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Wesley Young's "The Struggle of Nations"

A former member
Post #: 113

Great session last night guys. Was a lot of fun. For those that missed it, I hope this brief synopsis helps bring you up to speed. Anybody that was there, please correct me on any details I miss or get wrong.

The evening started in the aftermath of destroying the clockwork construct we had encountered at the end of last session. We were left with one of two unexplored doors, one north and one south. After checking the northern door, Ashur's ghostly companion, Caius, inhabiting one of the giants encountered earlier, set off the fire glyph we had failed to detect. Luckily, ghosts are rather difficult to eradicate though the same cannot be said for inhabited giant shells. With the party stunned by the sudden explosion, the giantess, waiting behind the door, launched a furious attack by summoning lightning down upon the party before engaging us with her great sword. Though the battle was fierce, the giantess' druidic might could not endure against the combined force of sorcery and physical prowess of the party. The giantess soon fell. Searching the body and the room beyond, the party added a number of magical scrolls and items, as well as a magical chest of gold, to its treasury.

As the dust settled, the party became aware of a conundrum. Though we had been successful in removing the giants' leadership, this left their future actions unpredictable. Chaotic by nature, the giants were as likely to kill each other as they were to sweep down upon the townspeople at the base of the mountain. Neutralizing a veritable army of giants and giant-kin was not something our party had the resources to accomplish, however. It wasn't until several party members happened to remember a painting depicting the mountain castle in flight and an examination of a blueprint of the castle helped us discover a hidden door we had missed. Exploring the chamber thus revealed, we found a series of levers and what appeared to be a ship's wheel. Taking some time to study the controls, we deduced that the levers controlled the vertical and horizontal motion of the castle in flight, while the wheel appeared to act as a kind of rudder. The controls themselves seemed to be in rather dilapidated condition. Raising one lever, we waited anxiously for any reaction. Though nothing happened at first, after a few moments, there arose a vibration which quickly evolved into an earthen shake. The window, long since covered by earth, suddenly cleared as the castle violently wrenched itself from the mountain in an explosion of earth and stone. As the castle rose into the atmosphere, towers crumbled and finally, weakened by the earthquake and a century of settlement into the mountain, the foundations began to give way. The party quickly decided it was time to leave. Safely carried aloft by various spells and items allowing flight, the party watched from a distance as the ogres and giants rained from the disintegrating castle, disappearing into the clouds below.

With such a visual display, our exploits were well known to the towns folk by the time we returned to the city. In gratitude, the party was given many boons for their service. Most notable of these was to establish an enclave on the island, allowing the party to draw a vertical trade route, hopping from island to island in the stratosphere until reaching this altitude. This trade route, in turn offered the opportunity for greater contact between surface dwellers and sky peoples. Ultimately, discussion of the trade route culminated in an idea for a metropolis in the sky which we have tentatively decided to call Cloud City.

We received many rewards from the aerial city, not the least of which was a magical map showing the structure and content of our world. Elated with this, the completion of our mission, we celebrated the idea of venturing home. Upon closer examination, however, we found an isolated island where there appeared to be a massive warship dry docked and under construction. We remembered a receipt we had found in the castle describing goods and services rendered for construction of a mammoth ship called the Juggernaut. If allowed to reach completion, the ship being built would sweep over the heavens like a cloud of doom. Thus, we made haste to the island in an effort to end construction and, if possible, commandeer the ship for our own use.

Upon arriving at the ship, we quickly realized that our journey would not end here. The island was quite sparse and isolated. The resources to build the ship could not have come from here. Thus, we knew we had a long quest ahead of us that only continued from this island. Using the sun to hide the ship, Caius the ghost silently drifted over the Juggernaut, exploring its defenses. There appeared to be 24 ogres working towards the construction, with two task masters commanding their work. Not sensing a formidable intelligence, not even amongst the taskmasters, we resolved that we had to flush out their leader in order to neutralize this threat. A staged ogre riot would serve us that ambition. Caius proved invaluable in this effort by possessing key players amongst the ogres in beginning the brawl. Possessing one of the taskmasters, Caius quickly and efficiently turned the brutes upon one another until the entire crew was in the melee. As we had hoped, this soon drew the ire of the overseer, who revealed himself to be a minotaur of great size and ferocity.

