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Wesley Young's "The Struggle of Nations"

Joshua R.
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 81
I dropped that policy Turin for the most part has been able to keep up payment with the crew i am pretty sure they are more then loyal as Turin has shelled out a lot of gold to keep the crew loyal.
Joe (Beppe) P.
user 6600548
East Aurora, NY
Post #: 52
I was reading the rules on Magic. Correct me if I'm wrong but we may have been over-buffing attack and damage bonuses. For spells, Stacking Effects rules dictate that bonuses of the same type do not stack. There's no mention of other magical effects so I think that the Inspire Courage Bardic Performance is OK since it's a supernatural ability.

Joe (Beppe) P.
user 6600548
East Aurora, NY
Post #: 53
The Struggle of Nations: Session 2011-07-30

[Finally, here are the written annals of your Bards. I've cleaned them up as best I can. I'll post one, possibly two sessions per post, depending on their length.]

Day 1, Year 1

Environment reminiscent of the Roman Empire

We are in the Dungeon of the Colosseum (anyone not human and white)
for about a week. Stripped to loin clothes. Tormented by guard Asshole. Given shoddy sword to train for (duh!) gladiatorial games.

Among us is a pretty boy, shitty though he be. Name of Beppe. Arrogant. Chats with the guards, white teeth that gleam. Plots to escape. Spins a story, enthralling the dimwitted guard. He punches the guard through the bars, gets the keys but is now at a loss of what to do. Perhaps the east side of colosseum into the crypts.

A closed door to definitely not a cell, kicked opened, reveals a group of guards playing cards. Roll for initiative. We faced two 1/2 CR guards. We subdue them while one in our party suffers a sprain (from hitting himself) and a long cut on his arm.

2 longswords, 2 chain mail
10 GP

A supply room

I supply myself with a short bow, arrows, short sword, longsword, leather armor

Traveling along the hallway, we encounter roaming guards. Ducking into a corner we sense humidity. A way out? Jump the guards ("battle" not worth describing).

We bypass many doors and reach the east end of the coliseum where we discover a portcullis. A notice is posted on the wall describing how for many years, the greatest hero gladiators were interred here. About 50 years ago, creatures called The Many moved into the crypt and since then it was sealed off by the portcullis. It is dark, dank, and foreboding place. The implicit message of the posting is that if you can read it, you've gone to far. In we go.

[numbered items refer to rooms on the map]

1. Spiders (bypass)
5. Coffin room. Coffins and Statues
Statue has a golden puzzle piece in it's hand
A coffin yields a masterwork longsword and
600 GP

6. Voices in our heads "the many things that are us". They're pussies.

3. Room has rust all over the floor. Coffin. Empty.

18. Large with a conan-esque looking statue. Door with four slots for puzzle pieces carved into it.

7. Sauna room. Something slimy in there... a puzzle piece.

Back to the puzzle door. After fiddling, fussing, and twisting, we fit the pieces together and open the door.

6 of potions cure light wounds
300 GP

We're out. Looks like we came out of a burial mound. (duh). We're 1 mile outside the city walls. We are next to a river.

We mosey to a small port town. We buy 230 GP worth of goods for 280 GP from Thurgrum's Dry Goods and Sundry. Bastard. We got his name.

At first camp, a rash of goblins attack while Grant (your humble narrator) and Nightshade (Kevin) are on watch. I kill one and they return fire taking me out.

791 XP
Joe (Beppe) P.
user 6600548
East Aurora, NY
Post #: 54
The Struggle of Nations: Session 2011-08-13

[Wherein our party encounters a strange family indeed]

Day 2, Year 1

Travel 6 days to Port Lucinious along a winding road. Patchwork farm fields. Dark clouds; some stray drops. We finally camp at the outskirts of the city, next to a wood. A shout of an oath to the gods; a scream of a horse. We get the nudge... uh... urge to investigate.

Roll for initiative. We hear definite sounds of battle. We see a man on horseback being attacked by 3 "gloopy" beings -- Lemure Devils.

The knight removes his helmet. Good looking, charming, and thoroughly enjoying himself. Helmut Staufan. His tale: returning to his home estates after many years abroad. He heard a woman scream. He investigated, attacked, then saw a man dressed in black riding a black horse.

4th son, to spend time with his family before heading off again. He shall put us up in his keep. We interested? Hell, yeah!

We pass through the town; it's the port; seems dangerous. The keep is more castle than house. Dragon motif permeates. Gates are locked! He pounds. Someone lets us into courtyard. Stable, inner courtyards. Pale boys. Gray guards.

