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Chelsea Women’s Socialising and Networking Group (London) Pages

- I appreciate that the following is quite lengthy/detailed, however it is imperative for all members to read ahead of deciding whether they wish to join the group, and if the group and the way the group is run suits their own personal preferences.



nb - visit ...

to subscribe to a more enchanced version of this group's service offer.

- This group provides ladies aged between 23 and 34 the opportunity to make fabulous new friends and lasting friendships, attend fun exclusive parties and events.

- This is a perfect group for ladies that like to try out new things, meet new people, perhaps those that are newly single or single, or ladies in relationships that are keen to have an active and varied social life outside of the relationship.
However, this is not a social group for ladies that attend the socials once or twice a year when their boyfriends are busy and is also not a group for promoters.

- The group provides members with the opportunity to try out exciting new activities such as nights out (with complimentary dinners and unlimited free alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks) in very exclusive/strictly members only clubs, elite bars and parties, high end boat parties and quirky daytime boat rides, Bollywood themed movie nights and nights out, arts and crafts activities, literary festivals, science exhibitions, annual visits to the National Theatre's Propstore during the summertime, attending burlesque shows and taking part in burlesque classes, cocktail mixology classes, comedy nights, day trips outside of London and international weekend breaks, trips to the theatre, daytime parties such as and , trips to and much much more!

- I also host socials in a private cinema every now and then, that is hired out JUST for the groups ladies (which doesn't cost more than £25 per person and includes a meal in a stunning Michelin starred restaurant AND watching a film of our choice) - do have a look at our past socials for the full details once your membership is accepted.

- There are always plenty of (high end) clubbing socials - so those that love partying are very much encouraged to join!

- The majority of the events will take place in Chelsea and Mayfair - HOWEVER you are welcome to join regardless of where you live (as long as you are female!).

- New members often ask me how/why entry to the exclusive venues that we visit is free and why the drinks are also often gratis.
To answer their (and your potential query) - I worked in Fashion for a luxury brand's head office for eight years and now currently own my own business within the industry.

- So consequently, a lot of my friends work within Fashion, PR and events and for luxury fashion and lifestyle brands and high end venues - hence why I am able to get myself and the group's members that attend the events into near impossible to get into bars and clubs such as Mayfair (Chelsea), Press Nightclub Mayfair and many more.

I am also able to obtain complimentary tables for my guests at many other venues of a similar calibre.

- N.B: For those that are sceptical - you will be able to view photos of us in these venues within our group albums (spanning 2.5 years to date) once your membership is approved.

- And no (before you ask) - I am not a promoter of any sort, I run this group solely for the benefit of enabling members to meet new like minded friends and to network.

- I am not financially profiting or making any sort of 5 figure plus annual salary from running this Meetup group, as I have to pay Meetup a fee to host this group, and you receive free meals, free entry and unlimited numbers of drinks at each weekly social.


- Please note that the group has a zero tolerance policy in regards to 'no shows'.

- If you fail to change your RSVP to 'no' or voluntarily contact me to advise me that you cannot make it without a reasonable amount of notice, then I'm afraid that you will be deleted from the group (in the event that you are yet to pay your annual membership fee).

- Also, if you repeatedly RSVP 'Yes' to events and then change your RSVP status to 'No' at the last minute/very close to the date of the event - then I will have no choice but to delete you from the group if you do this on more than 2 occasions (if you haven't issued your membership fee at that stage) - as this sort of conduct isn't fair on those that are on the waitlist/are keen to attend the events (and are therefore deserving of a decent amount of notice).

- A payment of £65.00 will be due after the 2nd event that you attend (or ahead of your first event, if you wish to join a waitlisted event as your first event).

- The dues are paid annually.


- Unfortunately, it has consistently been the case that a significant number of individuals join the group, agree ahead of time to issue the fee at their 2nd free event (i.e.offering complimentary entry, food and alcoholic drinks) - and then refuse to issue payment at the appropriate stage.

