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Spirulina and Nutritional Yeast

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Oak Brook, IL
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I hear a lot of things about the benefits of using Spirulina and Nutritional Yeast, so I would like to hear some opinions:
- Is it something worthy to look into or is it just a trendy thing pushed by advertisers?
- What are the actual benefits?
- Any recommendations where to buy it (in terms of price and quality)?

Thank you!
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Spirulina as well as Chlorella has been food of choice for 10 years. With a Vegan lifestyle spriulina continues to help with processing and energy. When I need a lift a fruit based drink with Spirulina is the key. Nutrional yeast in moderation is also part of food regime. Have been using Diamond XPC animal feed supplement and I do believe it has been supportive.
Mike V.
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Chicago, IL
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I would be careful with both Spirulina and other algae because they contain vitamin B12 analog which can block your bodies ability to absorb real vitamin B12.
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In reference to Spirulina, so far (10 years) of taking Spirulina B12 markers have maintained a healthy level. Along with Spirulina, Ocean Sea plants are included on a daily basis. A bigger issue may be gut bacteria and the cooling nature of sea plants on individual metabolisim.
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Oak Brook, IL
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Thank you very much Mike and Richard for your input!
Mike - Are you saying that it might be a danger that Spirulina may more have more blocking effect for B12 than actually supplying it?
Richard - It's very helpful to know that you use it for 10 years. You mentioned about some possible effects of cooling nature and got bacteria. Is it really a concern if you successfully (I assume) implemented it in your diet?
How much would you suggest using it for people to start with?
Where do you suggest buy spirulina? - Do you think that some reputable on-line sources might be better ($ saving) than getting it in WholeFoods?
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Like all foods and supplements each individuals requirements and reactions are different. The Blue Green Alge, and Seaweed Family has been found in Traditional Chinese Medicine to exhibit a strong cooling effect on individuals constitution, combined with a cooling (yin) diet (lots of raw vegetables) could throw you out of balance. If individuals are highly congested BGA may express a strong cleansing effect so those on an average diet should start slow maybe 1/4 teaspoon daily, with water or mixed with smoothie. Some will consume up to 3 tablespoons daily. I use the Nutrix brand and purchase from taking 1 tsp twice daily along with Chlorella and other food based powders.

Underlying all these green alges from the Pacific Rim is the possibility of contamination from Fukishima, so a heads up should be in order
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Oak Brook, IL
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Thank you for your very helpful info, Richard!
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