Met by older brother Erich, well met. He greets us. The keep was built by grateful commoners for protecting the town.

Lord Valdric & Lady Elzbeth: mommy & daddy
Various sibs: Rosalin, Jack, Kris, Amalinda, Leanor

We are invited to dinner in one hour.

Wandering, exploring, and partaking in ablutions.

We encounter a sweaty, poopy smelling, paunchy, spindly limbed, pasty, tired looking... man.

We notice that the guards are not human. We spot a skeletally thin girl, Amalinda (Skinny), Kris's (Stinky) twin. Rather unfriendly; spiteful.

Next we see someone who can only be described as the fattest woman we have ever set eyes upon. Old food is still stuck to her face. She carries a large bird leg in one meaty fist and a cleaver in the other. See looks at me, fixing me with a stare that conveys that she would eat me, given the chance. Rosalin, I wonder? Nay, Lenor, as we discover at dinner.

(Not, as it turns out; she is the ginger scowler in the blue dress.)

We encounter Helmut on our way to dinner. He is disquieted. His family has changed since he was gone. Each family member leaves an empty chair between the next. They don't seem to like each other (understatement).

Lord Valdric is dressed in fine yet not ostentatious clothes and accouterments. Family crest is a rampant boar. The Lady appears to be quite depressed.

Erich is stern. Jack is easy going yet... a look in his eyes...

Dinner is very nice indeed. Plentiful. A dozen courses. Drink. Etc.

Vladric is having open affairs with a group of women.
Elzbeth knows but cares not.
Jack has the hots for his mother. She does not feel likewise.
Eric is violent and loves violence.
Rosalin pretty much hates everybody and everything.
Kris is totally apathetic.
Amalinda starving herself because she craves attention.

Helmut has been poisoned! The rest of the family doesn't care, save Eric who thinks it's hilarious. Erich scoops him off to the chapel. We all follow. He tells the guards to keep us away and he disappears. We attempt to shove past to follow. Roll. The guards were orcs!

2 light crossbows
2 masterwork great swords
4 potions cure light
2 unknown
2 scale armor

Amalinda skulked up behind us and casts spell on Teal (ranger, Kevin B.) casts counter-spell and Turin (magus, Josh) knocks her out. A door opens, Helmut lies in a crumpled heap; dead. Stairs lead down into catacombs. Bones lay on shelves. Smell of mildew and rot. No sign of Eric and no sign of an exit. Harumph.

The castle is under siege from the townspeople. 100 or so orc guards defend. Oh, joy.

Cleric Nightshade (Kevin) comes down and points to the hidden exit. Far side is rubble. Dead servants. Encased in lacquered shell. in cavernous room behind are two small imp sized creatures (medium sized devils) mining; armed with heavy picks. They don't last long.

Farther down in another room, we encounter another devil -- some sort of Bull Devil. He has a "military grade fork". Gores Kevin, killing him not-dead-yet, then proceeds to suck his blood.

We battle Eric who summons devils. After battling he loses patience and says "Begone!" and we get teleported away.

We arrive in a small village. Impoverished. A lot of cliffs and mountainous terrain. It is late at night. All villagers appear to be sleeping. Except for a guy who looks quite the thug. Scars. Bad breath. You get the idea.

Tells us we're in Goldleaf, still in the Empire. Uppermost butt-hole of the continent. We recognize it as a slave dwarf resident. Several new buildings and dwellings, hastily constructed.

He gives us an arbitrary yet universally recognized finger gesture of disdain and directs us to a "dwelling". It's plain to a fault. We don't care.

Day 7. Dawn

Something definitely odd going on. Dwarves are over (sic). Listless. Depressed and sullen.

Tiny Blind Mice Tavern. Mounted next to the sign is a stuffed dwarf head. For many years they mined nearby Mount Legio. Until A dragon moved into the mine. Since then, that thug, Devon Black, who we met, does nothing else than pound and torment them. They have no real means to fight back. They assure us that it's not our problem but they just want to get back to mining.

Against my better judgement, we killed him. I just wanted him incapacitated and handing his sorry ass to the dwarves.

