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Young Kingdom Adventures (Mark's AD&D 3.5)

A former member
Post #: 3
Starting a character.
All characters start at level 2. Max hit points for level 1 and 75% of max hit points every level after. Starting stats 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, arranged how you like. You’re a hero, so you a bit better than the rest. Starting equipment is free as long as no item is worth more than 100 gp and are normal quality items. Races are mentioned below, if there is another you like to try, ask me and I will see if I can fit it in.

The players determine the flow of the game and where it’s headed. So after a few sessions you should have an idea of what you want or are going with your character.

Feats, 3.5 relies a lot upon feats to accomplish unique abilities and backgrounds. You start out with one feat from the Base or Birth feats. You gain one feat at first level and proceed getting additional feats at 3, 6, 9 etc.

So at first level you will have two feats to start with. A human fighter at first level would have four, two beginning, one class bonus and one for being human.

Humans gain the following traits:
Size : Medium, they gain no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Movement: Human base movement is 30 feet.
Languages: Common, can learn any additional languages at GM discretion.
Special Abilities:
Gain +1 to any stat of their choice.
Gain one additional feat from base or birth feats.
Gain four extra skill points at 1st level and one additional each additional level.
Gain rank 5 in one skill based on location of birth, this will be considered a class skill.

Melnibones gain the following traits:
Size : Medium, they gain no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Movement: They have a base movement of 30 feet.
Languages: They speak Draconic, Common and have access to all racial and magical languages.
Special Abilities:
Gain +2 to Charisma and +2 Wisdom.
Gain +2 Spot and +2 Knowledge Arcane skills.
Gain energy resistance of 5 to a chosen Dragon type.
Gain one level of War-mage for every two levels in their chosen class.

The Myrrim gain the following traits:
Size : Medium, they gain no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Movement: Their base land speed is 30 feet. However their flight speed is 60’ with perfect maneuverability.
Languages: They speak Myrrim, Common and have access to all racial and magical languages.
Special Abilities:
Gain +2 Dexterity and -2 Constitution. Myrrim are agile but their hollow bones make them more fragile.
Myrrim have the flight ability at 60’ and may choose more as bonus feats.
Myrrim gain the feat Alertness.
Low Light Vision and Far Sight: Myrrim sight can be focused to 10x normal human range.

Halflings gain the following traits:
Size : As a Small creature, a halfling gains a +1 size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, but she uses smaller weapons than humans use, and her lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters of those of a Medium character.
Movement: Their base land speed is 20 feet.
Languages: They speak Myrrim, Common and have access to all racial and magical languages.
Special Abilities:
Gain +2 Dexterity and -2 Strength Halflings are quick, agile, and good with ranged weapons, but they are small and therefore not as strong as other humanoids.
Gain +2 Climb, Jump, Listen and Move Silent checks.
Gain +1 to all saving throws and an additional +2 to save against fear.

Dwarf gain the standard feats listed in 3.5
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Post #: 4
I will try and keep a storyline posted here to record what happened during the adventure. If I miss something you want noted I can add it into the storyline. There may also be side notes or news, rumors or events occuring outside your area that I may include to fill you in on the happenings of the realm.
Scott H.
Group Organizer
Sarasota, FL
Post #: 81
This is a very cool Idea Mark, I wanted to do something similar with The Morrow Project last year but it didn't really motivate me to keep the log going. I will be reading and I hope that the game takes off.

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Post #: 3
Is the Height a typo? In the Players Handbook, their height is listed as 4' - 4'6" Just making sure...


Dwarves mainly dwell within the Doral Mountain Range. They typically shun all outsiders and seldom venture beyond their mountains, but some may want to see the changes that are happening around them. Their appearance is that of a stocky well muscled human averaging 5'-5-6" in height. Their hairless skin varies between light and dark grays due to their lack of exposure to sunlihgt. They gain all the abilities noted in the standard 3.5 book for Dwarves.

