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The Buffalo Gamers Society! Message Board General Discussion Forum › Looking for some clever ideas...

Looking for some clever ideas...

A former member
Post #: 55
A buddy of mine and I are looking to put on a WNY tourny circuit for Warhammer 40,000 that will involve some Buffalo and some Rochester events, and culiminate in a grand finale sometime roughly this time next year. Now very key to this, is we are trying to break from normal tournament ideas.

Now for those of you not too familiar with what I mean, the basics of the game are you and your opponent have an army, and the gaming space is the battlefield. You put your armies down, move around and try to kill each other while accomplishing certain objectives which are typically; 'Kill more than opponent' or 'Hold more strategic points'. Most tournies stay fairly normal to this for the very good reason that you want a 'normal' game to show your prowess in the most commond form of the game.

But nuts to that we say. There are plenty of those tournies. Some are great like what 'Ard Boyz does in Rochester, or Adeptus Windy City does with Adepticon every year, or things like the Quake City Rumble on the West Coast, etc, etc.

So we are looking for tournies with distinct themes. To give you an example; we'll do 'Chaos Fest' using the four Chaos Gods in which every scenario is a crazy gauntlet of horrors akin to the God used that round, and every one has to get a 'Mark of Chaos' that effects their army during the tourny. Maybe even marked with face paint, we'll see.

Or a planet strike game of orbital assaults onto bases, or games entirely in massive cities. Things of this nature.

So anyone have an idea of what might be cool and different? Even if you don't know Warhammer 40k specifically, or wargaming, I'd love to hear your ideas. Thanks!
A former member
Post #: 41
Ok...Couple of ideas...
- Battles to be fought on Space Hulk boards/Dnd Grid maps/Warhammer quest, or any other randomly generated 'tunnel fight' setup.

- Hostage rescue a la side has to keep a number of hostages and the other side has to escort them out...maybe with some limits on what troop types can be used allowing the 'Terrorists' to have grunt troops but no special troops..though a lot of them. The Special forces guys or attackers would choose a handful of characters and elites in minimum squad sizes. Necromunda scenarios with larger numbers of troops actually gives you a lot of options.

- Non Combat game scenarios like Griff Ball from Halo or a Vehicle race around tracks.

- A warhammer olympics with events set up so that each player has different entries in each event rather than full armies so that they get 'medals' depending on their placement in each event and the best overall record wins.

- play standard scenarios but give each table a deck of random event cards that modify the play based on environmental or tides of war changes...Earthquake knocks down all infantry units causing them to lose either their movement or ability to attack for one round of unexpected relief column shows up to support the side with the most causuaties (based on points totals or unit totals as you like), a tornado randomly destroys a vehicle/structure/quarter of the board. A misdirected artillery barrage blasts the whole battlefield...a heavy fog moves in for a random number of turns obscuringing all sight beyond movement range.

EVACUATION!!!...the planet is about to be swollowed by a supernova/chaos portal/tyranid planet eater...fight your way to the space port...most evacuated through mass lifter before game ends wins...stop to fight at your peril.

The Goddess fights back...both armies are preparing to do battle when a horde of giant monstrosities swarms out of caverns and begins attacking whatever is closest...opponent rolls for monsters...monsters always attack closest. caves can be destroyed as structures to stop the swarms.

TSUNAMI! Get to high ground...multibple high points either buildings or hills or a random point in the game ( though at least 3 turns in the entire battle field is flooded by a massive wave...any units not on high ground are swept away...fliers get slammed by the wave unless in the shadow of a tall structure.

Crazy on the clock tower...a mad sniper rests on the highest point of the building taking pot shots at random models every turn with a high powered rifle ( like the assassin)

Ship ahoy! Battles are fought from floating platforms that move around the battlefield...models can board other platforms via jump packs/flying transports/planks/ and can grapple with other 'ships' instead of charging...make grapple gun mounts have a range similar to charge distance..then grappled platforms can be moved across by foot once they are yanked into range.

Space Chess...Set up battle fields using necromunda terrain...but there is no movement between levels and deployments are sequential

TOTAL WAR- there is no terrain. any game in which there is a single enemy model left on the battlefield/or perhaps that would not be scored for victory points is a draw. Destroy your enemy utterly to get the win.
Deployment zones = 24" you may deploy as close to your enemy as you like. Depolyment is done unit by unit you go i go format. Put out whatever you like as long as its a unit when its your turn.

Marathon...A chasm divides a small portion of the battlefiled at one end crossing the narro width. A single bridge crosses it. defender has to move a messenger on foot from the bridge to the far end of the field (there is a road) attacker must get past the bridge/chasm. Due to severe updrafts and wind shear any model crossing the chasm by means of flight is destroyed on 1-5 and makes it across on a 6 unless they utilize the bridge. The bridge must be defended by 1/10 the size of the attacking force. The defender gets no other units than the bridge defender and the runner. Defender always gets the first turn.

Rourkes Drift. Defender gets a fortified base but most hold out against a force 10 times its points value, either by endless reinforcement to represent the waves of enemy or by having the defending force be very small. Defenders can ressurect/heal units on a 5 or 6 after all other saves have been taken game is a night fight for the first five turns then the sun comes up on turn six....if the attacker loses 75% of its points it breaks. If the defender has an unbroken force above 50% in a fortification in which there are no scoring enemy units at the end off the game the defender wins.

The things they left behind. Battlefield is covered with minefields located randomly ..roll every time a unit moves into unexplored terrain random minefields take out troops. on say...doubles (you would make a D6,D6 table for each board) a cache of weapons/bunker/tunnel is uncovered by the troops allowing them to Deploy a heavy weapon/gain cover/move to a random spot on the battle field if they follow the tunnel.

Lure of the Dark Side...each army has a desegnated Persuader...he can attempt to convert an enemy unit to his side each turn he is within charge range of it. If successful his side takes control of that unit.

Hot potato. A portable object allows warp access/communication/teleportation or some other benefit which does not directly impact the game but aids the army controlling it for the time it is in that armies possesion...each turn your army controls the 'device' you get a point. each turn no unit controls the device no points are scored. Kill whoever you want but you only win by controlling the hot potato more than your opponent. Multiple potatos might be advisable...main difference is to make them mobile.

Hope this helped Hoff

A former member
Post #: 56
I really dig the card idea. Can even do preliminary events where you can earn cards. But it really ties right into the idea of making things random.

I look forward to plagiarising you soon!
A former member
Post #: 746
There's actually a lot of killer ideas in this threat. Kudos.

I have run a few session of WeirdWarII for SavageWorlds. Its not the same as 40K, because there is an established GM and the players aren't facing each other. But it has a solid military feel to it, and allows players to cooperatively go after an objective just as they would in a tabletop war game (using tactics, players controlling multiple units, etc). I'm not familiar with all the rules of 40K, but is it possible to run something like that? Where players are instructed to bring X-number of points in units, and are facing off against some common threat that the "Referee" is controlling? A lot of Robert's ideas could easily be rolled up into some common threat situation as well.

I don't know about long time players, but this sort of thing would really interest me as a long-time RPG player looking to branch into wargaming. A bit of a cross over.
A former member
Post #: 42
When you have multiple forces, usually aligned on one of two sides, we call it a mega battle. It is actually a great forum for introducing new folk to the game mechanics and general play style. You see them set up at conventions occasionally and GW used to have one every week where players could bring a small force and join a larger overall battle scenario. It would be interesting to have a tournament where people are randomly teamed up with other players in this type of situation. Similar to a two headed giant or other team tourney for MTG but with armies instead of decks.
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