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GraffitiWall app - cria tu historia

Mariana S.
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Para creares tu propia historia contacta con Linda, ella es una chica podrosa a quien le encantaría ver tu historia allí!

Nueva Aplicación para móviles, AvatarMaker ~ del ~ 1776 celebra el 4 de julio y campeones de la libertad en la liberty4all GraffitiWall

Nueva York, NY, 20 de junio 2014 - Los acontecimientos de 1776 cambiaran para siempre el mundo. Ahora GraffitiWall cambiará para siempre la faz de la interacción del usuario en la Web!

Celebre el 4 de julio por el uso de la nueva aplicación de GraffitiWall, AvatarMaker ~ del ~ 1776, para incrustar el "selfie" en una imagen de su Padre o MadreFundador preferida. Entonces comparta sus pensamientos con otros en el sentido de la libertad en la página liberty4all de GraffitiWall (

El desarrollo de la libre iPhone e iPad App AvatarMaker ~ ~ LIBERTAD 1776 (­)

Visita la página de facebook para más información sobre los próximos eventos:

https://www.facebook....­ https://apps.facebook...­ - _ = _

Acerca GraffitiWall

La aplicación es la última innovación de GraffitiWall LLC, líder en interactivos. La plataforma GraffitiWall ( proporciona una experiencia entorno de diseño, en línea que involucra a la audiencia junto con capacidades de redes sociales que permiten a las marcas construir y son dueños de su comunidad en línea Brand-saturado. Con GraffitiWall, cualquier marca puede tener una expansión de bajo costo a los hogares u oficinas de sus audiencias. Clientes GraffitiWall incluyen AMC Networks, Dr. Seuss, JetBlue, Museo de los Niños de Manhattan, Williams College, Amherst College, y Hospitales de la Universidad de Nueva York.

In english
To create your own story contact Linda, she is a chica podrosa who'd love to see your story there!

New Mobile App, AvatarMaker~Liberty~1776 Celebrates the 4th of July and Champions of Freedom on the Liberty4All GraffitiWall

New York, NY, June 20, 2014- The events of 1776 forever changed the world. Now GraffitiWall will forever change the face of user-web interaction!

Celebrate July 4th by using GraffitiWall’s new app, AvatarMaker~Liberty~1776 to embed your “selfie” into an image of your favorite Founding Father or Mother. Then share your thoughts with others on the meaning of freedom at GraffitiWall’s Liberty4All page (

The development of the free iPhone and iPad app AvatarMaker~LIBERTY~1776 (­)

Visit our facebook page for more information on upcoming events:

https://www.facebook....­ https://apps.facebook...­ - _=_

About GraffitiWall

The app is the latest innovation by GraffitiWall LLC, a leader in interactive. The GraffitiWall platform ( provides a design rich, online environment that engages audiences alongside full social networking capabilities that allow Brands to build and own their Brand-saturated online community. With GraffitiWall, any Brand can have a low cost expansion into the homes or offices of their audiences. GraffitiWall clients include AMC Networks, Dr. Seuss, JetBlue, Children’s Museum of Manhattan, Williams College, Amherst College, and New York University Hospitals.

Linda G.
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New York, NY
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I feel honored to be part of this group. You have important stories to tell and I'd like to offer my multimedia social platform to share your stories to an American audience. I apologize that I don't speak Spanish, and I hope this doesn't cause a too much of a barrier between us. I'll do what it takes to translate where I can. Please know, I understand your stories must be shared and I'll do what I can to facilitate this.

With that in mind, I'd like to introduce you to and invite you to contribute to an initiative I'm working on called the Liberty4All GraffitiWall,, a vehicle to celebrate freedom - its successes and those still in the process. Liberty4All's goal is to present history with multiple viewpoints of challenges and fights for freedom. Too often history books and the news media take an expedient slant without considering multiple points of view. Too often events are presented in black and white without considering the nuances - the various levels of grey.

In case you're like me, stories are best told using many forms of media - text, songs, sound effects, poems, videos, drawings, and photos. We can accommodate those. In fact PLEASE send them to me and I'll post your stories.

If you don't immediately have a story to send maybe the below will be an interesting thing to consider.

Think of an object, document, book title, or any other media that best represents freedom to you. Your contribution may be from any culture, any period of time, or from your own personal experience. For instance, you might choose the book Native Son, by Richard Wright; a quote from Mahatma Gandhi; or the song "We Shall Over Come". How did this thing you chose change you or your community?

Look forward to meeting you virtually. And feel free to write me at linda@graffitiwall.
Linda G.
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New York, NY
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I wanted to entice you all to contribute to our Liberty4All GraffitiWall, so allow me to share a few more points about this initiative. (I wish I could share some images, sound fxs and videos but I hope the text below conveys enough to want to learn more. Fingers are crossed!)

The development of the free iPhone and iPad app AvatarMaker~LIBERTY~1776 (­) follows on the heels of GraffitiWall’s extremely successful collaboration with the AMC/Sundance Channel Global. This collaboration developed a Breaking Bad GraffitiWall, through which fans could select from a cast of Breaking Bad avatars to role play within virtual representations of the show's locations before, during and after the show aired. This basically created a show within a show. Not only did the Breaking Bad GraffitiWall initiative encourage tune in, but, by the end of its run, the Breaking Bad GraffitiWall had more members than AMC/Sundance Channel Global's fan base on Twitter, and more members than it had viewers of this Emmy Award Winning show.

Here’s my quote, "The goal of this 4th of July initiative is to both introduce users to champions of Liberty and then invite them to tell their personal stories.” To start the process, users can get in character by becoming one of the Founding Moms and Dads using the AvatarMaker~Liberty~1776 app. For example, users can insert their selfies into the portraits of, say, Martha Washington or Thomas Jefferson. Then, decked out in a powdered wig, users can step back to 1776, via the Liberty4All GraffitiWall to interact with American champions of freedom. As they continue down the path, they will meet others who have fought for various types of liberty into the current day. We look forward to collecting and incorporating user experiences based on the struggles for economic, gender-base, social, and political liberties, among others, as their stories of personal challenges run beside the heroes of the past."

Mary Ann McNair, the Historian & Director of Content behind the app, sums up the message behind the app this way: “What events in our lives have been so important that we would risk everything to evoke change? It is this exploration and connecting it with our own lives that will eventually lead to a greater understanding of humanity, compassion, and our obligation to stand up for what is right. That’s what our aim is with Liberty4All.”

Visit our facebook page for more information on upcoming events:
https://www.facebook....­ - _=_

Thank you for your time.

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