Scott H.
Group Organizer
Sarasota, FL
Post #: 82
It was a typo it has been corrected by Mark, Also mark will characters be starting at 2nd lvl or 1st level in the main page it states 1st here it states 2nd, Looks like you all will be having a lot of fun!
A former member
Post #: 6
Day One: (Everyone)
You are awakened by a flash of light and the sound of thunder. You are cold, wet and you can see a heavy rain falling upon you. As you sit up your laying in a muddy puddle of cool water, as you look about you can see other figures about you begin to stir in the same muck you find yourself in.

You quickly look for your gear, seeking comfort in something familiar. As you begin to stand, your feet slide and you feel uneasy in your steps. You steady yourself, mud streaming down your body as the rain begins to wash you clean, well almost clean.

You ponder a moment realizing you only just went to sleep in your wam bed a few hours ago.


A large, dark and shifting figure approaches a slim figure in dark blood red robes. "So my most loyal disciple, they game begins anew."

The figure turns as the shifting figure's boney clawed hand rests on his shoulders. "My lord, should we start another game so soon? The last game is not complete."

"We will merge the two into one this time. Send them a test my student, see if we chose them wisely."

"Yes my lord, as you command." the robed figure casts a spell, his red robes brighten for a moment and then he vanishes. Only a wisp of smoke in the shape of a skull remains and then fades away.
A former member
Post #: 7
Small animals scurry about the high grass, chasing each other or their meal when loud cracking noises can be heard above. They quickly run to their tiny homes as magic begins to churn in the air above. The skies darken, ominous thunder clouds clash into each other and thunder sounds out into the valley. A heavy down pour of rain begins to fall. Soon a small body falls from the skies and lands on the now muddy trail. The dwarf's fall cushioned by the mud beneath him. He groans a moment and falls back to sleep.
Soon three more bodies fall to the earth from the skies, wings extend outward slowing their momentum and they each slide softly onto the muddy trail. They too seem to be sleeping through the hard down pour of rain and cracks of thunder.
Another body falls to the earth, a small mis-shapened man. He lands against the Dwarf's stout belly, bounces onto the muddy trail and slides down the embankment. His small frame almost covered by the small puddle where he lands. He appears to be slightly awake, like drugged, his eyes blurry he feels the heavy rain beating upon his brow.
The Dwarf begins to stir, rubbing his belly, not knowing if he is hungry if someone just hit him. He looks about at the landscape, rain matting his long hair and beard. (Yes they have hair again) He looks about and notices two females standing up, wiping mud from their small curvy figures'. They wear very little and what they do wear is wet and shows off their curves. He shakes his head, I've been far from home too long, these skinny things are starting to appeal to me.
A hand touches the Dwarf's shoulder and steadies him as he stands. The hand belongs to a man near his own height but much lighter than he. Suddenly wings flash out from behind him as he shakes mud from their feathers. The Dwarf looks about and sees the two females doing the same. The Dwarf tries to peer behind to his back to see if he had wings too. He thinks to himself, Nope, thank Gronde for leaving me still in touch with the land.
Splashing is heard off to the side of the road. A winged female pulls up the little man from the muddy water beside the road. Who are you little one, she asks.
A former member
Post #: 8
One of the females takes flight and heads down the trail while everyone starts organizing their belongings which appear to be scattered about the area.
***Carleigh*** returns a few minutes later. In her native tongue she says, ‘I know were we are, we are not too far from home, only a few days flight.’ The other female replies, “What of these two? The little man will not survive without help and the Dwarf, he’d be lost in a day and be some creatures snack.” The man chimes in, ‘Well, I’d kind of like having another male or two around, listening to you two all the time curls my feathers.’
The Dwarf tries to understand what the three winged people are saying. What started out as conversation apparently changed quickly with the two females arguing with the male who just raised his hands in surrender and walked back towards him. The Dwarf speaks, ‘what are they talking about?’
‘You don’t wanna know.’ The winged man replies shaking his head.
The Dwarf grunts, ‘I think I know, all women are alike in one way or another.’ All three men laugh and then stop abruptly as the two females glared at them.
