What laws do YOU support, does there need to be someone actually harmed OR NOT?

From: Jason K.
Sent on: Friday, May 24, 2013 2:35 PM

Please give the following a good thought over the great Memorial Day! What are our core values here in America? Why do we support these laws, shouldn't we start with these laws when we talk about freedom and liberty?  Does this constitute laws that prevent the pursuit of happiness?

But first if you SEE SOMETHING, like someone that is in military service, or was, SAY SOMETHING!

"Do you support laws that make it a crime to drive drunk?  Not hit someone while intoxicated, but merely operate a vehicle while you have an arbitrary amount of alcohol in your blood.

Do you support laws that make it a crime to have a firearm where someone under 18 can access it?  Not a law that enhances punishment (or imposes punishment) if a child gets ahold of a firearm and uses it inappropriately, but a law criminalizing the mere presence of a weapon where a child can get ahold of it.

Do you support laws that make it a crime to own a firearm if you have been previously convicted of a crime and have served your entire sentence, including probation?  Not laws that add penalties for use of a firearm in a crime, but mere possession of one when not committing a crime.

Do you support laws that make it a crime to exceed an arbitrary speed on a given road?  Not laws that enhance penalties if you have an accident while traveling at an unsafe speed, but the mere act of traveling at a given rate of speed where no person or object suffers harm.

Do you support laws that make it a crime to drive without a license -- or insurance -- at all?  Not laws that enhance penalties if, through your own fault, you injure a person or harm their property due to lack of ability to see (for example) but rather make a crime out of the mere lack of purchasing a service (in this case a "driver license" or vehicle insurance) even though nobody is ever harmed.

Do you support laws that make it a crime to use a given substance as an adult?  Say, marijuana?  How about cocaine?  Heroin?  Percocet?  Not laws that add penalties if you harm someone else while stoned (on whatever), but mere personal, consensual use by an adult of such substances."


Also, before someone comments about the abortion topic, that is not the point I'm trying to make here it more the point that we need start from the beginning with our laws and get back to a society that will not punish your for NOT hurting someone, just the POSSIBILITY that you may!

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