1 Banded Mail
Joshua R.
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 82
Forgive me I am writing this on my tablet but in found where in the core about the cats grace and owls wisdom ect. Not stacking with the belts. It ties in with the point Joe brought up about bonus of the same type not stacking in the magic section spells with the same attributes don't stack with each other since the belts and headbands utilize the spells they cannot stack with the corresponding spell because its the exact same spell except this is permanent effect rather then temporary because the belt or headband is in essence is granting you the spell of fox's cunning or cats grace you cannot gain the benefits of these spells because you are already gaining those benefits from the belt or headband.See page 11 or page 208-209 of the core.

Wesley D. Y.
user 6127759
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 1,117
Thanks, Josh.
Joe (Beppe) P.
user 6600548
East Aurora, NY
Post #: 55
... in the core about the cats grace and owls wisdom ect. Not stacking with the belts. It ties in with the point Joe brought up about bonus of the same type not stacking in the magic section spells with the same attributes don't stack... See page 11 or page 208-209 of the core.
I figured it out. The key is not attributes, it's bonus type. From the rules, paraphrased and highlighted:

"Usually, a bonus has a type that indicates how the spell grants the bonus; two bonuses of the same type don’t generally stack. A bonus that doesn’t have a type stacks with any bonus."

Unfortunately, Paizo doesn't bother to explain bonus type further or even list them. So here's a reference via the Paizo forum: the reply from Nightskies, fourth one down.

I never paid much attention to the bonus types in descriptions aside from thinking "what the hell do I care?" I thought they were just there for flavor like spell components. Now I know better.

Two examples:

Eagle's Splendor gives an enhancement bonus as does a Headband of alluring charisma. They don't stack.

An encounter example from Flynn's perspective for attack and damage rolls:

Longbow: +3 enhancement bonus
Inspire Courage: +3 competence bonus (Bardic Performance)
Good Hope: +2 morale bonus
Haste: +1 to attack, no bonus type

No conflicts so they all stack: +9 attack, +8 damage
Joshua R.
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 83
Wes I found this armor on a piazo board apparently it comes from Pathfinder 11: Skeletons of Scarwall. Copyright 2008, Paizo Publishing LLC. Author: Greg A. Vaugh

Celestial Plate Armor
Aura faint transmutation (good); CL 8th
Slot armor; Price 25,000 gp; Weight 25 lbs.

Celestial plate armor is a sturdier version of the standard celestial armor.

This bright silver suit of +3 full plate is remarkably light, and is treated as medium armor. It has a maximum Dexterity bonus of +6, an armor check penalty of –3, and an arcane spell failure chance of 20%. It allows the wearer to use fly on command (as the spell) once per day.

Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, fly, creator must be good; Cost 12,500 gp

Baically it would be good armor for turin as its basically like celestial armor except instead of chain mail its full plate anyway i was looking for a way to improve turins armor class and this looks like the best way to do so it nerfs turins dex by 1 but after doing the cost benefit analysis The highest Turin's AC can go is 37 right now with the celestial armor which would include an amulet of natural armor +5 and a ring of protection +5(not quite sure if the ring is within Turin's price range. as it costs 50,000 and turin cant forge rings and plus it might take weeks to months before a merchant has one.) with this turins AC is 32 off the bat and once I would recommend it for Ximenese as well since inquisitors are proficient with medium armor, though i am not sure if it would nerf his spells Turin as magus has medium armor trait and allows him to utilize medium armor without spell failure.

anyway Turin can make anything up to CL 15 now so minus a few items and artifacts almost anything is on the table including Ioun Stones CL 12 i have had the ability to make these for the past 3 levels i forgot they existed.

Ioun Stones these have been modified to Turin Prices and they stack with all bonuses though only one ioun stone per bonus so basically you can't have 2 Dusty rose Prism granting you a plus 1 AC bonus each stone but if you have the money you can have 1 of each stone granting you its bonuses
Clear Spindle Sustains creature without food or water 2,000 gp
Dusty rose Prism +1 insight bonus to AC 2,500 gp
Deep red Sphere +2 enhancement bonus to Dexterity 4,000 gp
Incandescent blue Sphere +2 enhancement bonus to Wisdom 4,000 gp
Pale blue Rhomboid +2 enhancement bonus to Strength 4,000 gp
Pink Rhomboid +2 enhancement bonus to Constitution 4,000 gp
Pink and green Sphere +2 enhancement bonus to Charisma 4,000 gp
Scarlet and blue Sphere +2 enhancement bonus to Intelligence 4,000 gp
Dark blue Rhomboid Alertness (as the feat) 5,000 gp
Iridescent Spindle Sustains creature without air 9,000 gp
Pale lavender Ellipsoid Absorbs spells of 4th level or lower 10,000 gp After absorbing 20 spell levels, the stone burns out and turns to dull gray, forever useless.
Pearly white Spindle Regenerate 1 point of damage per 10 minutes 10,000 gp
Orange Prism +1 caster level 15,000 gp
Pale green Prism +1 competence bonus on attack rolls, saves, skill checks, and ability checks 15,000 gp
Vibrant purple Prism Stores three levels of spells, as a ring of spell storing 18,000 gp
Lavender and green Ellipsoid Absorbs spells of 8th level or lower 20,000 gp After absorbing 50 spell levels, the stone burns out and turns dull gray, forever useless.

