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1. Medical Device Design Resource :

With more than 15 different health care applications spanning home portable medical, diagnostic and therapy devices and medical imaging, this comprehensive reference guide includes block diagrams and in-depth product details. It’s your essential resource for developing breakthrough medical products.

2. Make healthcare more efficient!
Enter the GE Hospital Quest Challenge to improve patient experience.

3. Hydrogen Therapy: The Emergence of A New Field of Medicine and How You Can Benefit From It Right Now

4. Top 10 free iPad Medical Apps

5. 5 Little-Known iPhone and iPad Apps for Startups

6. Opening Up Big Data is the Big Solution to Curing Health Care Ills,

Valuing Health Care: Improving Productivity and Quality (PDF)

7. Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Collaboration: Pathways to Commercialization (Bendis Presentation 7/10/2012)

8. How To Look Inside the Brain . TED Talk video by Carl Schoonover

9. Synthetic Biology Explained (video)

10. Sophic Releases Cancer Biomarker Database - Bio-IT World

11. Health-care apps for smartphones pit FDA against tech industry

12. Are new funding models and partnerships between big pharma, biotech, and academia the right cure for the industry? (via @TechReview)

13. NIH Director Discusses Accelerating Translation of Biomedical Research to the Clinic

14. Secret of ageing found: Japanese scientists pave way to everlasting life — RT

15. Virtual patient under the knife on hi-tech operating table
There will be no blood, no need for a scalpel or other medical instruments, and afterwards she will be able to place the organs back in the body, reattach the bones and blood vessels, and put the skin back on.

The body in question is a virtual one, appearing on a touchscreen "operating table". It could represent the future for both teaching would-be doctors about anatomy and preparing for real-life operations.

Jack Choi: On the virtual dissection table - YouTube

16. Citizen science enters a new era

17. PLoS: Ten Simple Rules for Starting a Company

18. Biologists at UC San Diego have succeeded in genetically engineering algae to produce a complex and expensive human therapeutic drug used to treat cancer.

19. Imagine you have on you or with you a device that can hear, see, remember and understand what happens around you. What will you use it for? How will it look like? How will you interact with it? Check out the Intel® Future contest at http://futurecontest.... .

20. Building Body Parts With Software

21. The U.S. life science sector is expected to spend $189.3 billion in research and development in 2013, up from $181.6 billion this year, driven by improved access to data, according to an analysis by Battelle and R&D Magazine.

22. LifeBot 5 - The Portable Emergency Room -

23. How Social Media, Mobile Are Playing a Bigger Part in Healthcare

24. The Future of Medicine Is Now -
From cancer treatments to new devices to gene therapy, a look at six medical innovations that are poised to transform the way we fight disease

25. Editing the genome with high precision
New method allows scientists to insert multiple genes in specific locations, delete defective genes.

26. M2D2 New Venture Competition
M2D2 Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center is holding a medical device venture competition called "20K March Madness." The best new medical device start up will be awarded $20,000 in product development services.

Complete information is available at or by calling 978-934-3465.

27. Tiny tools help advance medical discoveries

28. The Ultimate Guide To The 50+ Hottest Health And Fitness Apps, Gadgets And Startups Of 2012

29. TEDMED 2013: The Future of Health & Medicine Is Here


31. How Engineered Stem Cells May Enable Youthful Immortality. Targeting the Clockwork of Cell Immortality

32. DNA to be used for Data Storage
New method makes it possible to store at least 100 million hours of high-definition video in about a cup of DNA. There is a lot of digital information in the world – about three zettabytes’ worth (that’s 3000 billion billion bytes) – and the constant influx of new digital content poses a real challenge for archivists.

33. Know people who are changing the world? Encourage them to apply to TheTechAwards 2013.

34. New poster detailing Mitochondrial dynamics

35. Calling all Bio-Entrepreneurs. . .
SR One has launched "OneStart," its first business plan competition, in association with Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable and Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst. Submit your idea by February 22, 2013 at

36. UMass Medical chancellor hopes to change history with new research center

37. New Global Innovation Alliance
Six of the world’s most prestigious public drug discovery organizations are joining forces in a bid to improve the conversion rate of basic research into much-needed new therapies.

38. New Target for Treating Wide Range of Cancers: Promising Binding Site On Mutant P53 Protein

39. The FCC is committed to accelerating the adoption of health care technologies to improve health outcomes and lower health care costs. There are various bureaus and offices within the FCC that work on proceedings and initiatives related to health care technology...

40. MIT Builds An Open-Source Platform For Your Body
The goal of the annual MIT Health and Wellness Hackathon is to jump start an open source platform where apps that track all the different aspects of your bodily health can exchange information. Here are the projects from this year's MIT Media Lab's 11 day event.

