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Sterling, VA
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Not certain if this is an active board, but here goes.

I have pretty much been a gamer since I was a kid. I think my first game was Feudal, followed by Panzer Leader, Third Reich and similiar. As a teen ager I gravitated towards RPGs and what not.

Been playing miniatures games for last few years, and I think I have just about kicked the habit.

Right now I am running a Warhammer Fantasy RPG group, using the new edition issued by Fantasy Flight.

In addition, I am all about playing other Strategy Board games. Such as Star Craft, Descent, Pacific Theater of Operations, and so on.

Jim D.
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Burke, VA
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I have been gaming for a little over 10 years now. I started off with 3rd ed D&D in college and really enjoyed playing as well as DMing games. I had the great luck of meeting some really great people in my game groups which hooked me right away. After working at our local comic store in college (amongst many other jobs) I have since progressed to other rule sets such as Call of Cthullu, Warhammer Fantasy and 40k RPGs, as well as finding a love of board games.

Before I moved out to Virginia I had the pleasure to play in one of the most in depth and creative games I had ever experienced. I have been looking at putting together a game of similar caliber but those plans have been put on hold until later this year.

My hobby has slowly started to seep into my wife as well and she has taken an interest in both boardgames and PnP rpgs. This is definitely something I am trying to encourage. (Not sure how successful I will be with her having started her Masters this past Jan.)

I look forward to meeting some fellow gamers in the area.

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Saw this format on another group and looked easy/useful....

WHO: Hi, I'm Gary, and along with 3-5 others, looking for a DM.

WHEN: Generally Saturdays/nights. Usually find that Friday nights people are tired from work and Sundays they reserve for their SO, family or other interests.

WHERE: I live in....I think technically its Dumfries (Montclair area), hosting can be done here or we drive out to Manassas (where one of the peeps usually cooks us food :) , meeting here and carpooling out is not a problem for anyone that would not want to drive.

STYLE: Even mix, though I think the years of straight hack & slash are behind us, though sometimes you just have to get in there and get a li......lot bloody.
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I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons for just over 10 years now, I started on 2nd edition and fell in love with the game. I, and my regular group, dabbled in 3rd but didn't come around to Wizards version of the game till 3.5. I live in the Fairfax area, right on Fraconia road.
I'm looking for a new 3.5 game to join, if it's near a metro station anywhere in the DC/NoVA area is good for me. I prefer a game based on storytelling rather than game mechanics and am free to play every other weekend preferably on Fridays or Saturdays as the group I DM on Sundays tends to fluctuate a bit as to what weekend it plays on and I would rather not have a choose between the two :)
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I'm in Springfield and I'm looking for a new roleplaying group. It's been over a year since I've been part of a group and I miss it. I I've played mostly D&D in the past, but I'm open to other games if they sound interesting. I'm willing to travel ~30 miles. The only problem is that I am only available Monday-Thursday in the evenings.
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WHO: Hi, guys. My name’s Ren and I’ve been gaming off and on for, wow, over 20 years now (am I really that old?). Anyway, I’m looking to join an AD&D game with seasoned gamers. 2nd edition would be ideal.

WHEN: I prefer Saturday afternoon/eve, but can do Friday eve or Sunday morning/afternoon.

WHERE: I’m in Manassas and don’t mind driving a little bit.

STYLE: I tend to focus on character development. I enjoy playing rather quirky and challenging characters like monks or very specialized priests or mages. I like to push them in directions others haven’t thought of (though I can and will play any class needed to fill out a team. Hey, I’m versatile). That said, I do enjoy a bit of combat here and there to liven things up. I’d say I’m 50/50 on character development vs. hack’n’slash.
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Hello My name is Sinjin and moved to the area in October, before that I owned a gaming shop outside of New Orleans before Katrina. I've played all forms of RPG's for about 26 years and am not a rules lawyer. I am an old school player who enjoys roleplaying not roll playing. I'm 36 years old and actually GM more than I play. I enjoy 3.5 D&D, Pathfinder, Palladium Fantasy, Rifts, Cyberpunk, Twilight 2000, Stargate, Darwin's World, GURPS, and Shadowrun. I have experience in Werewolf, Vampire, 7th sea, Gamma World, Splicers, Avalon Hill's titus, warhammer and a few others. I also dabble in Mini's from warhammer 40k with my 15k eldar army.
Jonathan B.
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Middleburg, VA
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I've been an aspiring gamer for almost 5 years now, but it wasn't until I started college that I actually got some game time in. I GM'd for about 6 months before some family troubles brought me to Middleburg, Virginia. Now I'm itching to get back into it.

I DM'd 3.5 when I played, but I've recently discovered the Pathfinder system and I'm really in love with it.

My schedule is more or less open, but my ability to travel is rather limited. I totaled my car a few months ago and have been forced to rely on the family car to get around, meaning I'm subject to my family's schedule.

Hoping to meet up with a good group of folks and get some serious roleplaying under my belt.

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Hello, all.

I'm a recent addition to the Fairfax area, and I've found RPG groups on to be quite handy for finding others with similar hobbies.

I'm 31 years old now, and I've been running and playing table-top RPGs since I was sixteen. While I most often find myself in a gamemastering position, I look forward to the opportunity to take the hat off and sit in as a player as well.

Most recently, I've been enamored of D&D 4.0, but I have a long history with White Wolf and a new love affair with Mutants and Masterminds. Though truly, I enjoy most any game with fun players and a good gamemaster.

I look forward to meeting some of you in the future!
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Chantilly, VA
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Hello all,

I've been gaming off and on since I was a young teen (now 33). I have only really played with a core group of friends growing up and a second group in the military, but life has taken me away from both.

I am a big D&D fan and have purchased quite a bit of the 4th edition books wishfully thinking I'd get to play. That said, being away as long as I have from the game I'd be no better than a blissfully knowledgeable noob :P.

I do own some rats from Warhammer - I thought we were getting into it by my partner dropped of - but I am completely new to that world.

What I'm hoping to achieve is to maybe find a couple people who are looking to get a 4th Edition D&D game going, and marry them up with the 2-3 people I have and maybe get back into things.

I look forward to "meeting" you all through the discussions here, and maybe actually meeting some of you as time goes by.

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