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Mongkubneeramid M.
Englewood, CO
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The World forsaken be the gods.
The date: 2047 P.E.
The place: The Castle of Chicago.
The history of the world you are in:
The P.E. stands for Post Excommunication.

2047 years ago, the Gods abandoned Earth. At this time there was a great war, a war that nearly ended all of the races on earth and the planet itself.
The Malediction War.
All the races were using not only the powers of magic, but the powers of their gods to destroy each other and the world around them as a consequence of the war.
The gods intervened and stopped the war.With this they cast judgment on their believers, those who nearly ended the world. The Gods removed their powers from the Faithful and restored the world to it's natural state, but in turn made all of the creatures of the world more Dangerous. The Humanoid races of the world were forced to band together in order to survive.
The gods had taken their powers away, But the power of magic remained. The excommunication forced the races to rely on their own powers of magic and their will to survive. So, To survive the races of the world came together and began to make advances in technology, with the aid of Magic. To survive they constructed mega cities, these cities they called Castles.
With Technology and magic they began to create MageTech a combination of magic and technology.

You are in the Castle of Chicago. Just trying to get by in the world that is now controlled by Corporations, Wealth is the new god of SchrödingEarth.
In this universe, Earth has more than just Humans that inhabit the world. Human lives with Changelings, Elves: Grey and Dark, the touched -Aasimar and Tieflings, gnome, goblins, orcs and Half-orcs, dwarves, Kobolds, Ogres, Trolls and Dragons.

The world is a different place.
But let’s focus on where you will be mostly, North America. The major cities ( Castles) are home to 90% of the races living here. And it's not the Unites states. It's the Unified City States of North America, as Canada and America are one unified. Washington DC is still the Capital of the New America. However the Division of power is slightly different. It's governed by the Heads of Trinity which are comprised of: the elected leader of the Mage Alliance, the Ceo of the Corporate Conglomerate, and Elf King.

Castles and divided into 3 to 5 Levels with the richest on the top level and the poor/working classes on the lower levels. They are mostly ruled by elected officials.... Controlled by corporations.

Castles are policed by the Knighthood. Ranks are:
Errants- rookies, beat cops, patrols
Militissa/Knights- ranking officers/detectives
Paladins- Swat units/riot control
Teutons- Anti- mage units

Mongkubneeramid M.
Englewood, CO
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There is No Clerical Magic and No Psionics

Potions are in pill and syringe form if they can be drank or ingested

The main source of power is Ether. Through a combination of science, magic and alchemy, ether is created from crude petroleum or any from of oil. It is an extremely efficient power source, as a fluid ounce of ether can be converted into 1 gigawatt of electricity.
Though created through some magical means, it is not magical.
It is chemically neutral, stable even at extreme temperature, harmless to the touch but harmful if swallowed or injected, odorless and is faintly luminescent.
Ether can also be used as a magical catalyst. However the power factor when converting to magical energy only doubles the casters level. And there are consequences of ether enhanced spells known as Etherburn.
Ether is use in Magetech weapons, and well as E-Assisted weapons.
Ether is converted in power with an alchemical generator. It has advanced so far as that is sold in a self contained unit know as Etherclips. The entire unit holds 10 ounces of liquid ether and has an alchemical generator all in one. And clips once purchased are easily refillable.
Etherite is a solid from fuel version of Ether. It's an opaque pale blue crystal and glows a pale blue, continuously. It grows to a harvesting length of 1 to 6 inches and about ½ inch in diameter; however there are reports of crystals that were grow to over 2 feet in length and 6 inches in diameter….and rumors a murmured that there has been even larger crystals grown…..
Like Ether it is chemically neutral, stable even at extreme temperature, harmless to the touch but harmful if swallowed or injected, but a solid Crystal. It's made through further alchemical processes in which Pressurized vats of Ether are filled with coal and coke. This process causes the Ether to take on a crystalline form. As a result any impurities form a metallic base for the the crystals to grow on, that base metal being Orichalcum.
Etherite is more effective than liquid Ether. A 1 inch crystal can be used to generate 1 Gigawatt of electricity at a steady rate for up to a year before the crystal “evaporates”. At the same time it can be “Over Drawn” to produce up to 5 Gigawatts for about 3 months. A 6 inch crystal will produce % Giga watts for about a year and a half.
Etherite can be used to Ethercast a Spell. A inch crystal will quintuple a spell caster’s spell ability (5x), but will also result in a massive Arcane Explosion. This Fire deals Damage equal to the [spell level + the caster's Level x (2d4+2 x 10] in a 50 foot radius. Any one killed in the Blast will become an Etherburned undead.
Because of this it is mainly used under heavy guard, in industrial construction and military application.
Power armor exist in the world of SchrödingEarth. Most Knights can have power Armor , while Paladins and Teutons are issued Powered Armor. And Power Armor can be bought.
Power armor is a mix of Magic and Technology. And your power armor is not just a machine, but a Golem. Power Armor was made this as to prevent theft and misuse of power armor.
When an Errant achieves Knighthood, they can be issued Powered Armor. The rite involves the new Knight to get A soulbind Tattoo. Power Armor cannot move on it's own and only a Knight or Person with a soulbond Tattoo can use the power armor bonded to them.
Power Armor Golems have names, and can communicate with their Bonded pilot and only the bonded pilot can hear the golem.
Getting in and out of a golem is a move action.
Golems have different stats that vary from manufacturer.
Mongkubneeramid M.
Englewood, CO
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The Mordenkainen Generator
A Mordenkainen Generator is a actually a set of wrist bands, the size and shape of a large wrist watches, that can convert Magical energy into electricity. They can be used in a pitch when you don't have an Ether Clip available and happen to be a magic user.
The conversion rate of energy transfer is a 1st level spell to 1 gigawatt, a so a 1 to 1 transfer. Lightning/electrical spells are triple yield. Anything can be converted to be powered by a Mordenkainen Generator.
Magetech Guns are made with orichalcum parts. They can fire normal ammunition, however they have the ability to fire caster rounds.
A caster round is a special round that has a liquid ether core. It's this core that makes, the caster round can store a single spell. When fired the spell actives as if it were cast by the person who charged the round.
There are two types single cast, and double cast. A single cast round can hold a spell up to 4th level, and Double cast can hold a spell level of 5+.
A Caster round can be purchased one one of two ways. Pre-charged rounds are always available for purchase, or Null rounds which are ready to be charged. In addition a mage using caster rounds can apply any metamagic feats they know to the caster rounds at the cost of their own spells.

