Classification Of Vegetarians

Vegetarian is someone who follows a plant-based diet. There are five general types of vegetarians:

1. Semi-Vegetarians (Flexitarians)
Flexitarians limit their intake of either certain types of meat or the amount of meat. Many vegetarians would argue that Flexitarians are not Vegetarians at all.

2. Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians (Vegetarians)
Ovo-lacto vegetarians do not eat any meat (animals, poultry, fish, sea food) but do eat eggs and dairy products.
- Ovo vegetarians eat eggs but not dairy
- Lacto vegetarians eat dairy but not eggs (This is the most common type of Vegetarians)

3. "Strict" Vegetarians (Vegans)
Vegans eat no animal products - no eggs, no dairy, no honey, etc.

4. Raw Food Vegetarians (Raw/Living Foodists)
Raw or Living Foodists eat only raw vegan food, because enzymes are destroyed by normal cooking processes.

5. Fruitarians
Fruitarians eat only fruit, fruit-like vegetables (e.g., tomatoes, cucumbers), and sometimes seeds and nuts.

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