Again, not liking our odds against 26 ogres and a minotaur, Caius would use his ghostly powers to possess and lead away the ogres under the pretense of gathering supplies from the island, leaving the minotaur alone on the ship. Favoring a quick and brutal ambush, Anselmi and Turin stealthily engaged the minotaur. Unfortunately, we had failed to deduce that the minotaur was in fact a half-fiend. A fierce battle ensued. Though Anselmi and Turin, through their sorcerous and martial prowess, were able to defeat the fiendish minotaur, it was unfortunately not without sacrifice as Anselmi fell to the creature's vicious axe and gore attacks.

The minotaur vanquished, the party stands ready to explore the lower decks of the Juggernaut.
Kevin N
user 6519902
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 150
Not even Karzoug the Claimer could stand against a Hellbringer now a new Hellbringer has come forth who will stand to oppose him?
Joshua R.
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 80
How Turin met Arken

Originally Arken was a cleric for an Cayden Calien but made her way as a healer for Irendi trade mission that specialized in importation of rare beers and spirits She found herself in Turins homeland at some point. Turin was at an academy training to be a knight one day Turin and several others where tasked to goto the foreign quarter market to pick up supplies presevatives and spell components and other such sundries for the academy as it was the start of the rainy season and the rivers would rise and become to treacherous for trade any way Turin and friend thought it would be fun to get some quality ales as the academy stocked crappy water down ale for the squires it was extremely wind and the rain was coming down hard Turin saw the irendi trade company had set up shop near the river they were getting their river trade cog loaded Turin saw this and ran over in hopes of catching them before they left But suddenly because of the wind the main mas cracked and startled he workers using the a pulley on the cog and 400 lbs ale smashed into Turin knocking him out cold and into the river a Irendi oarsmen pulled him out an Darken was called to save the lad Turin awoke after his near death experience to see a glowing avatar Arken is an assimar she naturally glows a little. Turin thought he had entered Elysium however Turin did not want. Die he started making promises he passed out again. Turin then the rain stopped the trade cog had been damaged by the storm Arken seeing Turin was for the most part alright, she was going o help the rest of he crew when she had brief vision. It wasnt a completly clear vision butn I had to do with he future and it involved the lad she saved . so she helped his fellow squires bring him to academy Turin came too in a couple hours h recognized Arken and then realized he wasn't dead but he couldn't remember what he said Arken explained too him what happened was the work o Cayden Calien that them meeting was no accident that Cayden Calien had snapped the mast to deliver ale into Turin and that since his life was spared the lucky drunk had a higher purpose for him signified by the rain stopping Arken then bought up Turins promises that he mad a a near death Turin and asked if Turin was serious about them didn't remember by Turin w grateful to what Arken had done or him that he said yes.then not thinking said
"I am in your debt and I will do what you ask"
Arken smiled, giggled and said
"Glad to see your enthusiastic but at you need to rest and stay warm"
" I am fine I have nearly recovered already"
as Turin got up quickly but his injuries were still severe made worse by the fact that his fellow squires slipped in the mud well carrying him and he quickly fell back down.

Arken laughed and told Turin that well Cayden Calien has plans for Turin at present it isn't Clea what the are but some day she will find Turin again and if and if he was still willing to keep the promise he made she would assist him in his endeavors although he was under no obligations

Turin quickly pointed out that he was in debt to her and not the other way round
Arken laughed and bid him adieu before she left Turn asked for her name She said Arken

Turin asked he to wait as he grabbed a brass bracer he had mad a few days back an asked her to keep it o make sure he kept his promise Arken gave him a wooden holy symbol for cayden calien and bid him farewell again
Five months latter Turin was captured in a battle and sold into slavery the only thing that was left Turin was his holy symbol.

Darken my up with Turin again when the group after adventurers games When she asked Turin about the promises he made he sad he would keep them she wasn't able to follow him to sigil by she did free to go on the expedition the sky

As fort the promises I will let Wes decide what they were as we need o come up with some terms for the spell contract
Wesley D. Y.
user 6127759
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 1,113
Thanks for all the info, guys. I'm so busy over here with the Avon crap, and am already missing our skipped game. =\

Oh well.