- Hence why you will notice that circa 30% - 35% per cent of past event's attendees have been removed from the group (upon your inevitable review of the group's albums, once your membership is approved) - so for clarification, this is the reason for their deletion.

- If the percentage mentioned above (of ex member's removed) concerns you for any reason - then the 28 reviews to the immediate top left of this text span over 2 years to present day, should give you an indication of the majority of the member's view of the group.

- And you do have the opportunity to quiz the members that have written the reviews at upcoming socials, for them to give you their personal views about the group.

- A polite notice in that the group's established member's mostly don't engage with member's that the attend 2 events and are then removed from the group owing to refusal to issue their membership fee, as this is awkward for all involved.

- So, please beware, if this is your intention. Thank you.

- This is owing to the fact that (as you can see from reading the group reviews) - over half of the group's members have been member's for over 2 years, and therefore have active and paid for memberships.

- Rest assured, that the remainder of the group are reliable, trustworthy ladies, that are respectful in every sense of the word - therefore, you are guaranteed to meet great people.


- The socials regularly offer (weekly) 3 courses of free gourmet food, free alcoholic drinks and soft drinks each week at venues such as Tonteria Chelsea, in Knightsbridge and in Chelsea (N.B - photographs of us having dinner and drinks in both venues are within the photo albums you will view on the page once you get access to the page).

- Please also click on the 'More' tab at the very top of the page to view video footage of our past trips to The Box nightclub , Project Nightclub Bacanal by Night at the stunning Hurlingham Private Members Club and footage from recent relaxing 'Pop Up Painting' sessions and various trips to Jalouse nightclub in Mayfair - (now called 'Café Kaizen').

- The requirement for payment of the membership fee is also owing to the fact that the calibre of venues that visit each week https://www.shoreditc...,
www.thebox and very, very occasionally Annabels, Tramp and LouLous (5 Hertford street) typically require £2-50k for membership fees and your application has to be countersigned by two existing members ahead of approval – therefore
this group’s offer really is very lucrative, exclusive and rare and there is no other Meetup group that offers anything similar.

- N.B: If you want regular access to Annabels and Tramp -sign up to the premium concierge service that offers such (it offers access to ALL of the venues mentioned in this write-up).


- Further to this - all of the member's only venues mentioned earlier require their members to pay membership.

- Entry, drinks and food is free at all of the socials and the socials are always listed (solely) at my discretion.

- Realistically, each individual’s membership is worth a
minimum of £2.5k owing to the minimum amount that each member is offered in regards to the 'Perks' available and also owing to the point below ...

- Planning and hosting the events involves/involved a lot of work and (over time) weekly event admin - therefore it has become necessary to charge the group's members.


- I will have to re consider your membership in the event that you do not have the time/inclination to respond to personally addressed messages relating to events accompanied with cancelling close to the event (i.e. on the same day of the event).

- I would ask that you treat the events as no different to meeting up with your personal non meet up friends (in a number of different ways).

- I.e. you wouldn't for example not bother to turn up to an event without giving your personal contacts/friends that you are meeting prior notice of such or dismiss their comments/queries relating to the meeting, yet still expect anyone treated in this manner to be interested in meeting with you in the future and/or expect your personal non meetup friends to repeatedly pay for your meals, entry and drinks with no reimbursement - the same applies in regards to provisions you will need to take to ensure that you retain your membership.

- As you will see from the content and layout of the event listing and as mentioned in numerous group reviews written by existing, long term members - I put a great deal of time and effort in planning the group's events - therefore I do expect you to in turn treat myself and the other organisers/co hosts with due courtesy that honours the time and effort that we put into running the group and hosting enjoyable and carefully thought out events for the members.


- I'm afraid that those that do not attend any events within a 3 month period will also be deleted from the group (unless they have paid their £65.00 annual membership dues), as this is a group that is exclusively for those with active memberships, immediate payment of the membership fee will enable new member's to attend wait listed events.

