Update on Max

From: The McLain B.
Sent on: Wednesday, October 2, 2013 1:35 PM
At midnight he started crying, ate, messed all over himself and I thought things were good. Then the pain meds all faded and he started crying/howling/barking and looking so horrible that I took him back to the ER for more meds, which helped. But the second ER doc also told me Max looks like he has neurological "issues" and it's much more serious than a sore back. 
At his appointment this morning they told me closer inspection of the xrays show what looks like a cracked lumbar vertebra, which could take a very long time to heal. And that he does show signs of having neurological issues, but there's a chance the meds and pain are making it worse. They don't really know what's causing any neuro issues. But the doc said they want to get him past the back pain and after that check the neuro more. She said I know him best so I can judge a lot of it.
At this point every time the pain meds wear down he basically freaks out--crying, howling. I think he's still responding to my voice but not always.
They took him off the Pred, added gabapentin and Tramadol and I go back tomorrow, possibly this afternoon if he won't pee.
I do have to say that I don't want to let him go but last night the pain and fear in his face as we drove to the ER and waited to be seen was so horrible. I'm still crying whenever I think about it. Doing a lot of crying these two days. I can't seem not to.
Thanks for all your support. I have to try to give him some Tramadol now so he's covered when the shot they gave him wears off.
Anna, Max and Cocoa

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