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Has Climate Change Impacted the West Coast Drought?

Thank you Jere Lipps for the great presentation - very sobering, but hopefully motivating

OC Population impacted by sea level rises

Record California Drought Linked to Climate Change

Solar Storage - the next step in getting free of fossil fuels 

SolarCity to Sell Battery Storage With Every System Within 5-10 Years 

What Does a SolarCity/Tesla Storage System Cost?

Australia to pilot new power plan

Storage Is the New Solar: Will Batteries and PV Create an Unstoppable Hybrid Force?

Why Tesla's battery for your home should terrify utilities

German Solar Power Storage System Prices Drop 25%

Part of our future? Yes if we have the political will:

Solar Serpents in Paradise by Mans Tham Architect

Climate Change Deniers

Important article in "The Week" magazine.

How we ruined the oceans

Interesting TED talk video.

One idea to address Climate Change from, believe it or not, the US Congress.

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Solar panel breakthroughs:

quickie video

Other related links:

World record solar cell with 44.7% efficiency

On Keystone Pipeline:

Would Keystone pipeline unload "carbon bomb" or job boom?

Climate Change 2013: Where We Are Now - Not What You Think

While climate changes are occurring more quickly than scientists have ever predicted, most people’s knowledge of these realities remains hazy and clouded by political overtones.

A new report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which combines the work of 2,000 scientists from 154 countries, drawing from millions of observations from more than 9,000 scientific publications, confirms and strengthens previous predictions and adds one new and very important observation. Even 100 percent emissions reductions will no longer keep our climate from changing dangerously.

More from the International Panel on Climate Change ("IPCC"):

Greenland ice discharge has increased 632% in the last decade.

Northern Hemisphere snow cover has decreased by more than 50% since 1962.

Earth is warmer today than in the Medieval Warm Period.

Permafrost has warmed by 3.6 degrees and 5.2 degrees (F) in Russia and the North American Arctic since the early 1980s. This might not sound like much but once it hits 33 degrees, it’s gone.

Sea level rise rate has nearly doubled since 1993.

Carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide (the three most important global warming gases) since 1750, have increased to levels higher than they have been in 800,000 years.

Methane has caused more than half of global warming (52%).

Aerosols (sulfur dioxides) have masked half of global warming (57%). Sulfur dioxides are global cooling pollutants.

Volcanoes have masked 5 percent of global warming, not caused it as another myth would have us believe. Volcanoes release both global warming and global cooling gases and particles. We now know that when the math is done—and it has never been as accurate as it is today—volcanoes cool, not warm.

The solar sunspot cycle has cooled earth by 2% between 1978 and 2011, not warmed it as yet another myth says.

There have been twice as many high temperature records vs. cold records since the late 1970s.

Good News: The Solutions are Within our Grasp

The economic evaluations of the solutions to climate change show that 1 percent of global gross domestic product ($540 billion in 2012) is what we need to spend to control climate pollution every year - using existing technologies, techniques and policy.

This $540 billion may sound like a lot, but it's no more than we spend on either the Clean Water Act or the Clean Air Act in the US every year.


Recent exciting news:

The World's Largest Solar Plant Started Creating Electricity Today


Important information about the future of residential solar panels in California

Report about how utilities are moving nationwide to slow the growth of rooftop solar, especially where higher billing credits are given ratepayers for power generated by rooftop solar panels in California.

Solar’s Net Metering Fight in California Previews at Intersolar

Intersolar North America - Connecting Solar Businesses

Net Energy Metering and the Fight for Solar’s “Backbone” Policy


Pacific climate change pact wins US support


OC Register's Science Editor Acknowledges Global Warming In Break From Editorial Board


SOCAL Connected 2013

Oysters May Offer Insight Into Our Changing Oceans


Food Rant

Global Warming Is Harming Our Food Supply


8/25/13: Yosemite fire 'poses every challenge there can be'

"The fire has consumed nearly 225 square miles of picturesque forests. Officials estimate containment at just 7 percent."

8/27/13: California costs run up as Rim Fire rages

"The California Department of Finance said the state has spent more than $44 million fighting fires since the July 1 beginning of the budget year.

Lawmakers budgeted $172 million for the entire season.

'We're eight weeks in and we've spent roughly a quarter of what's budgeted,' said H.D. Palmer, the spokesman for the department.

The $172 million budgeted for firefighting this fiscal year is more than has been set aside in previous years, but costs exceeded the budget last year. The state budgeted $92.8 million last year, but costs have hit $221 million and fourth-quarter expenses are still being reconciled, Palmer said.

Meanwhile, the federal government announced Monday it would reimburse the state as much as 75 percent of the cost of fighting the Rim fire, now the 13th largest in California's recorded history."

8/31/13: Smoke from Sierra fire reaches Yosemite Valley

As of today, "The blaze has scorched 348 square miles of brush, oaks and pines and 11 homes, as of Saturday, an area larger than the cities of San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose combined."


From Joanna Clark - Op/Ed comments to "The Patch"

Species adapt or they go extinct. And the rate at which we're causing change in the environment, living species don't have the time to adapt.