also the 8th level and 4th level spell absorption only works on your character and only your character so if some casts fire ball only you take no damage everyone else who doesn't have the stone will take damage.

highly recommend these they are a goof investment

also now avalible for the low low price of 31,000gp the cube of FORCE!!! CL 10

Feather tokens are also avalible the most expensive 250 to lowest 25gp

all figurines of wondrous power are available

also most golem manuals CL range 11-14 from are available if your spell caster and don't want to wait about 9 months for turin to finish that guide to making golems you can make your own, without the feet if you have the materials and time requirements Stone clay flesh and stone guardian can be made!!!

the Horn of Valhalla is also avalible for 25,000 it possible to summon 1d4+1 5th level barbarians i know thats powerfull but in rage mode plus they generally have high cons so they can soak some hit points
Joe you might makje good use of this

a portable hole is avalible for 10,000 gp

mantle of spell Resistance grants you 21 Sr for 45,000gp
Joe (Beppe) P.
user 6600548
East Aurora, NY
Post #: 56
The Struggle of Nations Session 2011-09-10

[Wherein our party explores the caverns beneath a Dwarven mountain]

Day 2, Year 1

We give Devon just the burial he deserves.

The [sic] of a gruff, stogie chompin', brogue talkin' Dwarf leader called Sarge, has a plan to lead the Dwarves (all 24 of 'em) to retake their mountain home. It's held by Goblins who treat it as a virtual toilet (or a typical male human teenagers bedroom). Sitting upon the Dwarven treasure is a Dragon. Piece of cake.

It needs to be done before the Empire finds out and then claim ignorance (something like that).

As discussion over [sic], a Real Plan begins, Beppe and (Ashley) fall from the sky. Transported here by Demon Airlines (without any machine or any actual conveyance of any sort). I still I don't now what the plan is.

[numbers are rooms on the map]

1. We gain entry to the Dwarf Mine. We (figuratively) blast a hole into a hallway. Sarge and all 24 Dwarves march in and... disappear. Scrumm says "let's blow it up!" which has been his one and only contribution to our plan.

2. 100 Goblins pour out of a tunnel. Sarge pulls out a pistol in each fist and blows away 12 Goblins. The slaughter continues. A big goblin riding a hairless dog charges, dies anyway. Finally, a large snake follows the goblin. Before biting the dust, [the dog?] bites Nightshade, poisoning him. Fortunately, he overcomes the poison after being somewhat weakened.

3. Onward. We reach a set of double doors, 8 ft wide and 10 ft tall. The Dwarves push the doors which opens silently. Through a secret door (not a secret to the Dwarves) we come to a rope bridge spanning a deep crevice with the distant sound of water.

2. Dwarves cross the bridge. Those of us with dark vision see them jumped by a hoard of Orcs. Davor crosses the bridge but before reaching the other side, one of the cross ropes breaks. By three strokes of luck, skill, and strength, he holds on to the two ends o the broken rope, in in each hand. The orcs get killed by Teal's keen bow-shots. Scrumm and Samir manage to give the ropes enough support to allow Davor to reach the far side safely. Threat neutralized, the Dwarves give us directions to meet them on the their side being helped by a secret passage between 2 and 4 (or whatever).

4. Dwarf beds and what Sarge would have said is loose change if he were with us instead of Davor on the other side at 5. And four Orcs on patrol.

500 GP
4 javelins, short swords, and smelly orc armor.

14. Another bunk room.

13. Dwarf statue of a fierce looking Dwarf holding a tool in one hand and sword in the other. Magus steps on a pressure plate. Click. The statue's mouth open like a nutcracker emitting a green gas.

12. A thick wooden door bloody with what looks like a human skull stuck on it. Not trapped or locked. Hugh hears some creature shuffling on the other side. Weapons poised, Hugh opens the door with a spell. We find an Ogre and two pet wolves. Meanwhile, Davor and the Dwarves arrive unnoticed from behind. Devor catches the Ogre flatfooted.

