2011 Map of Alberta

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Hi Everyone,

Just an FYI, I posted a map of Alberta that shows which ones are paved and which are gravel. Its from the government of Alberta and current as of this year.

To find the file, go to the "More" drop down menu and select "Files".

Take Care,
Calgary, AB
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This is cool. It's a huge PDF file but there is a lot of detail. Seems like you can see some really interesting places in Alberta if you're willing to ride on gravel.
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Calgary, AB
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I really liked doing the that ride out by Bragg Creek to Elbow falls to Highway 40.... you go out highway 66 out by Bragg creek to the gravel fire road... (I belive it is Powerface Trail) but since I got my new bike... I am slightly more worried about crapping it up on gravel or keeping it clean... but if my bike is dirty already I'll do it... or when I had older bikes I never cared and it was a blast.... gravel can be fun sometimes...

Just go out to elbow falls and keep going.. again I think it is highway 66 ... then to the gravel or fire road I think it is called powderface trail..... it isn't anything horrible.. just single fire road gravel... perhaps big enough for 2 cars now....
If you can do that gravel road that connects from the gates on highway 40 (that close in December and don't open until late june).. that connects to Canmore.. you can do this one.... and there are much less people too..

Damn... I need to get me some crappy old dual sport that I don't care about and has a bit more ground clearance than a cruiser or a sport bike... and bomb down it like I used to back in my college days on my old yamaha maxim.... riding fire roads and less traveled gravel roads are often quite fun....

I beat the crap out of that Yamaha Maxim bike... but it still keeps taking it almost 15 years later... so at a normal pace anyone can do it... (My Dad now has my old maxim so it couldn't have been too bad even ages ago when the roads were worse...)

if you don't mind gravel check it out.... it is a blast.... like I say I think 66 becomes a link to the Powderface trail but may be wrong on the names now since I've not done it in a few years now... anyway it is the end of the Bragg Creek side of Kananaskis area near Elbow falls where it then ends and which turns to gravel and the road if you keep on going eventually comes out at the beginning of the highway 40 by the Casino

So, Yes, I did it on an 80's yamaha Maxim... I even did much of that road in an 80's Pontiac Pariseanne boat of a car... so you can do it on any bike... as long as you feel like washing the dust off it afterwards......

Bring a fishing rod or pull off the road with a picnic basket and you're in for a treat.... if you must ride at illegal speeds or want to do much than 50-70kph then this road is not for you... who the hell rides gravel at highway speeds anyway unless they have a deathwish?

I personally like to sometimes ride a little slower on back roads and pull off and enjoy the day... this is a good road for that.. keep i mind in the spring sometimes there is a bit of washout... but most bikes can handle those areas of the road... I only had problems in my car with that.

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Thank you. I like both hwy 66 and 40. but never try Powerface Trail . I want to try powerface trail in this year . dirt bike allow on powerface trail .?
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Calgary, AB
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Powderface trail is a gravel road... it was a fire road (barely big enough for 2 cars)... but I think they have now made it better in the last few years... I think any vehicle licensed for the road can ride it... it is not a dirt-bike track so you may see cars on it too.

The last time I did it I think I saw one pick up truck with some native dudes and 1 surveyor truck and that was it.... no one else... few people know it links up to highway 40 by the casino

Just ride it casually and be careful of the corners ( even though it often seems deserted someone could fly around the middle of the road in a car) and blind corners at higher speeds can be a bad combo if you hit a rut or ridge of deep gravel left by a grader... or some animal
Calgary, AB
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Powderface Trail sounds like fun on a motorcycle. It's on my list for this year.
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