***Patrisha*** says in common, ‘There is an Melnibonian retreat only a couple days from here. We will be safe there. This storm is not natural and we need to get out of it as soon as we can.’
The Dwarf puts on his muddy pack and says, “Lets go meet these friends of yours, umm, which way?”
Carleigh takes to flight and heads north up the trail. Patrisha and Ray start walking the trail following Carleigh by foot. Steve grabs Paul’s pant leg, ‘Think I could get a lift? Would be a little quicker in this weather.’
Paul drops Steve on top of his pack and starts sloshing up the muddy trail.
A former member
Post #: 9
‘The hidden path is just ahead’, Carleigh says as she hovers over the group on foot.
The rain had slowed some, just enough to keep the ground wet and travel slow. In the distance small shapes could be seen coming up the road towards the group. Carleigh takes flight and heads to the brush nearby taking cover. Ray takes the front with sword drawn, with the Dwarf taking his right, Axe at the ready. Patricia readies her bow and tells Ray in common, ‘they may be friendly try talking to them.’ As the small creatures near them they notice they are only 3 foot in height with clawed hands and feet with long canines. Ray smiles, ‘Really, they look friendly.’
Steve begins to cast, the rain in the area around the little creatures stops for a moment and abruptly concussions the group, they appear unaffected and never break stride.
Patricia takes flight as the small beasts leap into the group. The first leaping at the Dwarf, Paul ducks under the creature and hears Steve scream as the beast bites into him knocking him off the pack. Two more jump unto the dwarf, clawing as his chain armor. Blood can be seen flowing from under the stout Dwarfs armor.
Ray swings at the first beast approaching him, the beast bites into his sword arm knocking him to the ground as another latches on to his leg. An arrow from Carliegh strikes one in the lower groin, it shrieks letting go of Ray and crawls to the side of the road. Patricia points her hand at one, magic flows down her arm and strikes a beast on the Dwarf, injured it still fights on.
The Dwarf swings his great axe tears a massive gouge in the trail spraying mud into the beasts. Ray reaches for his dagger since his sword lies somewhere in one of the puddles on the trail and strikes the beast on him. The beast still tears into his leg, flesh and blood are torn from him. The Dwarf looks to swing again as another arrow strikes into the beast on Ray. Flesh still in its mouth as it drops dead into the muck. As the Dwarf chooses another target an arrow strikes it in the throat killing it.
Frustrated the Dwarf spins and strike the beast on Steve. He cleaves the beasts’ head off, narrowly missing Steve’s head within its jaws. The Dwarf moves toward the wounded beast in the ditch, finishes it with a backhand and sits. Torn links of chain dangle from his chest armor, claw marks on his face, arms and around his waist.
Ray fared the worst, as Carleigh and Patricia began to bandage the two unconscious males. The Dwarf looks down the trail wondering if more will come, will he be ready. Hmmm, maybe I should have wings, bah.
A former member
Post #: 10

In the fire light the skull of Chadros gleams against the mages red robes. He studies the large crystal sphere on the table.

“So my apprentice, how goes the new game?” A large shifting figure appears beside him.

Un-startled by his gods avatar’s sudden appearance. “They seem to be doing average, they are beginning to understand teamwork. Two were wounded but should live.”

“Where are they now?”

“They entered the Melnibonian retreat, I cannot see into the area.”

“I thought you had your beast kill everything there.”

“Yes, he did, but he did not remove the protective barrier. That piece is still there blocking my vision. Once removed from the altar, I will be able to track them again.”

“Your beast, how goes your little project on him?”

“The Melnibone Queen seems to calm him, she is trying to teach him control. For her efforts I placed them in a cage next to each other so they could better communicate. The beast is hungry and she is the only food near and the cage will not hold him forever." He laughs with maniacal glee.

The orb clears and a massive beast in a cage can be seen. It’s jaws biting at the small female figure next to it. As the magical iron bars of the cage bend and crack as the beast continues to lunge for its meal. The female only calmly talks to the beast in a rhythmic tone.

“Do not waste such a prize as the Queen. I have plans for her over the next decade or two.”

“As we all do my lord.”
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