Re: [dachshund-427] Public Service Announcement: Got Fleas?

From: Andrea
Sent on: Thursday, August 2, 2012 3:04 PM
I think Doc Walters has the cheapest heartworm pills I have seen.  The test is $15 and 1 yr of pills is $32 with a $5 rebate.

On Thu, Aug 2, 2012 at 12:17 PM, Vicky <[address removed]> wrote:
I called Costco today. They carry Frontline and something else that is OTC (over the counter) and they also carry the Heartguard heartworm pills with a prescription.  Silly me didn't think to ask the prices though.

I figured on the prescription part for the heartworm pills. I just wasn't sure if there was experience of the vets writing the prescription or if they call the prescription in to the pharmacy.

Thanks for the heads up on other pharmacies carrying the prescription.  Lilli is going in for her update on shots and such and I am going to have them write the prescription for the heartworm pills.

From: Yeomans <[address removed]>
To: Vicky <[address removed]>
Sent: Thursday, August 2,[masked]:55 AM

Subject: Re: [dachshund-427] Public Service Announcement: Got Fleas?

I dont think you can get heartworm meds without a prescription.  I tried the 1-800-pet-meds and still had to have a written prescription.  The vet also wants to do the HW test before you start giving them the meds for the year.  I did just find out that most pharmacies now can fill your pets prescription, but I am not sure if that is just for like antibiotics and water pills....maintenance like things.

On Wed, Aug 1, 2012 at 4:20 PM, Vicky <[address removed]> wrote:
   Does your vet write a prescription for you to take to Costco? Do you get your heartworm pills their too?

I recently heard from a friend of a friend that they get their heartworm pills at Costco and I have been meaning to call them to find out.


From: Schlyne <[address removed]>
To: [address removed]
Sent: Wednesday, August 1,[masked]:42 PM

Subject: Re: [dachshund-427] Public Service Announcement: Got Fleas?

I pick up my frontline at costco.  It's a lot cheaper if you're only going to go with frontline then trying to pick it up anywhere else.  I haven't dared try any of the generics yet.  I have to stick with flea products out here at least during the warm months (and I usually go a month or two beyond that to be safe) at the apartment complex.  There are enough dogs (and squirrels/chipmunks) around, along with trips to the dog park that there's always a chance of fleas in the summer.


From: Cheri Campbell <[address removed]>
To: [address removed]
Sent: Wednesday, August 1,[masked]:35 AM
Subject: Re: [dachshund-427] Public Service Announcement: Got Fleas?

Scratch're welcome!
It's just something you don't expect, and all the sudden BAM!  They're
hard to find and I keep grabbing dogs and searching their fur....I
know they're clear--they've all been bathed and treated--but you get
paranoid!  Scratch Scratch!  ;)
Thanks for sharing....I don't feel so alone....

