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Wesley Young's "The Struggle of Nations"

Joshua R.
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 67
It's not a statue of a lizard-like creature, it's what's called topiary: An evergreen bush that has been artfully trimmed and sculpted to resemble a creature. And this one is still perfectly trimmed and shaped, which is very odd.

Casting Detect Magic on the bush reveals nothing, and a good examination of it (Perception total of 13) reveals it to just be a very odd bush. Though it is awfully dense and thick towards the center branches...

(Knowledge History result of 24) However, you HAVE heard of old stories, and historical accounts, of certain mystical creatures that can stand so perfectly still as to just LOOK like a natural object, or even a simple stone pillar. The fact that this bush could not have maintained its carefully-manicured shape without either somebody taking care of it leads you to conclude that this is either some creature that is trying to lure you into a false sense of security (and then attack), or it is simply scared and is waiting for you to go away.

(Sense Motive is 19) You reason that if this were a scared creature it actually would've fled the area earlier, since you've been walking around and smacking giant spiders. You cautiously back away from the creature, casting Shield on yourself to grant a +4 bonus - assuming the worst from this thing.

(Fortitude Save is a 9) As you back away you suddenly feel your feet sinking into the ground! There is quicksand behind you! You lose your balance on the soft ground and fall prone!

The lizard-lize bush silently springs to life and is clearly taking advantage of some sort of hallucination it has put on you.

You have initiative of 19, but are currently prone and surprised, and it has an 8.

A dense branch from the creature slams into your prone body, hitting for a solid 30 attack, and smashing you for 12 damage.

(Fortitude Save is 27) You quickly come to your senses, knowing that the quicksand isn't real, and quickly move back (and stand up) ... (Acrobatics is a 4, which means you don't back-away as quickly as you'd hoped - you're still feeling a little unsure of your feet).

The bushy creature takes advantage of your poor footing and slams at you with a solid 28 attack, punching you for a painful 13 damage!
Your HP is now at 20... You quickly cast Fire Breath (Your Concentration check is a massive 30) and spew flames at the horrible thing (It makes a Reflex Save of 12, which isn't enough to save itself) and blast it for a good 20 points of damage - the creature catches on fire and burns for an additional 5 as well.

Thrusting a solid branchy appendage at you the creature attacks for 27, and punches you for a painful 12 damage - you're down to 8 HP and decide to make a full run for it!

(Perception check of 12, and Acrobatics roll of 4) You nearly trip over the rocky ground as you turn to flee, and the creature lunges to grapple you! You breath fire and swing your sword at its clumsy grab, burning it for 6 damage (The flames already on it burn it for an additonal 4), and your sword (which you use a point to grant a +4 bonus to) swings for a 33 - possible critical hit - and you confirm the critical with a 34 attack. Your sword cleaves right down into the bushy monster, slashing it for a massive 20 points of damage,

The creature falls dead at your feet. (Its grapple attempt would've been a 21, which would've beat your CMD of 19. and it would've killed you).

Bleeding and extremely hurt, you quickly exit the old temple grounds and go back to your camp site, to rest for a few days.

(Healing Checks of 4, 2, and 18 makes the healing process go slowly by several days. You're running low on food supplies, but you have enough for one last check into the last area you were in.)

The gazebo is just a wreck of its former self, as is the dry fountain. Searching the partially-collapsed shed, however, (Perception of 23) reveals another golden chess piece. You now have all the pieces needed to place on the small chessboard back at the locked door, so you head back over there.

You place the Queen, the Knight, a Rook, and two Bishops onto the squares that are marked for those pieces, and a magical glow lights-up the board. Consulting the old map you have, you read this from it:

Every move a blow must land
She never fell, and the Castle fled
The Cleric bled, and she stormed it's front
The cavalry held, it quavered not
And when she came, they surrendered not

The chess pieces are easily moved across the board, and you experiment with them for a few moments. As you lift a piece, the square beneath it lights-up with a soft magical glow, and when you place it onto another square the glow vanishes - it's obvious that the magical artifact is expecting you to move the pieces in some sort of sequence.

Hint: You don't need to know anything about chess, except how the pieces move.