41. How Videogames Could Help Train the Next Generation of Robotic Surgeons

42. Harnessing Energy From the Body to Run Devices

43. iMedicalApps announcing inaugural medical app prize competition [Call For Submissions]

44. Mass Production for Genomics
Sequencing a complete human genome may soon cost less than an iPhone. Will China’s BGI-Shenzhen decode yours?

45. 10 Big Pharma smartphone apps

Doctors and patients are about to experience an electronic revolution in medicine. New digital devices can now help overworked doctors provide better care and monitoring for their patients, avoiding deadly medication errors and misdiagnosis. Recent advances include implantable systems that deliver exact amounts of medication, electronic seizure stoppers, and the ability to transmit CAT scans to any doctor's iPhone.

47. Keys to new American innovation
Production in the Innovation Economy, MIT Report
Download the Report

48. Introducing the Qualcomm Tricorder X PRIZE.
A $10 million competition to bring healthcare to the palm of your hand.

A $2.25 million global competition to revolutionize digital healthcare .
Envision a future where everyone has access to affordable, personalized healthcare through sophisticated sensing technologies that put you in charge of your own health. Where sensors and devices recognize and measure your personal health information, provide insights and recommendations relevant to you and communicate that information to your physician

50. A Recipe for Extracting Raw DNA
We know that DNA, discovered 60 years ago this year by Watson and Crick, carries our genetic code. But few of us actually get to see it. With this simple experiment, become a DIY geneticist and pull DNA from a strawberry.

51. Infographic: What is Mass Spectromety

52. Protein Identification Tutorial

53. DIY Science – How do we make DIYBio sustainable?

54. BU Takes On Cancer
At Boston Medical Center, Slone Epidemiology Center, the School of Medicine, the School of Public Health, the College of Arts & Sciences, and the College of Engineering, cancer research is an often groundbreaking multidisciplinary collaborative, with funding of approximately $41.2 million annually, much of it from the National Institutes of Health and its National Cancer Institute.

55. The Robot Surgeons Coming to an OR Near You
Read more: The Robotic Doctor is In - Popular Mechanics http://www.popularmec...

56. What is Telemedicine?
What Services Can Be Provided By Telemedicine?
What Delivery Mechanisms Can Be Used?
What Are the Benefits of Telemedicine?

57. Top 10 Medical Innovations for 2013, Cleveland Clinic

58. Watch This Absolutely Beautiful Animated Explanation Of DNA
A brief history of the foundation of life, distilled to its foundation.

59. DNA hack could make medical privacy impossible

60. Big Data Brokers: They Know Everything About You and Sell it to the Highest Bidder

61. Patient Privacy & Data Security - 3rd Annual Benchmark Study,
by Ponemon Institute

62. Privacy and Progress in Whole Genome Sequencing report - Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues

63. Meet Zoe: a digital talking head which can express human emotions on demand with "unprecedented realism" and could herald a new era of human-computer interaction.

64. Coral reefs: Underwater pharmacies
How these colorful ecosystems could be the key to the future of medicine.(video)

65. Biotech Firms in Race for Manufacturing Breakthrough
Amgen and Genzyme are pursuing disruptive ways of making biological drugs.

66. US biopharmaceutical companies are currently developing 465 new medicines that target the 10 leading chronic conditions affecting people aged 65 and over, according to new industry data.
The medicines, which are all now in clinical trials or under review by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), are diverse in scope, notes the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), which has published the data.

67. Making Sense of Sensors: How New Technologies Can Change Patient Care (1.29 MB)

68. "The market for #mHealth app services will reach $26 billion by 2017"

69. 3-D Printing Is Ready for Surgery
Surgeons Practice With Replicas of Patients' Organs Before Surgery

70. A Video Game that teaches how to Program in Java
CodeSpells, an immersive, first-person player video game designed to teach students in elementary to high school how to program in the popular Java language, has been developed by University of California, San Diego computer scientists.

71. Ignite: The Diabetes Ideas Challenge
Deadline: 2013-05-10
Award: $5,000

Ignite: The Diabetes Ideas Challenge, invites designers, creators, and innovators from around the globe to submit ideas for a next-generation disposable insulin delivery device.
The Challenge seeks to build on the user experience and technology advances of the past 30 years to develop even more innovative, cost-effective, and scalable ways to deliver treatment.

The Ignite Challenge will be open for submissions from April 8 – May 10, 2013, and will award ten winning submissions $5,000 each. Submissions should adhere to the following criteria:

Accessible - Usable by a broad population. Easy to use by the young or old, people with strong or weak hands, or others with impaired hand use or vision.

