No Show Policy Update

From: Dave G
Sent on: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 1:30 PM

Some members and I were talking about no shows so I thought I would reiterate the policy. Luckily, no shows in Celebrate Atlanta are very low.

My policy is simple. If you no show events, I may pull you out of another event for which you have signed up. If you no show multiple times (3 minimum), I may remove you from the group. The main thing though is that I actually mean it and do it and will continue to remove members when they abuse the policy. Clearly, I would prefer not to do this but it is an issue of integrity and providing valid numbers to venues

Now if you no show and you have a valid reason, I will switch you to didn’t attend. So what are valid excuses? Here are some that sound plausible.

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up (this only works for the woman in the commercial as well as Janet W.).

I’ve fallen and I am dead (this is available to all members).

I just found out that I was switched at birth and did not want to attend as my profile may contain incorrect information.

While I had a great session at my psychiatrist today, I could not attend last night as I am having trouble adjusting to my new jaw restraint.

I just found out that I have leprosy so I could not attend last night. Could you ask the member who shook my hand at last week’s event to return my fingers?

I invented a time machine and as soon as I have time, I plan on attending last night’s event.

As to another subject, dating in the group and expectations, here is my take.
You ask a member for his/her number and they say “I really do not date in the group. I am just here to make friends.” Here is the English translation of that sentence. “Of course I want to meet someone in this group but I would rather ride down a bumpy street, butt naked, on a porcupine, than go out with you.” If it makes you feel any better, I have been turned down so many times that before an event, I just look in the mirror and turn myself down. That way I get the rejection out of the way, early.  Of course to the many women who turned me down saying "Sorry but I do not date outside my species", be more open minded.  The point is, just attend events with the idea of enjoying yourself. We are a social group, not a dating group.


Dave G

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