The graphic I made for you shows the board's current layout, and the letters and numbers on the edge are used to tell me what sequence of moves you wish to make (For example, A1 to D4 means you wish to move the Bishop in the lower-left corner up to the upper right corner, capturing the Knight.
Joshua R.
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 68

Turins Spells for today

Turin's spell list for the day is
0 level spells
detect magic
floating disk
read magic
mages hand

1st level spells
unseen servant
magic missile
shocking grasp
true strike

2nd level spells
defensive shock
fire breath

Turin's combat protocol remains the relatively same for high cr rated
creatures Turin would utilize his arcane
point to enhance his sword by +2 and point he would then cast shield
to up his ac by 4 when he attacks use arcane accuracy which enhances
his attack by +5 which uses an arcane point. he would also utilize
other spells with either spell combat or spellstrike (using shocking
grasp and channeling it through is sword which is 5d6 extra damage
new tactic if Turin is engaged in a battle he will cast defensive
shock (along with utilizing his previous tactics) which so any
creature that attacks turin will receive 2d6 shock damage

Turin casts cats grace increasing his dex to 22 making his reflex 7 he
utilize 2 arcane points to recall the spell

Turin laments to himself "I hope this artifact is worth it"

queen to a2
queen to a1
queen to c1

every blow must land (queen takes out all pieces each turn)
she never fell castle fled (queen takes rook)
cleric bled she stormed its front (queen takes bishop)
The cavalry held, it quavered not (knight stays still)
And when she came, they surrendered not (queen takes bishop)

Hm ... you move the pieces, but nothing seems to happen... perhaps you're doing it wrong?

Ok trying again

rook to a1
queen to c1
queen to b1

You got it - you open the vault to find the lost Freezing Longsword of Luck!

This +2 Longsword allows you, once per day, to call forth a freeze ray at a single target within 30' as a ranged touch attack. It does 4D6 points of cold damage on a hit. It also grants you a +1 bonus to all saves, ability, and skill checks. You must be weilding the sword in your own hands to gain any of these abilities and bonuses.

Level-up your character.

Any way Turin will leave the island in hopes of getting to Alfheim
when Turin when he gets the opportunity Turin will upgrade the Frost
sword imbuing it with a frost into it with his arcane pool should
cost 1,000 gp as he will buy make a mithril chainshirt and upgrade it
to +1 it should cost 1050 gp leaving as well as craft a cloak of
resistance +1 and an amulet of natural armor +1 which will cost him
2000 gp (he can forge minor wondrous items) leaving Turin will 1950gp
give or take
Kevin B.
Medina, NY
Post #: 142
I will DEFINITELY be there tomorrow evening! Sorry, I forgot to RSVP until just now, Wes. It feels like it's been forever since I've gamed so I can't wait! =)
Kevin B.
Medina, NY
Post #: 143
Ok, so I was just leveling up Teal from last night's game and noticed the damage he'll be dealing out with his bow at this new level (6th) and it's quite unbelievable!

First off, he's using his family heirloom/heritage weapon which is a Composite Greatbow (yes, Greatbow, not longbow) which does 1d10 just for starters. A Greatbow has an initial range increment of 130' which is now 140' for Teal because of the Hawkeye feature from variant Archer class (which adds a +1 to perception and 5' to the bow's range increment starting at 2nd level and every three levels thereafter).

To make this as brief as possible I'll just state that with his Dex and Str bonuses, the +1 enchant on the bow, his Base Attack Bonuses, Point Blank Shot, Weapon Focus, Rapid Shot the Expert Archer feature, and Manyshot (which is the feat I just added), Teal's attacks with his bow will be at +15/+10 (favored enemy at +19/+14 for undead and +17/+12 for evil outsiders). However, what really blows my mind is the damage he'll be dealing out each round during a full-attack action.... 4d10+28! That's 2d10+14 (thanks to Manyshot) for his first shot, 1d10+7 for his second attack, and another 1d10+7 for his extra single attack from Rapid Shot!

If he's battling his favored enemy (1st-Undead, 2nd-Evil Outsiders), then it's 4d10+44 or 4d10+36 per round, respectively!

Keep in mind that this is all being done by a 6th level character with a bow having no enhancements other than it being +1, and using no spell buffing whatsoever!! Pretty insane, huh?

John G.
user 4700290
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 109
Holy crud, that's a lot of damage... shock Granted, it's broken up across several attack rolls (and I hope you're factoring in the -2 per roll for Manyshot?), but it's still darned impressive!

Where did you find the Greatbow? It sounds absolutely devastating, of course, but I dunno what sourcebook it's listed in... sad
Joshua R.
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 69
Wes allowed it to him as his ancestral weapon its in the 3.5 collection.

Also wondering if I could get a summary of last session please?
Kevin B.
Medina, NY
Post #: 144
Holy crud, that's a lot of damage... shock Granted, it's broken up across several attack rolls (and I hope you're factoring in the -2 per roll for Manyshot?), but it's still darned impressive!