Appropriate - Easy to integrate with daily life. Device should be portable and aesthetically pleasing in terms of form. It has to be recognizable as an injection device, while not appearing overtly medical. The device should appear robust and feel high quality.

Functional - Meet functional requirements as a medical tool. Devices should enable accuracy, functionality for extended periods without electricity, and ability to store more than one dose per device. Devices need to be designed for disposability and durability.

72. App-Centric Healthcare - And Why mHealth 2.0 May Obsolete The Web
The alchemy of healthcare and mobile computing have combined to produce a seriously compelling value proposition for providers, hospitals, medical practitioners and most important - healthcare consumers.
Mobile healthcare and mobile computing have combined to produce a seriously compelling value proposition for providers, hospitals, medical practitioners and most important - healthcare consumers. And now we've entered the age of well designed tablets. Mobile healthcare is positioned for explosive and unprecedented growth.

Along with this free eBook you will also receive a free email newsletter that provides timely guidance concerning iPad in the enterprise direct to your inbox.

73. For the Elderly, Diseases That Overlap (Multimedia, Interactive Feature)
More than 700,000 people live in assisted-living centers, where they get help with daily activities like bathing and dressing. Most of the residents have multiple chronic health conditions.

74. An Introduction to Social Media for Scientists

75. More Than 400 Innovative Medicines in Development For Top Chronic Diseases Affecting Older Americans; Two Reports Show Progress in Treatment Options for Chronic Disease
Medicines in Development - Older Americans Overview
Medicines in Development - Older Americans 2013 Report

76. Embracing the Internet of Everything To Capture Your Share of $14.4 Trillion

77. Oracle puts cloud computing market at $207 billion by 2015

78. Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI)

79. Printing Electronics Just Got Easier
A new technique developed by researchers in China allows easier printing of electronic components onto paper.

Identifying the gaps between discovery and application
in the life sciences, and proposed solutions

81. 3D-Printed Pizza Brings Us One Step Closer to Meal-in-a-Pill

82. "8 Day App Business Plan"

83. Health Data All Stars is a directory of 50 prominent domestic resources for health data at the federal, state and local levels housed on the Health Data Consortium’s website. - See more at: http://www.healthdata...

84. Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge -
Official Rules - https://d3sl7mnfes4pv...

85. Philips Innovation Fellows Competition
The Innovation Fellows competition will recognize the best products, services and tangible ideas that address the key innovation opportunities of Living Well, Being Healthy, and Enjoying Life.

86. Broad Institute VIDEO:
What is the epigenome, how does it relate to our DNA,and what role does it play in cancer?

87. Download What is Biophysics? brochure as a PDF

88. Cancer Gene Data Released
NCI has made public the largest-ever database of cancer-specific gene variations, paving the way for the development of new drugs and therapies.

89. New Report from Harvard Business School/Harvard Medical School Focuses on Challenge of Healthcare Innovation

90. How 3-D Printing Body Parts Will Revolutionize Medicine
Welcome to the age of bioprinting, where the machines we've built are building bits and pieces of us.

91. Knight News Challenge: Health - opens with inspiration phase & additional prizes from collaborators http://www.knightfoun...

92. Can medical tricorders disrupt global healthcare?

93. How we can better link, use public data w/private #healthcare data? Submit #newschallenge inspiration - Knight News Challenge

94. Cancer's origins revealed
Researchers discover the genetic imprints and signatures left by DNA-damaging processes that lead to cancer

95. Peer-to-Peer Medicine - Social networks where patients trade information and investigative treatments.
a. Chronology
b. CureTogether http://curetogether.c...
c. MyHealthTeams http://www.myhealthte...
d. PatientsLikeMe http://www.patientsli...
e. SmartPatients https://www.smartpati...

96. 10 trends to watch in pediatric medicine: Part 1 — Vector via @BCH_Innovation
Part 2 -

97. FDA issues final guidance on mobile medical apps

98. Can DARPA spark a DIY brain-scanning movement? via @verge

99. Is Massive Open Online Research the Next Frontier for Education?
A team from UC San Diego is launching a new course on the Coursera online learning network that breaks ground on several fronts.

100. Rosalind is a platform for learning bioinformatics through problem solving.

101. Seven Myths & Realitiesabout Do-It-Yourself Biology

102. In the Internet era, research moves from professionals’ labs to amateurs’ homes http://harvardmagazin...

103. Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything - Harvard Business Review:

104. @bioethicsgov: #bioethsgov101 –all @bioethicsgov reports, educational materials/resources, meeting webcasts & transcripts are free at

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