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Wesley Young's "The Struggle of Nations"

Wesley D. Y.
user 6127759
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 1,082
As the battle quickly winds down, Caladrel the Half-Elf Cavalier rides-up on his horse, his blade bloodied from the last of the fleeing enemy. He dismounts, takes his helm off, and wipes the blade down, nodding at the party with a look of appreciation.

"You all fought well, my friends. Good call on letting us know about this threat."

Caladrel walks over to the slain Anti-Paladin and nudges the black helm loose with his foot. He looks at the dead fiend with a frown, "What an evil piece of work. Would be fascinating to know what his childhood was like, to bring him to such a black-hearted conclusion."

He then turns to the party, "Gentlemen. Let us return to the sad-sack village of Nula, where we will wait for an incoming ferry that will take us all home. I will then hoist a good warm tankard of our finest honeyale in your honor ... and I have a proposition to make."

(GM: It takes 3 days to get back to the Capitol City of Irendi, during which you all feel fully healed and refreshed. As you board the ferry, Josh's character Turin climbs onboard as well, having spend several days exploring the lost tunnels and caverns of the dungeons on this island. He has returned without an special magical items, but is the bearer of valuable nears: He has located the small airship that was used to drop The Many from the air. It is NOT a fancy ship, and looks quite worn and unimpressive, but Caladrel seems VERY interested in knowing about it."

"This airship will prove invaluable during an upcoming campaign I must mount." Caladrel replies, "Though it sounds as if it must be re-fit and modified to suit my purposes."

(GM: During the voyage the PCs express interest in using the Anti-Paladin's fortress for their own purposes.)

"Nay, friends." Caladrel says, shaking his head, "After the airship has been transported back to me, we are going to magically-seal the doors to that place. Many Delayed Fireballs will then be detonated inside, scouring it clean of The Many's residue. It is the law of this land that it remain sealed for at least a year, after which an inspection will take place, and if the place has a reightful owner or heir, he may make a claim to it before you may."

(GM: Docking back in the harbor of Irendi's Capitol City, you all go inside the Trousers of Yew Bar. The bar, as you may remember, is inside of a barn, and is run by 5 sisters. Caladrel orders drinks and good food for the entire party, and he talks over eating - it's fine cuts of steak with potatos and corn.)

"Six days journey south of here is what is called Biloela Keep: Our strongest fortress. Our only fortress for that matter. In times of grave fortune, we can protect the vital interests of our chilly land within it's stout walls. It has room for several farms, water supplies, comfortable lodging for many of the citizens... it is a huge complex, and one of which we are most proud of. Before our lands could be conquered, the walls of the mighty fortress would have to be felled, the entire bulk of our army defeated, etc."

He takes a deep drink of ale and continues, "The current caretaker of the place is Hertog Brunswick, a nobleman who seemed to be the best candidate to keep the stronghold at its prime. Ah, I see you are unfamiliar with our titles. Hertog is his ranking ... I guess that would make him a ... Count? Yes, a Count. He has run upkeep on the fortification for ten years now without fail. During the past 6 months, however, it has been revealed to us that he has been slowly converting the fortress, from within, for his own greedy purposes. As of last month, he has moved large numbers of troops inside the castle - by means unknown - and has made it clear that he wishes to de-throne our beloved Keizer (King). His troops have already occupied the nearby settlements of Mauna Kea, Taroa, and Punaalda."

"Yes, that means that, technically, even as we eat and drink, the walls of this Capitol City are technically under siege. It is a nightmare of the first degree." Caladrel finishes.

He stands up, goes over to the barkeepers, and hands them a sack of coins. The entire bar slowly empties of patrons as the 5 sisters shoo the customers out. With just the 9 of you remaining (a quick survey reveals that all is quiet), Caladrel unfurls a parchement map of the Kingdom and details to you his plan of attack.

"My officers were rececntly poisoned, or at least put out of comission, by the Hertog's assasins. I plan to return the favor in the first stage of the operation. A party of 'gentlemen', with flexible morals shall we say, will be carried aloft on the airship, at night, until they are directly over the Fortress. Using featherfall spells, they will then drift down into the walls, and will wreck as much internal damage as they can in the course of a single day."

NOTE: If all 7 of you can have your "Mission Impossible" characters ready by this Saturday, we can run this adventure. If need be, a carbon copy of your current PC - with an alignment change if you want - can be used. You can use NE characters if you wish, but everyone at least must be neutral in some aspect. You should place emphasis on Stealth, Bluffing, Climbing, Disabling Device, etc. They should all be level 5, starting wealth of 10,500gp.