Excellent plot ideas based on the huge events of last session forming ... I just need time to sit down and map them out before next session - including the spell contract.

I've also got an idea for another one-shot adventure involving another party, but it's rather specific in nature, so I'd actually be providing pregens for it. It looks like it'll occur right at the end of the current adventure, and it involves ... SCRUM!
A former member
Post #: 114
I really hope this doesn't mean we'll be fighting Scrum. Scrum doesn't die. I saw to that myself. Wes, please let me know if you need anything from me regarding everyone's favorite dragon-tossing, aboleth-beaching son of a bitch.
Wesley D. Y.
user 6127759
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 1,114
I wouldn't nerf such a legendary character like that, but ... well, you'll see.
Kevin N
user 6519902
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 151
As you're standing on the deck of the ship you see a raven land on the deck to your surprise it turns into a beautiful young woman. The woman that strands before you has raven black hair pale white skin her eyes strike you as they are red. They match her match her blouse. She also wearing a black corset you quickly see it adorned with black raven feather. She is also wearing long black gloves that go past her elbows and thigh high boots. You see a bow and quiver on her back. You see her set down a cage of ravens. In what we call a French accent she says "welcome to Angmar I am the rear and radiant beauty that the angles
name Lenore nameless here forever more. You may call me The Raven Queen". Just then a pair of ravens land on her shoulders the one is the size of a medium dog. She says "what is it Edgar" you see the smaller one stick it beak in her ear. You then see her grab the ravens and shove it down between her bosoms.
Then says" go Allen go "to the bigger raven. She then looks at you she says " I'm sorry, my scouts report your friend Anselmi is dead just another victim in this war. My dad Adinn was a great healer and my
mother Seraphim was known as a kind friend to all. My prance living in Argalis decide to leave and
move the move to the captial city of Angmar and the Tengu, Gilead. The Tengu called my dad the witch
king he healing was so great and strange. In this time of peace my parents had twin girls Annbell Lee and me. Annabelle Lee was married to a high born kinsman and she soon died. All of a sudden death was all
Around me.
My mom and dad where murder in the Rue Morgue. It was an epic lost to the tengu and me. They appointed me The Raven Queen of Angmar. They presented me with a number of magical gifts. The murder was found to be a powerful Mind Flayer named Fortunato, the thousands of injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I could but when he venture upon insult I vowed revenge. With my family lost Angmar was weakened Fortunato next wave a might tempest. I believe he had help from Stozari Stormbringer Thank You for
Disposing her. The tempest left many dead and they were neither man nor woman neither brute nor
human they were ghouls and their king it is who tolls the bells. With the fall of the house of usher all was lost. Craven I fled with the last of the ravens. I don't know what happened to the rest of the Tengu but
Gailead is nevermore. Tree stand where wall once stood and the only Queen beside me are bees. There
are no more conspiracy, murders or unkindness left just me. Let’s go play our little game of draughts ."
Kevin B.
Medina, NY
Post #: 168
I just wanted to take a brief moment (as spendng too much time on the computer can really exacerbate my head and neck pain) to say that it's just so incredibly great to be back gaming with you guys once again! As much as I heard, "I missed having you here!" from some of you, just understand that sentiment goes tenfold for me about you guys as well! I look forward to our next session and many more to come! Thanks guys are the BEST!!
Wesley D. Y.
user 6127759
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 1,116
You were really missed.
Kevin B.
Medina, NY
Post #: 169
As were you, Wes. Both as a great DM and a friend. =)

Oh yeah, Josh!? While I think of it...what's the average reduction percentage in the price of armor, weapons, cloaks, rings, or any other item you make for us? In other words, would it be like say 50% less or 40% less, or what? I seem to remember stuff Turin made for us running about half the cost of it's regular market value. I also realize your other costs from your most recent post like:

"anything 1,000 gp or less - 100gp will be charged / anything 2,000-4,000gp - 200gp will be charged / anything 5,000-10,000gp - 400gp will be charged / anything 11,000-20,000 - 800gp will be charged / 20,000 and above - 1,600gp will be charged"

So, I understand the extra costs and have no problem at all with them as they are MORE than fair and reasonable. I'm just trying to get an idea about how to spend Teal's small windfall that accumulated during hs absence. Many Thanks!! =)
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