As with all magic and either combinations there is Etherburn backlash. Anyone firing a caster round takes damage equal to the spell level + 1/2 the caster level of the spell ( be it themselves or another spellcaster) rounded up. Some people refer to caster rounds as lifetaker rounds

Another Use of Magetech is Ethercasting. Ethercasting allows a mage to convert one fluid ounce of Ether into Magical energy for spell use, effectively doubling the casters level while casting the spell. No matter the amount of ether used, it will only double the caster's level if used in this manner. Additionally, Ether can also be used to negate the cost of spell level increases from metamagic feats. When use in this manner the effect are cumulative. Each ounce of Ether will add +2 spell levels to the spell being used in conjunction with metamagic.

Etherburn Backlash.
For starters using Ether in this manner deals damage equal to the spell level + 1/2 the caster level of the spell rounded up + 2 for every ounce used to apply metamagic feats to the spell.

For each ounce of Ether used, the is a 1% cumulative chance of an Arcane Eruption. In addition, add +1% for each Metamagic feat level increase. IE
Maximize spell adds +3% for an Eruption to since the spell increase is 3 levels.

The spell will activate as normal however the Caster will be consumed in Surge of Arcane fire. This Fire deals Damage equal to the (spell level x # of ounce of Ether used) + the caster's Level. If a mage Dies in this manner, they become And Etherburned Undead.
Magic and Guns
For Obvious reasons I am putting this up to help with rules. Now 95% of the beings living in the SchrödingEarth world will have a gun of some sort. So here is your FAQ

Q - Can I magical enhance my gun?
A - Yes, but some magic will only apply to solid projectiles. So Laser and plasma weapon won't get additional effects like frost,shock, etc But these can still have Bane, Distance, Seeking, Speed and Brilliant energy.

Q - Do Magic bonus stack with mastercraft bonuses?
A - Yes, a gun can have +3 mastercraft bonus and up to +5 in magic bonuses.

Q - What if a gun uses MageTech, can I enhance that magically?
A - Yes, since MageTech requires a solid projectile, all effects apply in addition to the caster round spell.

Damage works out that the the effect damage of the Magetech enchanted gun is applied before the spell. The Caster round DOES NOT DO ANY PHYSICAL DAMAGE when it hits the target and the spell still has to overcome any spell resistance the target has.

But Ether and magic don't mix well, so add a 1% Chance for each +1 bonus for an Arcane Etherfire explosion on magically enhanced MageTech weapons.
or in simple terms, You are using magic to Enhance a bullet Enhanced by Ether, of course something bad can happen!

Q - What are E-Assisted weapons?
A - Railguns. The ether is converted into electricity to fire the railgun.

Q - How can I possibly fire that rail gun without getting Knocked on my ass, seriously?
A - Magic. No seriously. All E-assisted weapons use Tenser stabilizing enchantments ( aka the Tenser Drive) to hold the gun in place when you fire it.

Q - But what about EtherBurn with E-assisted Weapons?
A - Since the ether is not used to activate the magic or enhance the magic of a Tenser Drive, there is no need to worry about Etherburn.

