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Read Me If You Want Ron Paul To Run "3rd" Party!

Zak C.
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Los Angeles, CA
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We at Grassroots for Liberty­ still believe that Ron Paul can win the Republican nomination, but we also think we need a backup plan to ensure Ron Paul is on the ballot in all 50 states this November. In November 2008 Ron Paul was on the ballot in Louisiana and Montana as the Louisiana Taxpayers Party and the Constitution Party of Montana candidate – Let’s add 48 states to that this year! Doug Wead brought it up himself with his option 6.) “Prepare for a Third Party run.” But the official campaign doesn’t have to! We, the r3volution, can do it for them while they continue the fight in the establishment’s trenches!

If you’re Not a GOP delegate, please sign the 3rd party petition here!­

And please consider donating to the 3rd party push https://rp2012.nation...­ - Donations go to the Grassroots for Liberty SuperPAC.

"In a true revolution... believe me the revolution doesn't occur within a single political party. A true revolution and those views will be reflected in the Republican party and the Democrat party and the Independent party and everybody in the country will be affected!" Ron Paul

With Dr. Ron Paul’s words in mind, we also ask that you join us in petitioning all of the parties that have ballot access. It would be a great story in itself if Dr. Paul were to be nominated by multiple parties across the country in addition to winning the GOP nomination! He is a man of the people after all!

First, help us make Ron Paul the candidate here - http://www.americanse...­ - again, Only If you’re Not a GOP delegate! Americans Elect is a non-partisan organization that has raised over $30 million and has spent $9 million to promote its organization and ballot access in 50 states and Ron Paul is probably the ONLY candidate that may qualify. Only 1,000 people in 10 states need to take a few minutes to sign up for Ron Paul to qualify, and we now need less than 6,000 to sign up!

If you have time, please join us in contacting all of these “3rd” parties and ask them to make Ron Paul their nominee! More of us doing this will make a stronger case for the depth of Dr. Paul’s support!

2. http://www.americafir...­
3. http://www.americanpo...­
4. http://www.selfgovern...­
5. http://www.canarypart...­
6. http://www.christianl...­
7. http://www.votecitize...­
8. http://independenceam...­
9. http://www.jeffersonr...­
11. http://www.modernwhig...­
12. http://www.objectivis...­
13. http://reformparty.or...­
15. http://www.unityparty...­
17. http://www.constituti...­
18. http://www.independen...­
19. http://www.floridawhi...­
20. http://www.conservati...­
21. http://www.conservati...­
23. http://www.nytaxpayer...­
24. http://www.constituti...­
25. http://www.indparty.c...­
26. http://www.moderate-r...­

We included the Libertarian Party, even though it’s been said Dr. Paul would have to ask them for the nomination – We’ve also been told they can decline from nominating anyone and leave the convention open...let’s ask them!

To those who would say this is damaging our efforts to remake the GOP, we say this strengthens our case for Ron Paul to be the GOP nominee, and a 3rd party push serves as a shot across the establishments bow! Ron Paul OR ELSE!

To Victory! Ron Paul 2012!
San Diego, CA
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Zak, I appreciate your enthusiasm to try to transform the nature of government from the inside. I suspect that you'd like only individuals with the correct ideas about human freedom to attain office, so that real change could happen.

I'm wondering if you've read Complete Liberty yet, and if not, then I invite you to explore the idea that the political process itself is the problem. The very institution we call "government" is, and will always be, antithetical to human freedom, and no amount of politicians like Ron Paul is going to abolish the coercive nature of it. Notice that Ron Paul is not calling for the abolition of government; that logical prescription would be too unpopular for a politician, which simply reveals our contradictory culture of inauthenticity and enslavement. Any office held by a politician or bureaucrat is upheld without the voluntary agency of property owners--being funded via (fiat) currency that's been extorted from individuals in the marketplace; therefore, it's always unjust to hold such office.

Contrary to what Ron Paul and others contend, the purpose of government is not "to protect individual liberty." Since government is simply an idea reflecting a coercive, communistic organization of people who claim to have jurisdiction over property owners (self-owners), it can never respect individual rights. The entire history of this tragically pervasive idea demonstrates this conclusion.

Here are some helpful links to explore:

Best wishes,
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