Re: [webdesign-396] In praise of action

From: Eric M.
Sent on: Wednesday, September 19, 2007 4:51 PM
At 9:18 AM [masked]/19/07, Eric Wiley wrote:

>The dancers seemed to understand that his emphasis on the word "something"
>wasn't meant to be sarcastic or cutting. It was merely a request for them
>to take action and begin making decisions on their own so that everyone
>could, as a group, fine-tune things from there.

    I'm in agreement.  It seems to me that we should set up some basic 
stuff-- at least a wiki and a forum, possibly a CMS-- from existing 
packages so that those communication channels aren't held up by an 
ongoing effort to create the Perfect Solution.  Later on, if we build 
our own stuff, we can migrate the content over.
    Yes, we're a brilliant group with a lot of skills.  And we should 
certainly use that to create great things.  But the same could be 
said of many W3C Working Groups that have been working on "great 
things" for years and years and years.
    Personally, I tend to be more attuned to the development style 
that says get something out the door and refine it over time.  Flickr 
is the poster child for this, and it's worked very well for them.
    As for "why the rush?", I've seen this group bloom and die before. 
The more momentum we give it, the better chance it will avoid death. 
Getting our own site with our own communication channels will boost 
that momentum quite a bit.  I don't want to wait for that boost. 
Besides, with software in place, we'll have something to react to, in 
terms of "we should have that feature in our thingy!" and "I hate 
that feature, let's never do that in our thingy!" and why can't we do 
such-and-so? let's make sure our thingy does that!".
    Anyway, my point being that I'd rather we ship early and often, 
even though it means some extra effort, than do tons of work on the 
ultimate solution and risk never shipping.

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