002 - E3C66AM - The Junk Dealer

002 - E3C66AM - The Junk Dealer
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Tatoonie - Mos Shuuta - Entering Junk Dealer


New Characters:
Vorn - The Junk Dealer
R5-K3 - Astromech Droid

After the scuffle in the local Cantina, the renegades choose to heed the advice of the Bartender, and head to the Junk Shop in search of a Hypermatter Reaction Igniter, a component required by the KRAYT FANG. Using the back alleys of Mos Shuuta the renegades enter the shop and start their search for the required part.

Scene - The Junk Dealer
• The Junk Shop is immediately obvious by the scrapyard adjoining the low pourstone building.
• As the group steps inside, an old human male, hunched over a low counter covered in disassembled droid and machine parts.
• There are numerous shelves, racks and enormous buckets full of scrap metal and parts.
• An R5 Astromech Droid is at the side of the human working at the counter

The dust of the streets lifted into the air with each step that the group took, it was mid-day and the suns were baking Tatoonie, most locals stuck to shady sections of the buildings, or quickly skirted to where they were going. The smaller side streets and alleys provided a much cooler route to the Junk Shop as it came into view. Impossible to miss as the Scrapyard was very distinct from the other pourstone buildings adjacent to it.

Separating the simple cloth door to enter the shop, the renegades allowed their eyes to adjust to the sudden change in the amount of available light as the oil, grease, and metal rust all created for a unique odor that hinted itself in the air. The smell all came from the nearby shelves and racks which displayed all manner of scrap parts and assemblies. Access to the scrapyard itself was behind a counter covered in parts, wire harnesses and various fasteners loosely scattered about its surface.

An R5 droid, oblivious to the renegades presence, looked to be stacking some scrap of some kind onto one of the nearby shelves. The human male working at the counter finally glances up to notice the new arrivals, and grimaces in disappointment, "You're suppose to tell me," and with that the man picks up small piece of scrap and throws it at the droid, with a metallic thud, catches its attention as it spins around "when we have customers...UUrrggh. Now go outside and finish stripping that speeder bike wreck." he shrieked. The droid hesitates while the man glares at him with another piece of metal in his hand. "Now" and with that the droid mumble some indiscernible gibberish in binary and proceeds out the door into the scrapyard.

"Welcome, Welcome..." as the man turned towards the renegades, "As you can see I have anything you could want, for the right price of course. I am Vorn, and again welcome to my shop, so how can I help you fine people today...hmmmmm" gentle waving his hand and pointing out all the various shelves and racks with in his domain.

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