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Our members join this group for one main reason: To meet others and make friends in the Greater Casa Grande area. Sometimes it's hard with work, families and other things in life to get out the door, but it's all worth it! This group has become something unique and special. We are a group with simply amazing cohesiveness and integrity.

To preserve what has been created and keep the group 'alive & active', the following guidelines are faithfully enforced. We are interested in growing in quality numbers not quantity numbers.

1. We want to know our members! Therefore, we ask that you stay active.

* When you join, please make it a point to attend a meetup within a reasonable amount of time. We do 'new member socials' every month, just for you ;). If three months pass and we have no idea who you are, you will be removed from the group.

* After your first meetup, we ask you to attend at least 1 event within every 3 months.

* If you do not log onto the site for over 3 months, meetup puts an 'inactive member' message next to your user id. It will be assumed that life has overtaken you (understandable in today's world) and you will be removed from the group.

We know that occasionally these requests cannot be met, so if a member needs to be excused from the attendance policy temporarily, please let us (the organizers) know. If you are removed from the group for inactivity you are always welcome to re-join as your interest or schedule allows.

2) Please RSVP: yes, no or maybe. There are all equally important.

3) RSVP Yes No Show's - two or more is grounds for removal. Consideration will be made as to the reason (sometimes things are out of our control) and the type of event (did you prevent someone else from being able to attend, did you cost someone money by not showing, did you throw off a required attendance count, etc).

5) Keep your RSVP's short & sweet and relevant to the event :). Rude comments, irrelevant comments or comments that will confuse other members will be removed.


1) Inappropriate behavior at meetups is highly discouraged :). If you are questioning whether or not something is inappropriate, I bet it is! ;). But if you would like clarification, please ask an organizer or meeter (preferably before you engage in such behavior, haha).

2) No drugs unless they are prescribed by your doctor.

3) No one with an ill will toward others. Mean, rude and inconsiderate people gotta go! We don't do drama!

4) This group is NOT the place for 'sexual' hookups. Do not come to meetups soley to 'hit' on members of the opposite sex and ask them for 'dates'. Many of our members are married or widowed. Zero tolerance applies here.

5) We love kids, but discourage bringing them to meetups that are not 'family events or kid friendly' (see below for more details).

Do you have one?

Q) Is this a group that is just for singles to meet other singles?
A) No, this is a community based club for all adults regardless of marital status. (See our about us page)

Q) Can I bring my kids to the meetups?
A) As a general rule, no. This group is a chance for mom and dads, and grandparents to take a break. There are meetups where children of certain or all ages will be welcomed. If this is the case, it will be clearly stated in the meetup descriptions.

Q) Is this a dating thing?
A) A resounding no! There are sooo many other groups (and websites for that matter) that are for that. This is not one of them. Bottom line. We're here to make friends, enjoy our community and just plain have a good time together as a group. Now if two singles come together through this group, more power to them! But matchmaking is not on our event list :).

Q) What is the average age in this group?
A) Age is just a number. To get familiar with the members of CGSA before you join, please peruse the member list and read some profiles. What this group really cares about is meeting other good, warm hearted and fun individuals to 'do stuff' with :). We're laid back bunch; here to have a good time, enjoy the company of others and build, couples and families at a time.


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