To clarify my previous email / in response to a member's questions.

From: Bill
Sent on: Wednesday, January 8, 2014 10:25 AM


Yes, I have been trying to work on setting up a bank checking account for CCH so that I can set that account up on PayPal as a business account.  The only set back I've had so far is that when opening an account, a minimum of $100. must be deposited into that account.  This is $100 that I don't have laying around or because of my strict budget, cannot afford to put down right now - or anytime soon. I thought I would have the money before the deadline for yearly dues by now but I've been set back big time by some financial hardships. Needless to say, nothing seems to be going my way. If I collect checks from five members, I can open the account - and then create the Paypal  business account.

If I am able to collect checks made out to Camden County Humanists, I could take those check to the bank along with the papers needed to open the account and set everything up.

I've also been trying to open up a P.O. Box for CCH so that any future checks can be sent to this address.  However, that also costs that I don't have.  (because of lack of funding, no financial assistance or grant money from the AHA)

One or two members said they would hand me a check at the next meeting. This is okay with me.

But for now, I'm unable to open up a CCH account and I don't have a P.O box.  So, until anything else is announced, the choices are to meet me at the next meeting and hand me a check payable to camden county humanists or mail the check to my home address and I will deposit that check in the account once it is open.

My apologies for the complicated process..but this is how it is when one guy who doesn't make a lot of money creates a Humanist group because he wants to make a difference in the world...

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