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2012 Post-mortem - How to make it better - Going to 2013

Oak Brook, IL
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Thank you everyone for joining us for the very first ­Chicago Veggie Pride Parade 2012! We are looking for your input to make the event even better next year. Please use this message thread to give us any suggestions. Please try to be as constructive as possible (i.e. if you suggest to use an entire street or invite vendors, please suggest how to raise money to pay for it, etc.) Please also indicate if you might be willing to participate in the implementing of the improvements. Thank you in advance!
user 37798712
Chicago, IL
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Walk against the flow of traffic, even if we followed the same route, had we done it in reverse more people would have seen the signs and message. Unless people made a concerted effort to look as they drove by then they mostly only saw our backs.
Paul R.
user 25093732
Chicago, IL
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You know, just intuitively I can see how over-parity the parade was. Sure I guess you can make it better with the added experience put into the mix but there is no way to hypothetically have made 2012 better and I wanted to say that first.

What will make 2013 better? I have a few ideas. I think what attracts people is image (It looks cool) and entertainment (it will be fun). Comfort and convienience are big side elements.

So my ideas are, bling it up with big colorful signs, full of graphic designs. Do the same with table clothes or go bright white. Border everything in tinsel. Lots of helium ballons. Live music. More costumes.

Then some goodies for everybody. A candy stand, some penny freebies thrown at the kids and lots more for sale, colorfull candy, novelty candy and other goodies.

A food stand, keep this one simple, veggie burger and cole slaw. Chips with avocado dip. People were hungry there, they wanted to buy lunch. You can throw a potluck with the theme of 'bring your idea for the next parade' and we can test them for practicality and mass appeal.

The location was perfect, if you can get it next year, we now know we can drive the stuff in easily and the vista was incredible. It's a great idea to go against traffic and also to shorten the route. It was too long and kinda lucky the temp was cool. Next year just start out north along Columbus, go around the other way and cut back across the bridge. If there's a live band they can play a parade type theme as we come back in. This would increase the energy and party atmosphere.

Do a PSA for both radio and television. Maybe you can get the media to advertise the parade for free :D Think it out and add some scripting and choreography maybe. Maybe I say because the impromtu vid you made was very nice this year. say the "f" word...FUN!
Paul R.
user 25093732
Chicago, IL
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Moola, there's always a need for that huh? lol/. I'm wondering, since Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has about 40 billion dollars to give away and they focus on health programs, maybe they would toss a few million our way :D

A quickie first...I was brought up into the construction trade at 13. I got out kinda early too, plus I had about 3k worth of tools stolen, but I still have some tools left and knowledge of carpentry.

I can offer up something in that catagory. For instance, I could build the stands and even the tent in a set up/take down assembly if that would save money. They don't actually have to have a roof which would make it cheaper to build and they can be made in any dimensions.

I also have a perfectly good housetent (its on my fb photos) that I'm not using anymore. It would need a heavy duty frame built for it, but that's no biggie at all but it might not be professional enough looking so maybe not. I could also make very large coolers that work better than store bought and for less money.

also...I have a 6k watt electric generator (weights 200 pounds). also a heavy duty wagon that can carry 1k pounds.

So there ya go, everything you need to put the infrastructure up, and probably a lot less money than rental. maybe some and not all, who knows, it needs talking about.
Steven S.
user 33636342
Grayslake, IL
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That sounds great, Paul! These are some good suggestions, and thank you for offering to help! Let's keep in touch for next year's event!
Frank S.
Atlanta, GA
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I like the idea of walking against the flow of traffic if we are only marching on the sidewalk. However, I think you should seriously looking into getting a permit to march in the streets. That would be a lot more fun and make the parade more appealing and visible!! It shouldn't be too hard. I mean the paperwork isn't that bad. The only problem would probably be money.

I don't particularly like the idea of vendors. I enjoyed the free food samples this year and think it should be kept at that. Free food is very appealing and having to pay for the food is not as nice. If you allow selling food then not many vendors would give out food if they can sell it instead! So I don't think vendors selling food/products is a good idea but I like the idea of vendors/booths that are giving away food/products and promoting their business.

I do not think the parade route should be shortened. I actually think it should be lengthened. This parade route was actually pretty short compared to other parades.

I am willing to help out but I won't be too available because I will be transferring to Illinois State University next month.
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