Actually, it's not the Manyshot feat that garners the -2 per attack roll... it's the Rapid Shot feat that causes this penalty. And yes.... I do take -2 off of each attack roll when using Rapid Shot.

In D&D 3.5, however, the Manyshot feat carries a -4 penalty to your first attack roll. Also in 3.5, when using Manyshot, you can add one additional arrow to your first attack for every five points of base attack bonus you have above +6, to a maximum of four arrows with a base attack bonus of +16. Unfortunately, this comes at a price as each arrow after the second adds a cumulative -2 penalty to your attack roll. So, by the time you're up to four arrows with Manyshot, you're taking a -8 to your attack roll. The other difference is that, in 3.5 Manyshot is considered a Standard Action, whereas in Pathfinder, you can only use Manyshot during a Full-Attack Action.

This is just another example of how Pathfinder has streamlined the D&D 3.5 rules. Very little is lost in the relative potency the feat adds to the attack. By eliminating all the extra "combat math" and simplifying the feat's contribution to the actual attack, without diminishing the overall purpose and idea behind the feat, Pathfinder allows for an overall smoother game flow. Combat is still exciting but it doesn't chew up so much time that the players feel like they're waiting too long until their turn comes around again. This is especially important when you have a gaming group larger than four players and a DM. This is, arguably, one of the biggest problems the design of 4th Edition D&D possesses. In ADDITION to racial traits, class features, feats, and spells, used during the combat sequence, you have so many other variables such as three tiers, at-will powers, encounter powers, daily powers, healing surges, and considering the influential role dynamics of defenders, strikers, leaders, controllers. Combat with D&D 4th Edition takes up far too much time! And this is coming from someone who loves rpg combat! This was a huge step away from the idea that it should be the DM controlling the rules and not the rules controlling the DM! It's one of the main reasons that Pathfinder outstripped D&D 4th Edition in sales and why the next edition of D&D that Wizards of the Coast is currently developing is a return to the "feel" of the older editions of D&D. Those who have played those older editions of D&D know that they favored the interpretations of the DM and creativity of the Players so that the rules were the guideline of the game but not the game itself.

Wow! Was that a tangent or what!?

Where did you find the Greatbow? It sounds absolutely devastating, of course, but I dunno what sourcebook it's listed in... sad

As Josh mentioned, it's a weapon from D&D 3.5... The Complete Warrior sourcebook to be precise. I chose an Heirloom Weapon as one of my traits when I created Teal. It seemed as though a simple Masterwork Composite Longbow (although quite a nice weapon to begin play with) just did not seem worthy of an Elven Ranger from Alfheim (where such bows are commonplace). Seeing as Teal just inherited an ancestral weapon that was passed down the generations of his family line, a Masterwork Composite Greatbow seemed more fitting and unique. =)
Joshua R.
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 70
May 5th ill be back also if i could please get a summary that would be great.

Turin got a new blade its a +2 luck blade that launches a 4d6 ranged touch attack once a day also utilizing a magus ability Turin added Frost which as 1d6 plus +1 to all ability and skills.

Turin's current attack modifier is 13 however utilizing several abilities Turin can unleash a deadly assault using abilities first using the arcane pool to add +2 to his attack and damage before the attack, he can also utilize a swift action to enhance his attack for +6 making his total attack +20 to hit also if he uses true strike and cats grace the round before to add+22 making his attack +43 then he can use shocking grasp and channel it through the sword and utilize spell combat on the defensive with -4 penalty making +38 as well as using bulls strength to attack using fire breath 7d6 of damage + 5d6 of shocking damage + 1d6 of frost damage +1d8+9 so potential damage can be 95 damage the mode damage of around 50 points. This sequence is Turin's most devastating attack and takes 5 rounds to set up. though cats grace and bulls strength and arcane point can be used before the encounter so meaning Turin could essentially do this type of attack in two rounds it would then reduce his attack to +35.

John G.
user 4700290
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 110
Darn, it was good to be back in action! I'm not quite sure how mind flayers, devils, and Sin Thralls work together... or maybe they're at cross-purposes... but it looks like there's a whole lot of monsters that are going to need a good smack-down. :-)
Kevin B.
Medina, NY
Post #: 151
it looks like there's a whole lot of monsters that are going to need a good smack-down. :-)

I just hope that we're up to smacking them down. Mind flayers are not exactly a "walk in the park" type foe....
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