Past mass extinction events lasted more than a million years, not the current hundreds of years that we're causing through our man-made impact on Climate Change/Global Warming.

Republican critics claim that a carbon tax would have a negative effect on our economy.  This could theoretically happen but it is succeeding elsewhere. Also, to do nothing to contain CO2 emission would have a devastating impact on the future economy multitudes greater than any carbon tax could possibly render.

Look at what is happening in California cities such as Lancaster and Sebastopol. Sebastopol expanded on Lancaster's solar ordinance by requiring all new homes to include solar systems that provide 2 watts of photovoltaic-derived power per square foot of insulated building area. According to the Press Democrat, "the system must offset at least 75 percent of the building's total annual electric load. Homes and businesses constructed in areas were solar isn't possible must either pay a fee or look into other means of alternative energy." Locally, we need to pressure our city councils to follow their lead. Orange County, with it's sunny climate most of the year, seems an obvious choice to implement widespread solar energy.

Another stab at a solution is what's happening in Lincoln and Rocklin. These cities have implemented neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) friendly ordinances. NEV's are restricted to streets with a speed limit of 35 mph or less.  Local businesses quickly realized that NEV owners bought local, and they installed recharging stations for their NEV customers.

Example links to "The Patch":

Fountain Valley
< >

Lake Forest
< >

Laguna Niguel-Dana Point
< >


Progress is being made-- we just need to ramp it up (a lot):

Now Hiring: 210,000 Workers to Cut Carbon Pollution




Sunrun Solar Lease

Sunrun Helps You Save on Utilities. America's Leading Solar Company.


Upcoming Events:

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In the News! Recent Articles of Interest:

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Climate policy's twin challenges

We need to slow incremental damage while taking out an insurance policy against the growing risk of catastrophic damage.


Glimpse Into the Future of Acidic Oceans Shows Ecosystems Transformed

The study, published online in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that ocean acidification can degrade not only individual species, as past studies have shown, but entire ecosystems. This results in a homogenized marine community, dominated by fewer plants and animals. "The background, low-grade stress caused by ocean acidification can cause a whole shift in the ecosystem so that everything is dominated by the same plants, which tend to be turf algae," said lead author Kristy Kroeker, a postdoctoral researcher at the Bodega Marine Laboratory at UC Davis. In most ecosystems, there are lots of different colorful patches of plants and animals -- of algae, of sponges, of anemones," Kroeker said. "With ocean acidification, you lose that patchiness. We call it a loss of functional diversity; everything looks the same."

Must see - Pumphandle 2012: Time history of atmospheric carbon dioxide

This is a fantastic visual of changes in atmospheric CO2 over 800,000 years.

The first set of graphs shows the year-by-year change in CO2 levels at various locations throughout the Earth. The red dot is Mauna Loa.  When the time progression stops at Jan 2012, the graph on the right will show the historic data back to 800,000 years ago based on ice core samples.

2012 Second Costliest Year for Natural Disasters

Hurricane Sandy and an extensive drought made 2012 the United States' second costliest year for natural disasters since 1980, federal officials said today (June 13).

Weather and climate disasters racked up $110 billion in damages across the country last year, according to a report released today by the National Climate Data Center (NCDC).

World's Largest Solar Sail to Launch in November 2014

A huge solar sail designed to demonstrate the viability and value of propellant-free propulsion is slated to blast into space in November 2014, mission officials say.

How China May Have Just Changed The Climate Game

Globally, we emit at least 48 percent more than we did in 1992. Being the world’s largest emitter and second largest economy, China can cripple any climate agreement merely by opting out, meaning that any agreement that hopes to curb emissions must cater to Chinese interests. Read about China's encouraging new move towards carbon emission cap.

Bombshell: China May Be Close To Implementing A Cap On Carbon Pollution


UN Recommends Big Companies Report Environmental Impacts As Well As Profits


Excellent site on renewable energy and other sustainable business approaches.

World's Largest Solar Plant Goes Online

Why would a region practically soaking in oil (the Middle East) invest so heavily in renewable energy like solar power?

The answer: money. By reducing their own local demands for petroleum and natural gas, they can sell more of those fossil fuels on the lucrative international market, Bloomberg reports.

Experts: CO2 record illustrates 'scary' trend

"The 400 is a reminder that our emissions are not only continuing, but they're accelerating; that's a scary thing," Butler said Saturday. "We're stuck. We're going to keep going up."

Why Passing Rep. Peters’ Bill Is A SUPER Strategy to Fight Climate Change

Media Connecting The Dots On U.S. Storms, Heat And Wildfires: ‘This Is What Global Warming Looks Like’

Who’s connecting the dots on the extraordinary bout of extreme weather events hitting the U.S.? No, it’s not the “liberal” media. It’s Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report, the popular conservative news aggregation site.



We started the fire: Global warming burns the West

How climate change and bad policy caused the massive fires currently devastating the West

If you want proof that the earth’s climate is changing, go virtually anywhere in the Southwest in the summer. Chances are high that you will see a brown line of haze on the horizon and smell smoke in the air from a forest fire somewhere in the arid region.

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