On 8/1/12, Vicki Linden <[address removed]> wrote:
> You're not alone, Cheri! We found out Abby had fleas in May, the day before
> we were leaving on vacation! So instead of spending our time packing and
> getting ready for our trip, we spent it doing just about everything on your
> list. I vacuumed everything possible and did laundry until after midnight,
> it was a horrible day! The strange thing is we had no idea, we never saw a
> flea and wouldn't have known had we not taken Abby to the groomer that day.
> The vet's office told me there are more than the usual amount of fleas this
> year because we had such a mild winter. Like you said they can be dropped
> off into our yards by a passing squirrel. Our dogs can pick them up in
> someone else's yard while we're walking them. Just talking about them makes
> me itch! (scratch, scratch)
> Frontline Plus has become our new best friend, I'll never go another
> spring/summer/fall without it! (I also had to get the "cat" version :-)
> Neither animal has had any negative reaction to it & I highly recommend it,
> but it is really expensive. When I need refills I'm going to shop around for
> generics that you mentioned. Thanks for all the info!
> Vicki L
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>  From: Cheri Campbell
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>  Sent: Tuesday, July 31,[masked]:15 PM
>  Subject: [dachshund-427] Public Service Announcement: Got Fleas?
>  No...not the "f" word!!! The 4 letter word all pet owners dread hearing!
> FLEA!!!! Such a tiny little thing, but everyone dreads them!  Everyone says,
> "Not me, my dogs would NEVER get fleas....only other people's dogs get
> fleas!"  That's what I thought, too.....
>  But....I have something to admit....My name is Cheri, and my dogs have
> fleas!
>  According to Doc Walter, it is officially flea season.  They just started
> popping up everywhere last week.  They lie dormant for months and wait for
> just the right weather and POOF!  Instant fleas!  They like warm, wet
> weather for hatching--as long as larvae have sufficient humidity to hatch
> (50% at least), they will. I've always heard that the fleas themselves don't
> like water.  But I guess the larvae do.
>  Doc was surprised with all the dry weather that flea season started, but I
> got a little rain last week.  I know not everyone in Omaha did, but lucky
> me.... Now I have fleas!!!  (Scratch scratch)
>  But, I've NEVER EVER had a problem with fleas!!!  Where did they come
> from???  They can be brought into your yard by rabbits, squirrels and other
> critters.  And once they hatch, they jump onto your critters and guess what?
>  You have fleas! (scratch scratch)
>  So then you begin the process:
>  Step 1:  Bathe all 5 dogs in Dawn dish soap (Dawn kills fleas.  Something
> about it's degreaser that gets in there and coats and kills the fleas.  Work
> up a good lather and make sure to finish by dunking the whole dog under
> water.  Yes they hate it, but it doesn't allow the fleas any place to run
> and hide and survive.  They will all drown.)
>  Step 2:  Apply Frontline or other similar product to all 5 dogs.
>  Step3:  Remove all blankets and covers from couches and chairs, pick up
> washable rugs.
>  Step 4:  Remove all bedding from all 5 dog kennels.
>  Step 5:  Remove bedding from MY bed!
>  Step 6:  Keep washer and dryer working overtime washing all this bedding,
> towels, rugs and laundry!!!!  For best results, use hot (at least warm
> water) and a hot setting on the dryer to kill any surviving fleas.
>  Step 7:  Vacuum.  And Vacuum again.  And move furniture and vacuum again.
> And remove couch cushions and vacuum.  And vacuum.....  (PS  If your vacuum
> has a bag, throw away the bag or the fleas are living and breeding in your
> vacuum cleaner!  If it's bagless, wash out the canister when done.  Don't
> empty the canister in the inside trash--take it outside, but don't empty in
> the yard either!!!!)
>  Step 8 (optional but useful):  Treat yard with pet safe product.
>  Plan B:
>  You could stop at the store today and pick up some frontline, treat your
> dogs and you wouldn't have to spend days washing, bathing, treating,
> vacuuming, and most of all ITCHING!
>  I don't like to use chemicals on the dogs if I don't have to, so since I
> have never had any flea issues (a few fosters came with fleas, but I treated
> them and quickly rid them of their problem) I generally don't pre-treat.  In
> hindsight, however...I'm thinking maybe I should reconsider that choice for
> the future.
>  If you choose to pretreat, PLEASE remember my previous warnings about
> Hartz products. They are one of the cheapest on the market, but they can be
> very dangerous, too.  I have seen the scars on several dachshunds to prove
> it.  You can also ask your vet about Hartz products...most vets don't have
> anything favorable to say about them.  There are many other, safer choices
> out there on the market.
>  Choose a product such as Frontline that has had fewer negative reactions.
> It's most important ingredient is fipronil. There are several new brands out
> on the market that are the generic version of this and cost WAY less, such
> as Sergeant's brand Pronyl OTC and Fiprogaurd. There's also a version (not
> sure the manufacturer) called Pet Armor. They are all much more economically
> priced, and have the same active ingredients as Frontline.  (Frontline was
> $70 a pack last time I checked, whereas Pet Armor is like $30 for a 3 month
> supply)
>  You should be able to find these products at PetCo and PetSmart and even
> at Walmart. Make sure to read the ingredients, though and buy the brand that
> has fipronil as it's main active ingredient.
>  Always read the label for instructions before applying anything to your
> pet, and follow them completely!  Make sure you get the box for the correct
> weight of your dog, and never split a tube between more than one animal.
> And don't double up products (like use a flea shampoo and also treat with
> Frontline) as it can more or less overdose your dog on the chemicals and
> make your dog sick.
>  Watch your dog for any adverse reactions, skin redness and irritation,
> lethargic behavior, vomiting, etc.  Anything out of the ordinary call your
> vet.  Better safe than sorry.
>  There are natural products and home remedies out there, too.  If you use
> some that work great, please share with us.  I'm sure many ppl would
> appreciate knowing!  I know Olivia uses garlic/yeast pills and swears by
> it.
>  If you have any questions, (scratch scratch) please let me know and I'll
> do my best to help. (scratch scratch) I don't want anyone to have to go
> through the weekend that I just (scratch scratch) went through....
>  My name is Cheri....and I HAD fleas....(scratch scratch)
>  Hopefully you don't!  Good Luck out there!
>  Have a good one!  I need to throw more laundry in the dryer and vacuum
> again!
>  ~Cheri the Flea slayer, Dusty Flea Powder, Daisy Mae FleaBiter, Murphy
> McFlea, Riley Itchybottoms, and my Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie, bit the
> fleas and made them die!!!!
>    Daisy thinks if she hides in the blankies, and puts up her radar ears,
> she'll be safe....
>  --
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