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Green Smoothie For Life!!!!!!

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Orlando, FL
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don't you have to pit the mango?

or am i just being stupid?

i know my 40 dollar blender couldn't handle that.....

but nowhere do i see people mentioning pitting the mango... maybe it is just a given

okay here is my typical smoothie

1 cup spinach
a cup of frozen strawberries
two bananas
two cups of water
raw organic hemp protein


but lately i have been not wanting green smoothies... and before they were a staple of my diet....
what is the matter with me? sometimes i put in frozen mango instead of strawberries and sometimes i use kale instead of spinach


Saint Augustine, FL
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Yes, you got it ------- it is a 'given' that you'd pit the mango before adding it to the smoothie. Kinda like it is a 'given' that you'd leave out the seed if a recipe called for a peach.
It's all good!! Have fun and play with your food!! biggrin
user 9609026
Orlando, FL
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thanks! i appreciate your answer.....

i feel pretty stupid though...lol....

Chef O.
Group Organizer
Winter Park, FL
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Hey Jennifer,

I am so sorry. I just saw your post. Thanks Melissa for answering, I appreciate it and you.

Jennifer no need to feel stupid and I love that you asked. There were probably many that wondered and never asked. I glad you were the bold one.

Next. I don't feel like there is anything wrong with you putting the smoothies on hold either. I have done it many times when the weather gets warm. I will prefer green drinks and juices. Go with what you feel, your body may not feel like separating the combinations of smoothies right now. Hope this helps.
Orlando, FL
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It's not a stupid question at all, Jennifer. I saw a live demo where the guy put in an avocado pit. I don't know what kind of blender it was but I'd be afraid to do one in my Vitamix.

Regarding not wanting green smoothies lately: try varying your ingredients. Victoria Boutenko suggests that in her books. I buy several types of green every week and try to mix them up. If there's a different kind of green available, I try it. I rarely skip having my green smoothie.

I tried something different one day. I was almost out of greens but had a bunch of cilantro so I used it -- all. I put a handful of some kind of greens, the bunch of cilantro, a couple of plums, 1/4 inch ginger, and a scoop of stevia. It was good! I understand cilantro helps to flush toxins.
Kissimmee, FL
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Today's Smoothie...
4 oz Organic Apple Juice (Yeah, I know its not raw--I was slacking.)
You can use an apple and some water instead...
3 Arugula Leaves
Radish Greens
Fill blender container to the top with them.
1/2 cup Raspberries
1/2 frozen Banana
1/2 Pear
1 Tbsp Lemon Juice
Stevia and Honey to taste.
1/8 tsp Cayenne Powder
1 tsp food grade Diatomaceous Earth
1/2 tsp Bentonite Clay
Blend and drink!
Norma Jeane Y.
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Winter Park, FL
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(CONTINUED from my Feedback quotation as one of the attendees at Olive Mackey's Raw Food 21-Day Challenge Event at the Turkey Lake Whole Foods Market Store Sunday, January 3, 2010:)

. . . In my own "Honesty of Process," I went "in my Flow" to the Whole Foods Customer Service Desk to get a card for that store and began talking with a gentleman there.

(I'm a friendly person and often "go outside the box" in speaking with people--and it's been my experience in the past that oftentimes "serendipitous" or "Miracle"-type unusual information or connections result from this "Open to Life", Being Spontaneously Present with /"Being Willing to be 'Led' of the Spirit' "Way of Being" in the world.)

I told him that my "home" Whole Foods store is in Winter Park because I live in Winter Park very close to it and that I came there to the Turkey Lake store specificially for the Raw Food Class. He said his wife wanted to "Go 100% Raw" and had tried several times unsuccessfully doing it "on her own" from reading a book on it. His wife had just begun again 2 days before on a diet of Raw Green Smoothies only from reading a book and now was feeling very sick.

Being a Green Smoothie Enthusiast and Practitioner myself, I told him her sick feeling could be symptoms of her body detoxing and that it could be helpful to her if she had more personal support to do this and how the Challenge was just starting and that Olive Mackey could be of great help to her. I had just one of Olive's cards left in my purse and gave him that (as well as my personal card to help for I. D. & follow-up connection) and encouraged him to have his wife call Olive right away and to take the Challenge and come to the Monthly Raw Potluck, Sunday, January the 10th. (HE WAS AMAZED! AT HOW INEXPENSIVE THE COST WAS--$75.00.) I noted the Synchronicity of Timing both in his wife's actions and the fact that I just "happened" to come by then and start talking with him about that particular subject of Raw Foods--and how it all unfolded naturally from there. I told him that I felt there were no "accidents"--and that it was "providential timing" that this connection was happening.

It seems to me that "The Universe" operates a lot on "The Law of Attraction," a mysterious and fascinating metaphysical/spiritual phenomenon seeming to function from the Laws of Energy and Physics that I'm continuing to study and practice as I have seen it operating in my life many times. I first came in contact with this "Principle of Synchronicity" about 30 years ago through a set of books called A Course in Miracles. This Principle of Synchronicity is at the Core of Timing of People and Events connecting . . . things "'Coming Together' in Space and Time."

What I've learned about this Principle over the years is that One has to "WISH" for things to happen and continue to focus One's energies on that. That "WISHING" sets in motion ENERGY, which then begins to attract the thing wished for. . . (kind of like The Old Saying: "Be careful what you Wish for--"you might 'Get it.'") I think this is how Prayer works too, as the "Pray-er" Wishes for/focuses on what they want and calls upon a more powerful Force in the Universe ("God") to assist and intervene. I understand and have seen in my own life that the more CLEAR my ENERGY is and the more HONEST my PROCESS, the more these "Miracles" of Timing happen, as I "Work in Partnership" with "God" to get what I want--and help others at the same time to get what they want: "Win/Win." My "job" is the "What" part--to know clearly What I Want and Say (ASK for) What I Want and to Take ACTION toward it . . . AND "The Universe's "Job" is the "How" or "How to." It appears to me that "God" "uses" human beings to intervene/help in the process and be part of how prayers are answered.

Anyhow, I think/feel that I was a "vehicle/channel" to help answer her prayer--and was awed at the "Process" and honored that I could be of service in this way.

I've just written an Essay several days ago about this "Principle of Synchronicity"--expanding more on what you've read above. I wrote this from the catalyst of wanting to communicate the Concept and Philosophy of my E-mail address which I created just lately as I'm beginning to get "computer literate." If you want to read this Essay, please E-mail me at this Meetup site and request it--and I'll E-mail you the Essay (free).


Paula & Lee D.
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Kissimmee, FL
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We always use green smoothies every day. kale , romaine, spinach, any dark green vegetable. and then we add bananas , Frozen Pineapple, cranberries. this morning he used frozen cantelope. when they get too ripe we cut them up and freeze them. we always change a variety of fruits each time.smile
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