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Wesley D. Y.
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Buffalo, NY
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The Monday Night card night has been removed from the official roster of events for the following reasons:

- As per the guidelines of our group the following repeat infractions have occurred without any possible resolution (See bottom for explanation):

1. Being an utter rules Nazi: Actual arguments have occurred, on multiple occasions (sometimes at people's houses) over how to play the card games, as well as rules questions. This violates the spirit of the group.

2. Being an utter stick-in-the-mud: Several people are quite willing to ruin the entire event and not care as to how this impacts the rest of the players at all. This occurs with enough frequency to warrant mention.

3. Flat-out disrespect towards me & my wife: Please see the bottom of this linked page. No apologies have been attempted on the offending party's part, and in fact they are standing by their behavior.

4. Lack of respect concerning the venue: Failure to purchase food/drink places the entire group at risk of expulsion from the premises. This has been ignored. If even the chance of this occurring is present, then I must distance myself from the event in question.

Further explanation: I use my own personal self as a guideline as to what makes an event a "good fit" for the BGS - would I want to personally attend the event? Would I be welcomed there? Would I recommend the event to others? I keep a VERY open and balanced mind about such things under most circumstances. In this particular case I cannot honestly answer yes to any of the above.

The spirit of this group is to foster fun, relaxed, well-structured events that display a high caliber of good gaming spirit. It is also nice to see warm welcomes to new members (though not required). The overall goals of the group are best described as a sort of "Wikipedia of gaming" - we network gamers together, collaborate, and make fun events for our own sake.

Under most circumstances these goals are self-attained, and most members happily strive towards them without any guidance or support - it just naturally occurs. In rare cases a group basically implodes on itself (and all it really takes is a single individual to cause this to happen, and I am powerless to correct or prevent this without injecting massive amounts of drama into an already drama-filled situation.)

These individuals have not "won" anything, because (as always) it is gaming we are concerned with. You cannot "win" at having fun.

As such, all this really amounts to is my removal of the event from the calendar. Regular attendees will almost certainly still gather and attend the event, and I honestly wish them well - and I wish them genuine fun at the event. I have no personal animosity towards individuals - just the spirit of the event is the issue (Nobody is to be banned).

But I will not have such behavior associated with my group (a group that I, along with 500+ other people, have collaboratively worked on for 5+ years to build literally from the ground up.)

It is also quite likely that this particular event has grown to an odd point where it no longer sees the BGS as a desirable presence, and in fact views us as a nuisance. *shrug* I'm not 100% certain of all.
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