Shield of Faith +2... call it a Shield +2

10. Outside of [sic] 10, 30 ft high ceiling. carved with Images of dwarves and their forges. There is a buzzing that seems to come from the room, down the stairs. We enter the room and there is a 10 ft tall cask. "There is our GREATEST TREASURE! The HEART OF THE MOUNTAIN BREW!"

The Dwarves partake as did Margus (-4 on everything for being drunk). Up from the stairs come four Stirges. About the size of an with the wings of a bat. Wings, spindly legs, and long proboscis.

15. We somehow come across a stream; fresh water. We come across the remains of burned dwarf explorer.

35 GP
Wand of light, damaged, 20 charges

16. Onward to large cavern. Stream continues, 5 ft wide; we hear waterfall in the distance. Stone bridges.

23. Very large, 200 x 100 ft, 50 high. Phosphorescent crystals. Delicate stuff stones, Bluff 20 ft. We're on a mesa like balcony (hence the drop-off). 23 sarcophaguses. Intricate carvings, dwarves in armor. Runes of name and ancestors. Blank space for deeds, all blank [sic]. Borgal the Old (died old age), Orc Doom guy (in battle), and Numic the Unlucky (killed by molten ore). Notice saying Bad Things for those who disturb the tombs.

EXP 785
Joe (Beppe) P.
user 6600548
East Aurora, NY
Post #: 57
The Struggle of Nations Session 2011-10-08

[Wherein our party reaches a fishing village where their freedom is threatened]

[Apparently there was no session on 2011-09-17]

42. Dwarven Temple. Altar, statue of grim looking dwarf warrior. Bones laying about turn into skeletons - SEVEN freakin' feet tall.

GP 280
scroll with two spells: web and spider climb

A secret door leads to four rooms. Turns up nothing worthwhile.

43. Dark. Pool. Strange moaning sound of dwarven voices. Gets louder. Ghostly creature drifts into the room. Boiling malignant cloud. Cleric Armand/Kevin tries some mojo on it. He fails. We all make will save. Barbarian Scrum/Matt fails and loses wisdom. Magus Turin/Josh grabs him and drags him out of there. We return to the Huge Hall (36) and east to...

39. Dark dwarf, apparently female. She wields a double-bladed sword and swipes.
Audience chamber. Slab table. Remains tapestry. A door with an image of fierce dwarf we seem to have seen before.

double bladed sword
potion of healing
chain mail
GP 60
scroll protection from evil
scroll (sic)

40. Smelly bed chamber. Nothing worthwhile. Except two secret doors, one to north, the other to the chasm (38) We go to chasm and find a rope ladder going down.

Chasm. We go down the ladder. Humid cavern. Spray going off to east. Waterfall sound to west. Muddy banks. Large footprints; clawed. Bridge across river; old wood, dwarven. Other side tunnel meanders on. We cross the bridge. And find another bridge. (sigh).

LARGE LAKE. Dragon. Initiative. Dragon slinks into the water; we see nothing but a dark shape.

The dragon's name was Night-Scale and about the size of a small horse. He was not inclined to parley. Still isn't.

A glow emanates rom one of the islands. Turin/Josh swims there and finds a treasure chest and a strange key... looks like a puzzle (because it is). It's two keys! One unlocks the chest:

GP 1430
GP 40 worth of jewels
GP 50 black pearl
wand magic missile 32 charges
+2 Dwarven War Axe
+1 large steel shield
potion cure light
potion ???

GP 665 for me


Small town, arena, insane asylum. Autocracy. Good trade and fishing. Cosmopolitan. Good sewer. Good defense and army and city walls.

We sell and buy stuff. Take a trip to [????]. Put under a sleep spell we get stripped of all our possessions and enslaved.

Bound and with no way to escape, the ship runs aground. Then we get loose. Coming up on deck, there's.... no crew. On the beach we see someone wandering about. After much Keystone Cop-ishness, we punch his light out.

4 broken barrels
12 sacks of grain
heavy crossbow with bolts
chest with captains log, nav charts marked with course, spell book magic missile and sleep.

Girls (sic) Milisana a halfling from the Shires. Got shanghaied. Stupid captain was sailing in the gale. He was heading to Alfhiem(?) but stumbled upon this here island (or some such).

We huddle down for the night.

EXP 962
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