- This policy contributes towards ensuring that new members are guaranteed to meet fully participating existing members (and vice versa).

- These provisions are set for the benefit of ensuring that the group's members (that are retained) are committed to creating and contributing towards an active offline community.

- This is also the reason why the group isn't as large as most of the other groups on Meetup ... you would be surprised at the large number of people that join the group with no intention of ever attending the events (over 650 deleted members to date) and have dormant accounts for months on end (i.e. 6 months or more).

- Please kindly ensure that your profile photo is of yourself - this is for the benefit of creating a sense of familiarity (online and offline) within the West London Ladies community. I will explain the reason why I no longer have a photo up of myself when we meet.

- A polite notice: a place on every single social isn't guaranteed for any member at any stage. This is to ensure that 'new' members are guaranteed to meet those with longer standing memberships,and I arrange the attendance lists in such a way that guarantees this experience at every single social - however you will be able to attend the large majority of socials listed i.e 85% - 90% of the events.

- In accordance to the typical nature of any Meetup group - any individual that joins this group must be open to meeting ladies from all sorts of different walks of life, and ladies with a variety of interests.

- I have for example experienced comments from (now deleted ex member's) stating that they only wanted to attend socials that I hosted that exclusively invited women that sat within a 2 year age range to their own age or that they wanted to meet women of a specific race – please do NOT join if your expectations/attitude is in any way similar to this.

- So in summary, I'm afraid that if you have a very set/niche idea of the sort of person that you would like to meet, then this group/the group's totally inclusive policy isn't for you.

- All are most welcome, but to reiterate ... do ensure that your attitude towards myself and the other members is consistently courteous, friendly, polite, respectful and approachable.


- I ask that members that choose to join this group are fully respectful of the fact that i use a significant amount of my time, energy and resources to run this group at a very low cost to you, given that you receive circa 200 pounds worth of free meal, drinks and entry (combined) per meetup, in exchange for a (tiny in comparison) 65.00 pound annual membership fee.

- I would appreciate it if new (and all members) remain mindful of this and do not engage in any sort of 'entitled' or unpleasant attitude at any point.

- I will explain this comment in greater detail ... unfortunately in the past, I have been treated as though I am an employee earning a 5 plus figure salary a year/ there to be at their service (ahead of paying any membership fee) by certain ex-members whose attitude has inferred that they are for some reason 'entitled' to the unique perks that this group offers as though they are paying several thousands ( as per full blown professional concierge services such as quinesstentially charge) for such and/or paying me to deliver the group's unique benefits to them - and have displayed a dismissive/'entitled'/discourteous/unpleasant attitude in the event that the perks have not been immediately available to them - vs being courteous patient and waiting for me to resolve any delay in my party's receipt of the above.

- These incidents have taken place on more than one occasion, and have been witnessed by existing members of whom were also appalled - therefore I am not just quoting/referring to my own personal point of view regarding what is unacceptable and what is not.

- I have also experienced various unacceptable and bizarre behaviours i.e. receipt of racist comments/slurs and other poor conduct related to these incidents from the friends/supporters of certain prejudiced and obnoxiously behaved individuals, in addition to separate other incidents of poor treatment from members - once again owing to issues relating to race. Obviously, these members have since been deleted from the group.

- I have made detailed mention of these past 'mishaps', as a number of new members have told me that they have been a bit taken aback/intimidated by the content of the 'About Us' info and that the group's policies seem unnecessarily stringent/militant/uptight - however they have been fully understanding of the reason for the lengthy policy when I have advised them of the above incidents - hence my explicit mention of the incidents here.

- So, in a nutshell - all will be fine if members old and new ensure that their attitude honours the comment made earlier i.e. ‘All are most welcome, but to reiterate ... do ensure that your attitude towards myself and the other member's is consistently courteous, friendly, polite, respectful and approachable’.



