Real Benefits and ROI of CEO Space

* Power Networking – How to SNAP - a SNAP is an elevator pitch but much more powerful because it has a request that taps into your network's network
* Raise Capital – Learn capital language, all the in's and out's of raising capital to expand your business, how to structure deals and be compliant
* Positioning your company as a “capital magnet” - Learn what attracts investors to a company, and what repels them
* Building a Superstar Team - There are extraordinary professionals ready and willing to help business owners for free while at the forum
* Improving Business Plans - Professionals will guide you on how to structure your business plan
* Marketing & Branding - Top brand experts who have worked with the top brands in the world will teach you and eat meals with you
* Business Step Sequencing - Many professional coaches who can help you figure out what to do and in what order
* Learning How to Support Your Peers - You may not think you have much to offer, but you do, and your moral support is needed as well
* Getting Capital Compliant - We teach over compliance, a higher standard than what the government requires so that you are less at risk
* Accelerating business actions - This conference is a place to EXECUTE, not just passively learn new concepts. Deals, partnerships, hiring are done
* Legal structure - Quite a few attorneys ready to consult with you and guide you on SEC regulations, business formation, and the right steps to take
* Executive coaching - For some CEOs, a personal blockage is all that stands in their way, we have coaches that will resolve issues and motivate you
* Thrive in an uncertain economy - Learn from the best business and financial minds in the country, learn how to leverage the current market conditions
* Attract new clients and customers - If you have a product for business owners, professionals, or investors, this is the place for you
* Drastically increase your income - You will learn new strategies and ways of thinking that will allow you to make decisions and deals that up your income
* Develop systems - Some of the best technical and operations professionals will teach you their systems of sales, marketing, tracking and more
* Patent and manufacture your invention - Know what, when and how exactly to patent, trademark, license or register your intellectual property
* Publish your book - Some of the best authors and publishers come here to find new talent, and guide aspiring authors on how to expand their business
* Develop multiple streams of income - Many financial gurus teach their MSI theories and applications at the CEO Space forum
* Seven day residency accelerated management training -MBA refresher very advanced next generation business training - materials, individual coaching, IP provided, legal, and meals Tuesday PM to Friday
* Revolutionary team building skills - Cooperation culture reformation systems replace older competitive models for any size enterprise - performance gains improve with cooperation systems
* Capital Compliance Training - latest in corporate governance - latest departmental compliance technology for CEO and senior team leaders, law firms and investment bankers advise on site
* Capital Legal Help and Support - Inventive Structures - wide range of missions through merger and acquisitions for any size capital future planning, law firms and investment bankers assisting
* Super Niche Marketing - all teams work to support super niche planning for both old and "new" markets, old model niche marketing no longer applies - ask yourself - is it SUPER NICHED yet?
* Global marketing - CEO to CEO networking opens markets world wide during the world trade show week. CEO Space acts much like a five time annual world trade show for industry
* Media marketing - Cross Marketing over multi platforms - leading PR and mass media specialist coach including advertising firms and senior planners in field. Every product and service reaches more customers after CEO Space. Network building skills and contacts
* Administration, From CFO to Integrity Accounting to cultures of OVER COMPLIANCE join the latest regulatory direction and rule set to retain an OVER COMPLIANCE culture in your business.
* Online Ongoing training and support 24 hours a day - CEO Space is an on going process providing a list of supports described on this web site. On going help is a key CEO Space asset.
* Collective Coaching evolves any size business to the next level employing groups of experts that advise Fortune Company CEOs world wide for a living. CEO Space faculty are the best in the world.
* Evolved master and core VISION plans - use CEO Space annually to upgrade vision plans in your enterprise. Safe environment - confidentiality agreements between CEOs cross protect intellectual property - for each class - top law firms monitor IP protection - in almost twenty years - zero issues on point.
* Time Management - Do more in less time - Time Reformation Skills - Worth membership by itself
* Brand and rebranding in the new markets - Fortune Expert trainers help you evolve critical path marketing plan renewal
* Graduate Privilege Package - On going support provides more for the price than any other similar opportunity in the market. Compare and share with others.
* Access to world class mentors and law firms at each CEO Space Retreat Week
* Peer to Peer networking for CEOs in unmatched privacy - Best Club in the world for Super Achiever Alliances
* Class week paced for 90 minute breaks - easily manage back home responsibility via high bandwidth and cell phones every 90 minutes at host business hotel properties that become your virtual office

This conference is appropriate for professionals and CEO business owners and their inside key teams. Enroll into a tax benefited week to improve plans, create better teams and develop expanded resources to execute in less time for lower cost. CEO Space is devoted to helping decision makers improve their core skill, associate with superior networks and mentors "in industry". CEO Space is the ONLY program where what you spend on it is a fraction of what the real value you take from it.

And Remember: Investors love CEO Space due to privacy and capacity to invest in many industries and better deals over a single week with expert and law firm help, and meeting better trained CEOs.

CEO SPACE PAYS FOR ITSELF not only with the incredible network that will support you for decades, but also with the knowledge to make better business decisions, and also by providing access to the power players that you can have on your advisory boards, but also potentially the investment dollars from investors who become passionate about your project!

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