any more effective than Force trancing. In a few more levels, I'll be able to take the feat that reduces it down to 10 minutes (boy I really didn't realize how useful that was going to be), but until then we're really between an encounter and a hard place as far as healing is concerned.

Of course, I'm all in favor of stealing a Star Destroyer or any other capital ships we might run across, but I'm pretty sure a skeleton crew of a dozen people is not sufficient to operate anything that big. Although personally, while zapping halfway across the galaxy in an instant is pretty neat and all, I don't think we should even be considering that as our primary means of transportation. I say save it for emergency escapes and what not, and let the hyper drives do their jobs in the meantime.

As for the group, I understand what you're saying about filling all the roles on a starship, but I'm not sure we need everybody to specialize as much as you think. We could definitely use a dedicated pilot (or two), but sys op and engineering can get by without it (someone with Jury Rig would be nice, tho).

Unfortunately, all my talents and feats are pretty much spoken for at this point, but I already made characters in previous SW campaigns who were focused on piloting and mechanics respectively, so if we really need somebody to specialize on those things then I say it is somebody else's turn. But I can vouch for how hard it is to take abilities that aren't directly useful in combat or which depend on being in certain situations (on a starship), so I can't expect everyone to necessarily enjoy playing a character like that. That kind of character is the kind who shines when his area of expertise is needed, but is at best only mediocre at everthing else. Unfortunately, I really think that you and I are the only ones with enough system mastery to pull off playing a role like that, but I think it's probably worth bringing up with the group before the next session.

EDIT: Almost forgot, if we really want to limit ourselves to one ship, check out the Barloz freight transport from (I think) the Clone Wars campaign book. It's REALLY big and SUPER cheap, and might be a good fit for our group. I think I could afford to buy two of them right now. :D
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