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Bible 'Words'

user 5709480
Newcastle, AU
Post #: 1,091
Bible Words

The following words were found embedded in a machine-readable version of the King James Bible. They words were not simply found by examining the text 'as is', however. Firstly a file was created that consisted of a very long character string consisting of the first letters of every word in the Bible in the order in which they were found.

Then that string was examined for recognisable words, of which there were a great many.

Words found ordered by size. Listed below are the 7 and 6-letter words. Where more than one is found the frequency is included in brackets after the word.

* 7-Letters: Inhibit (2), Castoff, Combats, Whatnot

* 6-Letters: Always (6), Cutlas (5), Attila (4), Combat (3), Bathos (2), Ottawa (2), Smooth (2), Tautly (2), Thomas (2), Totems (2), Watson (2), Aromas, Asians, Asthma, Austin, Banana, Boasts, Carton, Coasts, Crafts, Dearth, Dwarfs, Essays, Fascia, Frosts, Gambit, Habits, Hating, Heaths, Iambic, Locate, Mafias, Orbits, Otiose, Outlay, Outwit, Pastas, Racoon, Roping, Rotgut, Scathe, Scoots, Shoals, Sonata, Sooths, Starts, Steams, Swaths, Switch, Taboos, Tatted, Tattoo, Teapot, Thatch, Thefts, Tiaras, Toasts, Toasty, Traits, Twists, Utmost, Wights, Withal, Wobbly, Wombat

* Words found ordered by frequency. I chose to list only those words that occurred 20 or more times. The number on the left marks the frequency of occurrence.

461 Twat, 401 That, 370 Otto, 360 Trot, 288 Teat, 246 Toot, 232 Hats, 231 Twit, 177 Bats, 176 Oats; 173 Cats; 165 Matt; 159 Pats; 150 Watt; 141 Mats; 134 Sums; 133 Hath; 130 Fats; 121 Cots; 120 Shat, Tits; 115 Coot, Wits; 109 Eats; 101 Twas; 100 With; 98 What; 92 Sits, Thai; 91 Foot; 90 Pots; 89 Taut; 86 Hoot, Tact; 84 Math; 82 Data; 78 Boat, Dots; 76 Swat, Thaw; 75 Bath; 73 Haft; 70 Coat, Oath; 69 Hash; 68 Rats, Scat; 66 Shah, Twig, Wait; 65 Cast, Fiat; 63 Bait, Path, Soot; 62 Asia, Soma; 60 Acts, Bits, Moot, Twats; 59 Hate; 57 Boot; 56 Rots, Tass; 55 Moat; 54 Hits; 52 Past, Whit; 51 Lath; 50 Fast; 49 Both, Fits; 48 Tint; 47 Feat; 45 Chat, Pits, Saga; 43 Moth, Waft; 42 Spat, Teats, Toga; 41 Mama, Mast, Mitt, Pith, Utah; 40 Fate; 39 Coda, Cote, Goat, Nits; 38 Pate, Shot, Tooth; 36 Doth, Last, Loot, Slat; 35 Cost, Mote, Saws, Shit, Test; 34 Dote, Pass, Salt, Taco; 33 Bout, Smut; 32 Gait, Lots, Sash, Says, Spot; 31 Lute, Shut, Wash; 30 Bate, Host; 29 Heat; 28 Abut, Lass; 27 Brat, Cash, Omit, Raft, This; 26 Cuts, East, Note, Siam, Ways; 25 Fatso, Stab, Troth; 24 Ails, Coma, Fact, Iota, Mate, Meat, Site, Soda, Team, Tout, Twin; 23 Cute, Guts, Pact; 22 Arts, Beat, Bets, Days, Rote, Slot, Tart, Tins, Tram, Twits, Wags; 21 Flat, Gate, Slut, Snot; 20 Bass, Halt, Huts, Lash, Pout, Ruth

So, there you go folks biggrin
Steve H.
Brisbane, AU
Post #: 634
Have you ever thought, Herk, that some people have way too much time on their hands.
user 5709480
Newcastle, AU
Post #: 1,092
Steve: Have you ever thought, Herk, that some people have way too much time on their hands.

