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Denver Anime Meetup is obviously devoted to fellowship amongst anime fans, but unlike a traditional anime club our focus is primarily getting together at least once a month to talk about anime over dinner. We do try to watch anime at somebody's house once every month or so, but with the ready availability of hundreds of anime titles in rental and commercial stores nowadays, creating and maintaining a long-term viewing schedule (and securing the necessary venue) doesn't seem to be an efficient use of the Organizers' time.

Some general group rules:

  • Sign Up to Show Up: This applies to both regular Meetups and activities at private residences, for more or less the same reasons. We can't hold a spot at the table for you at a restaurant if we don't know you're coming, and hosts showing anime in their homes can't prepare properly unless they know how many people might be stopping by. If you know you can show up but will be late, say so in the comments field when you sign up. We will do our best to save a spot for you.
  • Don't Be a Stranger. We know that school and work can conspire against Meetup attendance, but you can take a few minutes out of your month to stay active on the message board. This lets us know you're still interested in the Meetup- members who are inactive for 12 months get deleted.
  • Off-topic = Off-line. It's been observed that anime draws together people who also happen to have quite a few other common interests like sci-fi, fantasy, PC/console gaming, and the like. It's impossible to keep conversation 100% on-topic, but let's keep off-topic discussion to a minimum on the board or when we're in the main gatherings.

Restaurant (regular Meetup) guidelines:

  • As long as you've RSVP'd for the event a few days in advance, you can probably arrive as late as you want since you've been included in the total group size. Ask the hostess where the Meetup group is. However, we don't wait on anybody before placing food orders...
  • Where we dine isn't set in stone. If you know a good restaurant that can seat the average attendance figure with no problem, and isn't too far for most of the members to get to, go ahead and suggest it. Please start such discussion topics at least 2 weeks before the Meetup so that a consensus can be reached and venue change notices can be sent out.

Guidelines for anime watching at private residences:

  • Introduce Yourself First. Come to a few of the regular monthly Meetups, or be active for a while on the message board, before coming to an activity hosted by a member at their house. We're friendly folk, but very few people are willing to open their homes to complete strangers.
  • Don't bring more than 2-3 titles/disks to a showing, and don't expect all of them to be shown. We want everyone to have a chance to have at least 2 episodes from one title that they've brought to be shown to the group, and since we usually meet for only about 5 hours we don't want things dominated by someone who's brought a small library of material.
  • Try to bring your material on standard DVD - although your laptop may connect up to the host's AV setup, and they might have a DVD player that handles non-standard codecs like DiVX, it's best not to assume you can unless you clear it with the host beforehand.
  • AMVs may be OK as a prelude to watching the anime that people bring, but are not a feature unto themselves. If you must share your favorites, put them on YouTube and drop a link on the Message Board.
  • Meetup membership is restricted to ages 18 and older, but leave the hentai at home. Some of us like it and some don't, but it's one genre that nobody should be forced to watch, or have to leave the room to avoid seeing.

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