- If you review comparable services such as:

-You will notice, that they do not offer weekly complimentary events with free alcohol as per my group’s offer to you – and both companies offer entry to less than 1/5th of the elite venues that you have access to via this meetup group, and they charge a minimum of £150 per year, for a 1/5th of what this meetup group offers you.

- Realistically, you are paying a fraction of the competitor's mentioned above prices (or elsewhere - please do Google this point if you wish to research it) - to receive an enhanced offer of their service - i.e: complimentary entry and drinks, at a wider range of uber elite venues than they are offering.

- You will have the opportunity to verify/confirm that we have visited the venues mentioned earlier (as the group's members are tagged in the Arts Club, Tramp, Annabels, LouLous, Maddox etc al) - immediately after your membership is approved, and you can obviously quiz the members at the socials about this topic, if you are sceptical.


- To clarify, the reason that I have set the 23-34 age range for this group is owing to the fact that a number of you have advised me that you tend to have more in common with people within an age range that is not too far from your own - which does contribute towards the aims/values of the group (in there being a higher likelihood that members will meet and bond with people they have more/a lot in common with).

- I sit within this age group, hence why I have selected it over any other - this isn't owing to any sort of prejudice on my part. I do feel it important to make this point very clear.

- Finally, none of the events are intended to price anyone out. However, West London is London's most solvent area - therefore a lot of the activities associated prices (i.e for meals, drinks at bars etc) are reflective of this. However, as mentioned earlier, I am able to obtain gratis entry to most venues (bars and clubs) owing to friends' kind favours - so payment for entry to such venues will be very rare (i.e 98 per cent of the time).

- Application (and acceptance thereafter) for membership to this group will indicate full agreement on your part of all of that is listed on this page.

- One other thing to note about the events is that I do have a penchant for beautiful/unique venues in addition to planning quirky events and activities, so the group is 'boutique' in that respect.

- Put bluntly - the socials are more likely to be hosted in venues such as the (i.e members clubs) vs a Weatherspoons or Tiger Tiger or anywhere 'budget'.

- Do check out our 'Perks' and 'Sponsors' section - we have some impressive complimentary services on offer.


- N.B: These brands all have a synergy with the group's values and persona and offer the group’s members hefty discounts on their luxury products.

- Review the Sponsors tab to the left of this text, to review the full list of services that you will be able to get for free/heavily discounted with your membership.

- An exclusive Chelsea hair salon -

- A luxury global chaffeur service -

- A high end women's occasionwear brand -

- A fabulous Champagne brand -

-http://www.jimmiemart... a luxury brand based in London since 2004. The brand works with private, commercial and high profile clients.

- Jimmie Martin Provides an eclectic showcase of one-off pieces of furniture combining the decadent and quirky with the nostalgic and urban.

- Jimmie's pieces are individually finished off to either the customer’s personal taste,
or to the ideas of the founders (and friends of the group), Jimmie and Martin.

- As you can see from the above images of their work, the designs offer a rare consistency of sophisticated pieces combined with a sexy, modern design element.

- This meetup group is affiliated with

- The CEO is a personal friend of mine and sponsor of the group. You will inevitably meet him at the group's upcoming events.

- He is able to source the members of this group Hermès bags (of their choice - Birkins such as the one photographed to the left - sported by the ever stylish Olivia Palermo) and ensure immediate delivery for you, or collection from the Hermès store of your choice.

- There is usually a 7 year waitlist for Hermès bags and they are usually prioritised for celebrities, therefore this is an incredible perk.

- is also a personal friend of mine, and you will inevitably meet her at the group's upcoming events.

- As is apparent , our two sites have a clear synergy with one another in terms of preferences regarding events and venues, choices and in regards to Lifestyle and Fashion.

We look forward to meeting you!
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GBP65.00 paid at your second event.

This covers: Regular free drinks, entry and dinner to incredibly elite venues in London.

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