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Problem: Too many people think that their perception of reality is infallible.
Solution: Differentiate between fallible human perception and infallible natural laws that goes beyond human perception.
Outcome: Attack on Science will stop. Critical thinking skills will be nurtured.
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I love mental masterbation, so I will play the devil's advocate and debate your point. You said, "Too many people think that their perception of reality is infallible." By the very nature of this statement, you are admitting that this statement can be false, because it is merely YOUR perception of reality.

Humans are of course, morons, and stupid beyond belief. The more science that is discovered, the more we learn that nature controls what is happening in the multiverse. However, I believe that people will ALWAYS believe in god, it has nothing to do with science. It is irrational to begin with so no science will ever convince anyone. In my opinion, the only hope an athiest has to attack this crazy religious grip we find ourselves confronted with is to (I hate to say it) compromise. If the religious moderates would stand up and defend evolution, perhaps saying, god created evolution, then we would get somewhere.

As a closet athiest, this is my position. Somehow we (as a collective) have to convince the crazies that science and religion are compatible. We go in through the back door. After critical thinking begins, then religion will be discarded.

However, consider this point. Suppose everyone finally gets it and believes, at least, that god created evolution. He just "wound up the clock" type theory. Religious types can point to the recent discovery of string theory to support their religious point of view. If there are infinite parallel universes, as the physicists have proven mathematically, then what is to stop anyone from stating that one of these parallel universes encompases "heaven" as is stated in the various bibles?

Personally, I am athiest, I believe we are animals with big brains, and so conceited that we think we're immortal. So no one lives in the present. The religious suffer through their pathetic lives, fail to ever "carpe diem" in my opinion, die miserable failures, but with a big smile on their face. I've met chronically unhappy people, never finding joy in today, but they cling to the status quo of their existence, waiting for heaven. In the meantime, we trash the planet with the ill conceived notion that we're permitted to do so by the bible, and it doesn't matter anyway because the rapture is coming.

I differ with you, I don't believe that critical thinking will ever begin, even as science is advanced. The more science advances, the more paranoid people become, and the more they cling to their irrational beliefs. This is, in my opinion, what is happening right now. I am only 43 years old, but things have changed enormously since I was a upper middle class kid. Back then, there were no home computers and we had only ONE black and white TV. There was only one phone, in the kitchen. There was no fax! Things were mailed. I'm only 43 years old!! So much has changed, and the growth of religious fervor has paralled the growth of technology. I believe we will trash the planet to the point that animal existence will not be sustainable. But as George Carlin said, the planet will be fine. The humans will be fucked!
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