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Non-voting Membership

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London, GB
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Is the non-voting membership really necessary? Seems to me that people will be giving their name & email to be supporters on a mailing list, how is this different from providing their name and email for non-voting membership?.

I also wonder whether having a membership available which costs nothing, is a disincentive to become a full voting member.

Wouldn't 'supporter' and 'member' be sufficient?

Victoria Burmester
Josh K.
Group Organizer
London, GB
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Hi Victoria,

You ask "Is the non-voting membership really necessary?"

The idea is to discriminate between two types of supporter.

  • non- humanists
  • humanists

Humanists, if they join or are members of the BHA are then voting members.

All our internet presences are free to join: Meetup, facebook and our mailing list. [note: the independent mailing list was started before the meetup and facebook groups]

You write: "Seems to me that people will be giving their name & email to be supporters on a mailing list..."

This is not the case. People who join us on meetup and facebook need only give a nickname and do not have to provide an email address. For the pre-meetup mailing list, people obviously do provide an email address and a name.

The idea of the change in the constitution is to allow people to choose to opt-in to being a member of our group whether or not they are a member of the BHA. To my mind being a member will strongly suggest that the person is a humanist, but we welcome the support and interest of those who are unsure or even religious. Those who do not opt-in will be considered supporters but not members. This means our group presence on the internet is open to all regardless of religion or belief and this is in keeping with our aims.

Making fully paid up membership of the BHA a condition of voting membership of our group was the way we thought to ensure a close relationship with the BHA and also that the conduct of the affairs of our group would be in the hands of humanists. It is true that what we are proposing means that non-voting members and supporters will continue to not pay anything to join. We hope this encourages people to join us and to consider membership of the BHA. We continue to ask for voluntary donations from people who attend our meetings. I would like to see a donation facility on our website so that people who wish to show support financially for the group but do not attend many meetings could also do so easily.

I hope this is helpful.

Josh Kutchinsky
Membership and e-reminders organiser
Hoogendoorn W.
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London, GB
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Was puzzeling with this.
Maybe better to use a different terminology for the different catagories of people involved with us (just didn't want to use the word members here) so we won't have two types of members.

Was thinking about:
(old -> new)
voting members -> members
non voting members -> supporters
supporters -> visitors

Article 4 then becomes:

4. Membership

1. The group is open to anyone who supports its aims
2. Anyone who signs up to one of the group's online presences (Meetup, Facebook or emailing list) will be considered a visitor.
3. Any visitor who provides their full name and email address to the Secretary shall become a supporter.
4. Any visitor who is also a member of the British Humanist Assocation can? becoming a member.
5. (rewritten) Any person who shares the aims of the group can become a supporter and join one of the group's official internet groups.
6. The organising committee may refuse to admit as a member, or terminate the membership of any person whose conduct is, in its opinion, inconsistent with the aims of the group.

Note 1: Although an email address is preferred a postal address would also be acceptable.
Note 2: If someone does not wish to use their real name publicly in relation to the Group, they may use a pseudonym.

Maybe other terminology is even better, I just could not think of any :)
but just having 3 distinct types of membership is no problem for me, just using different terminologiues is better than having two tyopes of members
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