So true. But not me these days. And it is amazing just how fast a computer let loose on a set of word files can locate the amazing and the trivial. That was done yonks ago when I wasn't so busy. So there smile

What I didn't do at the time was identify the 4-word phrase that produced 'twat' - all 461 times. "Thou wilst always tweet?" perhaps. H
A former member
Post #: 520
Thanks Herk, now I have something to talk about on my next date.
Pascal's Wager and the exact definition of entropy turn out to be not the best ice
user 5709480
Newcastle, AU
Post #: 1,109
Peter: Thanks Herk, now I have something to talk about on my next date.
Pascal's Wager and the exact definition of entropy turn out to be not the best ice

And... if the bible words don't impress the following is guaranteed to win a heart - or at least elicit some kind of fastener - be it a screw or a bolt.

Words That can be formed using just the top letter row of a typewriter keyboard:

To Up We Err Ewe Eye Iou Ire Oui Our Out Owe Pee Pep Per Pet Pew Pie Pip Pit Pop Pot Pow Pre Pro Pry Pup Put Rip Roe Rot Row Rue Rut Rye Tee Tie Tip Tit Toe Too Tor Top Tot Tow Toy Try Tut Two Wee Wet Wit Woe Wop Wow Wry Yep Yet Yip You Yup Eire Erie Otto Peep Peer Pert Peru Pier Pipe Pity Poet Poop Poor Pope Pore Port Pour Pout Prep Prey Prop Prow Pure Purr Putt Pyre Quey Quip Quit Riot Ripe Rite Root Rope Ropy Rote Rout Tier Tire Toot Tort Tory Tote Toto Tour Tout Tree Trio Trip Trot Troy True Tutu Twit Type Typo Tyre Tyro Weep Weir Wept Were Wipe Wire Wiry Writ Yeti Yipe Yore Your Eerie Equip Error Erupt Eyrie Otter Outer Peppy Perry Peter Petit Petri Petro Petty Pewee Pewit Piety Piper Pipet Pipit Pique Poppy Potty Pouty Power Prior Pryer Puppy Puree Purer Putty Queer Query Queue Quiet Quite Quote Retie Retro Retry Rooty Roper Rotor Route Rower Rupee Tepee Terry Tippy Titre Titty Torte Tower Trier Tripe Trite Troop Trope Trout Truer Tutor Tweet Twerp Upper Utero Utter Weepy Wiper Wirer Witty Wooer Worry Write Wrote Yowie Equity Europe Output Outwit Peeper Peewee Peewit Pepper Petite Pewter Peyote Pierre Pipier Piquet Pitter Poetry Poorer Popery Popeye Popper Poppet Porter Potpie Potter Pourer Pouter Powwow Pretty Priori Proper Puerto Puppet Purity Putout Putter Pyrite Quoter Report Repute Retire Retort Retype Rewire Rioter Ripper Rooter Rotter Router Teepee Teeter Terror Tipper Tippet Tiptoe Tiptop Titter Tittie Tooter Topper Torpor Torque Totter Toupee Tourer Touter Troppo Troupe Tryout Turret Uppity Uproot Ureter Weeper Weewee Wetter Wirier Writer Yippee Yippie Yuppie Outpour Outwore Peppery Peppier Pettier Pipette Pottery Pottier Purport Queerer Quieter Quitter Reequip Require Requite Reroute Retiree Retirer Rewrite Rewrote Rupture Terrier Tippier Torture Tottery Towrope Treetop Tripper Trooper Trotter Tweeter Twitter Utterer Weepier Wipeout Wittier Worrier Equipper Pepperer Portiere Potterer Prettier Priority Property Puppetry Reporter Requirer Retorter Rewriter Torturer Totterer Twittery Uprooter Etiquette Pirouette Potpourri Propriety Prototype Puppeteer Repertory Territory Typewrite Peppertree Perpetuity Proprietor Repertoire Typewriter

(I used to catch out all the TAFE Office Admin wordprocessing teachers with the last one biggrin)
user 5709480
Newcastle, AU
Post #: 1,110
QLD Number Plates.

Last time I was up there the plates on cars were three numeric digits + 3 letters. Eg 123-ABC. You guys still, to my knowlege have 'L' and 'P' plates. So...

Given this, here is a quick quiz:

How many three-letter words (in place of 'ABC') fulfill the following requirements:

1) The word in itself makes sense - eg. PIG
2) It also makes a word if you add an 'L' or a 'P' to it.

In NSW we have many. ORE, (P)ORE, (L)ORE - ARK, (P)ARK and (L)ARK eg. Others include ACE, AID, AIR, ASH, ASS, ATE, EAR, END, ILL, IMP, INK, and OUT

I reckon there are only 3 that fit the XXX, XXX(P) and XXX(L) bill up up there. Two of which relate to bodily functions and the other is about pidgeons. Any takers on this momentious trivia quiz?


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