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PBEM Mouse Guard players wanted

Doug B.
user 34474682
Buffalo, NY
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I'm looking for 2-4 players to run a Mouse Guard adventure (possible campaign) online using Google Docs. I've dine this several times before and it's been very successful. The players have always been very pleased with both the format and the games. No prior Mouse Guard knowledge or experience is required. I am willing to teach anyone who desires to play. RPG experience will allow for a very low learning curve.

Basically, the players and the GM post narrative to a shared Google Document, each using a different color type. The document takes on the form of a story. Out of character chatter and dice rolls are put in [brackets] to visually separate it from the actually story.

Time requirements are about 5-10 min a day, sometimes a touch more or less. Most often, I do my posts on breaks at work.

Please message me with any questions or thoughts.

Anyone interested in potentially playing a MG one-shot in person some weekend, let me know also! That could be arranged in case the PBEM format doesn't suit you.
Bill K
user 12923224
Lake View, NY
Post #: 56
Hi Doug I'd be interested. I've wanted to try Mouseguard for a while. My only concern would be posting a turn every day as there are days when what I have to do overwhelms what I'd like to do.
Doug B.
user 34474682
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 3
Hi Bill,

It's not important to post EVERY day. I know that seems like a lot but once you get going you'll see that:

1. It really only takes a few minutes to post
2. It's hard to NOT check and post daily because the story gets exciting.

Anyway, I think that you'd likely want to be able to commit to posting every other day at the minimum. If daily or every other day posting is too much then likely you'd end up being "the guy" who's holding up the story progress for other players.

I don't know exactly what your specific time requirements are but I want to be totally honest with you up front about what the realistic game schedule would be like.

Either way, we still need at least one other player anyway so you've got time to think on it. If the online thing won't fit your schedule, I could certainly arrange to host a live session some weekend. That would only require a single afternoon.

Keep in touch and let me know your thoughts. No Mouse Guard experience is required for any of this. I'd be happy to teach.

user 11337496
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 47
This sounds very interesting. I am not familiar with Mouse Guard rules so a rough briefing would be required via email so I can know what to do. Very interested in doing a PBEM.
Doug B.
user 34474682
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 9
Hello! Glad to hear you are interested in learning more. Fortunately, MouseGuard is a very simple system for new players. Here's what's required to play online:

1. Prior RPG experience is preferred but not required.
2. Ability to access GOOGLE DOCS
3. Familiarity with the MouseGuard comics is preferred but not required.
4. Enjoyment of creative storytelling and writing is required since this is an RPG that depends on writing. The game takes on the feel of a novel or book.
5. No MouseGuard RPG books or materials are required although if you enjoy the game you'll pretty much need the source books for extended play. But to start, I have everything you need.
6. Must be willing to check in and play for about 10 minutes 4+ days a week for 3-4 months. The TIME you check in each day isn't important, just that we keep the game moving along. Often, when things get exciting, people check in more than once a day. Its hard not to! One "adventure" start to finish takes about 2-4 months to play depending on number of players and how frequently everyone checks in.

That's about it. If I think of anything else I'll let you know. Its likely that at the end of May I'll be hosting a live MouseGuard session. That's another good way to dip your paws (er, feet) in the water and see how it goes. Either way, the next PBEM game will start around the same time also. Ill be out of town for a few weeks in early May so Im waiting until I get back. Feel free to PM me and tell me a little more about your interest levels etc. Ill be happy to chat more about it.
Doug B.
user 34474682
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 18
We are still recruiting for a new MouseGuard PBP game due to start soon. It is an active group of players who often post 1-2 times a day. So this last game only took about 6 weeks. We are looking for someone to be able to have the time to check in once or twice a day. This doesn't take a lot of time. I do it on my breaks at work.

Email if interested.
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