"Once inside, the will attempt to deal damage to the Cavalier, magic-users, mounts, magical items ... anything they can. Their success or failure will STRONGLY affect the next stage of the operation. For example, should they fail to take-out the Mages and magical equipment inside, then my Catapults and Trebuchets will be virtually worthless. For every hole I put into his walls, the Mages will easily repair. If the Clerics are left undamaged, then his troops will enjoy healing during battle. You get the picture. Ideally, if at all possible, they should even be able to cut-loose the drawbridge and make my life THAT much easier."

He then turns to Turin (Josh's character): "You look like a lad who is capable of finding magical items, and you seem to have an eye for detail. Contained within the keep, there is a magical beast who will undoubted cause savage death to my troops. It is a foul creature called a Bandersnatch - a terrible Fey creature classified as a Tane - this creature must be slain, otherwise its needles will impale too many of my troops to even think about. Somewhere in the Keep there is a magical device which a spy has told me can be used to "neutralize" the beast should it go wrong. It would seem to be a single-use device that unleashes a beam of disintegration. If you accept this mission, Sir Risenschild, and complete it, I would forever be in your debt. I will have plans and assistance available."

(GM: Josh, I assume you are going to accept...)

"Next, after as much damage has been done as can be by that lot, I would have you 7 help me command my troops as we re-claim what this turncoat has taken. I have magic-users, Clerics, swordsmen, cavalry, siege engines, Engineers ... the whole lot needs, ideally, a cast of 8 Commanders to function efficently."

He sits back and looks at you all with complete seriousness: "The odds of us all being killed are pretty damn high should nothing go in our favor. Also..." (He hands the party a sack of 5,000gp) "The Pathfinders Guild told me to give this to you as your reward for completeing their mission of slaying that foul Anti-Paladin. Do you accept my request?"
Wesley D. Y.
user 6127759
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 1,083
Okay, I assume that you all are going to accept - unless you surprise me and say no (your choice). The first session will be your alternate party sneaking into the castle and dealing sabotage. It will NOT be easy in the least, and a TPK will be what the entire castle garrison will be aiming for.

Your damages inside the castle will directly affect the next session, or even sessions. The demo of the mass combat is done, and the full system will be used next time. Each of you will have your own troops to command (JD will get Mages, for example), there will be HQs, line-of-supply, 7 units on the hexes for each PC (Instead of just the one), siege engines ... the whole nine yards. I will do a cheat-sheet that details all the mechanical details for you, so you won't get too overwhelmed. We'll even get to use the 3D castle props I've made once you manage to get inside of it.

Your characters CAN be killed on the battlefield. If enemy troops move into your hex, you must make a Stealth roll to try and evade, otherwise you'll most likely be killed instantly (MAYBE taken hostage, but unlikely). Weather can change daily, and might even make your archers (and the enemies) totally useless, moral might break ... it'll be total medieval-combined-with-magic warfare.
A former member
Post #: 107
Duly noted, definitely like where this is headed. Guys, the 5000 gp. After the 10% tithe, it's 4500. That makes 563 gp for each of us.
Jim M.
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 524
Just in case none of you have seen this comic:

John G.
user 4700290
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 105
Thanks, Jim! I had not seen that one! (This is John G., in case my ID isn't showing up.)

Back when I first heard of the Pathfinder game, I kept thinking of that strangely disappointing action film of the same name, starring Karl Urban and Clancy Brown... Fortunately, the film is also strangely forgettable.

As for the "storming the fortress" plan, I am very much looking forward to this. I'm sure it will be difficult, but I'm also sure that we're gonna open a few kegs of whoop-ass on that place. ;-)
Joshua R.
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 56
quick question wes am i doing play by post on the forum or by email?
Wesley D. Y.
user 6127759
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 1,084
Email. =)
Joshua R.
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 57
I know this is kind of soon but i am wondering how the mission impossible team fared?
Kevin B.
Medina, NY
Post #: 135
I know this is kind of soon but i am wondering how the mission impossible team fared?

Well, no one died....

Actually, we're not quite finished with the mission yet. Wes ended it on a cliff hanger. Suffice to say that we're trying to get a whole passel of opposing clerics and mages to rush in so we can welcome our guests in a kind of Machiavellian Martha Stewart manner.

Upon their arrival, our visitors will be greeted with a Grease spell on the castle floor, causing them to slide past a flanking gauntlet of sneak attack arrows and Magic Missiles. This all ends in a nice cushiony backstop of Alchemist Fire (enhanced by a dash of lantern oil). Once there, a couple other hosts in our party will attempt to swat out the fire on our conflagrated guests with swords, axes, and warhammers.... followed by a light salad.

We're hoping our "Slip-n-Slide of Death" will leave our guests speechless.... from rigor mortis.
Joshua R.
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 58
Wes did you get my dice result emails?
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