"Specifications" for the Atheist Billboard Idea?

From: Martin S.
Sent on: Friday, January 18, 2008 12:14 PM
Hi All,
Apart from concrete ideas for the billboard itself, I think it is useful to think of
"specifications". In other words: what do we want to achieve? 

In my humble opinion:
*There is only about split second to grab attention. I believe this means it needs an emotional or
a humorous component.

*Do we want to provide entertainment for other atheists, or do we want to give theists a slight
nudge to reconsider their views? I myself would prefer the latter.

*If the ad is negative it needs to be done carefully. If done skillfully, it would be a good way
to grab attention _without_ giving atheists a bad name.

*If the billboard is going to be offensive, I think it should be equally offensive to all three
major Abrahamic religions. Most religious people have negative feelings about at least one of
them, and it could be useful to capitalise on that. It would potentially also show the relatedness
of all three. It would also reduce the opportunity for attack by one religion if no one religion
is singled out. 

*An example of a partial exception to the not-singled-out spec would be the first idea Martin Rady
put forward. "Imagine no religion" with the twin towers. No group in Australia can get away with
saying that flying into the towers was a good idea, so there less of an opportunity for attack by
one religion.

*I believe care should be taken to avoid resemblance to Nazi-era propaganda posters.

*I have no idea about copyright issues, but maybe someone else does. When is satire protected from
copyright infringement issues? Can we use the "Imagine no Religion" caption? Can we use "Save the
Planet" with a stick figure throwing religious symbols into a rubbish bin?

Cheers, Martin Stuijfzand.

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