Q - can i have magic Bullets?
A - yes

Q - can I get masterwork Ammo?
A - No

Q - Do magic bullets stack with a magic gun?
A - If the gun does not have the Same type of Magic, I.E. A flaming bullet in a shock gun, then yes they can stack. if the share the same property, a Flaming bullet in a Flaming gun, then it's an additional +1 to hit and damage.

This happens Because the gun's magic will override the bullet's magic and converts the bullet into it's cost bonus modifier (+1). THE GUN ALWAYS OVERRIDES THE BULLET'S MAGIC IF THEY ARE THE SAME DAMAGE TYPE (Flaming gun firing Flaming Burst rounds).

Brilliant Energy Weapons And Ammo Do not Stack with any additional Damaging effects. It always converts magic ammo into its bonus modifier and Brilliant energy bullets add +4 to hit when fired out of a Effect adding gun.

Q - So what are you saying?
A - That you can in effect fire a +3 masterwork gun with up to +5 in magical enhancements, using up to +4 enhanced ammo.

Q - Please tell me that there is a Ammo Drum of holding?
A - Does Jack Burton want his truck back?
Type I 5x normal cap.
Type II 10x normal cap.
Type III 15x normal cap.
Type IV 25x normal cap.

Q - Can you burst or autofire MageTech Caster rounds?
A - No

Q - How about enchanted ammo, can I burst or Auto fire with this ammunition?
A - Yes, however each additional round only adds a +1 damage modifier to the damage dealt to a max if +3. IE burst firing shock rounds does shock damage +2 if the gun has a 3 round burst, or +3 if it is a standard 5 round burst.

Mongkubneeramid M.
Englewood, CO
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Weapons and Armor ManuFacturers:

Blasphemer - A Tiefling and Dark Elf owned company. Ballistic, Plasma, Laser weapons and Some Armor
Slogan " Give them a taste of Hell"

Mercy - A Gnomish owned company. Specializing in non lethal weapons and MageTech and armors.
Slogan " Don't be afraid to show them your Mercy"

Tusks- A rare Orc and Dwarven Company. Big Guns!?! Big Damage!?! I love it! Famous for E-Assisted and Heavy Ballistic weapons and Heavy armors. Tusk make the largest personal firearm in the world: The Tusks Tarrasque
Slogan " Bare your Tusks and watch them run"

Stonebreaker and Wesson - A human and Dwarven company. A provider of Top quality weapons and armors.
Slogan " Quality in every way"

Kalina Pilin' - A Elven company that produces Magetech and Laser Weaponry and Light armors.
Slogan "Let Our Light Protect you"

Magus Ex Machina - An Aasimar , Human and Elven Venture. Best know for it's MageTech and E-Assist weapons. Also a supplier of Power Armor.
Slogan "Binding the power to you hands"

GGK - A Gnome, goblin and kobold company. Makers of Ballistics, E-Assisted and armor. And Affordable. The Walmart of the Weapons and armor world......
Slogan " GGK, it'll stop'em!"

Halberd & Brigandine - The Main suppliers of Weapons and Armor for the Castle Knights. They make every form of weapon and are the Main Supplier of Power Armor to the Knights.
Slogan "We Protect those who Protect you."

Cybernetic implants are common and are available to characters wealthy enough to afford them. Although the standard rules apply for who can perform surgery and the amount of time it takes, characters normally don’t have to worry about a successful installation check. Instead, an XP penalty is paid to represent the pain and loss caused by the surgery. Only if surgery is attempted under unusual circumstances should a GM require a Treat Injury check to be made to determine its success. In any case, a character never pays an XP cost for a cybernetic device that isn’t successfully installed.]

Straight Hit points
You will not have to roll any dice to get your HP, you will have to do math though. Each race will have a Base HP. HP is based on the character's original Constitution score plus the Racial modifier. Increasing or decreasing the Constitution score will not affect the amount of HP a character can gain, however Feats can be applied to increase HP. At first level, your total HP is your CON score + CON Modifier + Race HP. Each level afterwards the character gains their Con score + Racial Modifier. This applies to all NPC and Enemies/Monsters you will fight as well. However, the humanoid races can only gain Hp until level 20 at which the Hp caps.
user 10301836
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So I'm interested, but I had a couple questions about this game. What system do you intend to use for this? D&D 3.5, Pathfinder, something else? Where do you intend to run this game? What days/times are you thinking about playing? Also, I'm heavy into role-playing, so will this be a game with a fair amount of role-playing scenes, or will it mostly be combats and the like? And since this is a sort of super-futuristic world, will there be things that we're familiar with like cell phones, internet, hacking, etc? Thanks for throwing up so much information and I'm looking forward to hearing more about the game!
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