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United We Stand - Divided We Fall






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Remember to view other important videos and read other important articles found in the center column on the home page on our website. We try to provide our members with articles and videos on issues that are timely and that citizens should be aware of in order to make informed decisions.  The rest is up to you.   





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Please join us on December 7, 2013 for an update on the status of the Florida 2nd Amendment Preservation Act. If you think that the 2nd Amendment is not in jeopardy from these gun grabbing lunatics, then you are NOT paying attention!  



They are coming after our guns. Read below. There is nothing more important that you should be fighting for right now. Floridians please sign the Florida 2nd Amendment Preservation Act petition NOW. We need to push back on federal encroachment of our 2nd Amendment right! Obviously, even some Republicans are anti 2nd Amendment at the federal state and local levels, and we need to flush them out and send them packing. Remember to also contact your local government and your state legislators AND forward to all your contacts. One click will forward your message. Share with your family, friends and neighbors. Do this now by clicking here: http://fltac.org/action/2nd-amendment/

House Republicans not only failed to stand up to anti-gun Senator Chuck Schumer and President Obama's anti-gun agenda. They folded like a house of cards. In order to prevent pro-gun members from being able to voice their objections, House Republican leadership deliberately moved-up today's scheduled vote. Because of this last-minute scheme, the anti-gun bill passed this morning in a virtual empty room. In fact, lawmakers introduced and passed H.R. 3626, a ten year extension of the so-called "undetectable" gun ban, all in 24 hours. Unfortunately, now this gun ban extension has been put on the fast-track to becoming law. Worse, moments after the House gavel dropped, Senator Chuck Schumer announced his intentions to tack on his expanded anti-gun provisions to the final bill in the U.S. Senate. This bill plays straight into President Obama and anti-gun Attorney General Eric Holder's hands. But the good news is that you can still help stop it. Please take a moment to contact your U.S. Senators and urge them to oppose H.R. 3626, the so-called "undetectable" gun ban at once.

*** Sen. Bill Nelson can be reached at (202) 224-5274.
*** Sen. Marco Rubio can be reached at (202) 224-3041.

 When you speak to them, let them know that a vote to reauthorize the so-called "undetectable" gun ban is a vote for more gun control and less freedom.


Please take action and sign the petition and forward to your local government and State legislators. Contact Marion Hammer and demand that the NRA support this act now! See flyer below. 


The National Association for Gun Rights and Gun Owners of American have formally endorsed the Florida 2nd Amendment Preservation Act.  So why isn't the Florida NRA doing the same?  Because in Florida the NRA is a political animal that plays both ends against the middle.  Send Marion Hammer a strong message and ask her to do what she is supposed to be doing - defending the 2nd Amendment! Otherwise, cancel your membership and subscription.

Marion Hammer Contact Information - Please read the flyer below - 

 - send a post card to the Florida NRA affiliate, and also send a post card and e-mail to the national NRA.

Ms. Marion Hammer, Unified Sportsmen of FL
110 S Monroe St Ste A
Tallahassee, Florida[masked]


Mr. Chris Cox Executive Director, NRA-ILA
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA  22030

FLORIDA, you can STOP THE FEDS this coming state legislative session only if you act NOW by going here:  

Just one click, it has been made easy for you - just a few minutes of your time and remember to also forward to your local and state governments!








Reminder and Update:
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Upcoming Meeting December 7th     

On Saturday, December 7, at 1PM, at the Women's Club, we will be having a presentation about  Paul Revere and the events of April 19th,1775, courtesy of the Revolutionary War Veterans Association. The speaker will be Bruce Smith, Florida State Coordinator for Project Appleseed.


You never heard this in school, and chances are students never will either.  So plan on joining us as we embark to rediscover true history -  the first day of the American Revolution. 


Answers will be provided to questions you never thought of asking.

We also will have the pleasure of presenting once again, the famous rendering of the Patrick Henry speech: "Give me Liberty or Give me Death" performed by Harry McKay wearing colonial time custom.  If you are feeling like many of us are, those of us that are weary-exhausted from the constant battle defending our liberty, freedoms and our dying Constitution since 2008, then this is the perfect infusion of patriotism and hope that will lift your spirit with renewed energy and faith that miracles do happen - Liberty and freedom will prevail because of our devotion to God, country and family.  You don't want to miss this meeting as we embark on this important historical journey.

We will also discuss the Florida 2nd Amendment Preservation Act and why everyone should be involved. If you really support the 2nd Amendment, then you need to understand why this proposed legislative act should pass the Florida legislature in the upcoming session. 


There will also be an update on the Florida Common Core State Standards. If you have children in school, then you need to learn about Common Core.  This is extremely important because taxpayers will have to foot the bill for another educational experiment while our children are dumb down even more.


This meeting is open to the public.  It is also co-sponsored by the Citrus County Libertarian Party. Refreshments will be served.


And, please remember to take action as noted above! 

Where & When

The Women's Club

1715 Forest Drive

Hernando, Florida 34442

December 7, 2013





 You have a choice,  to fight or surrender



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