RE: [ronpaul-26] ATTENTION: PETITION RON PAUL ! (please read)

From: Danni H
Sent on: Saturday, June 16, 2007 1:12 AM

Hi Ross,

I did some calculating to see how many people Ron Paul would need to sweep the GOP primary.? The estimate was that about 100,000,000 people vote, and 15,000,000 will vote in the GOP primary.? He needs to win 1/3 of that vote to sweep the primary, since the other 2/3 will be spread between 9 others.? Thats 5,000,000 people.? In order for him to have 5,000,000 by January 1, 2008, the roughly 10,000 people on meetup nationally would need to get 500 more people each to vote for him.? That is 20 new voters per week each.? I found about 50 new voters in 1 hour.? He CAN win the primaries.?

I think his best shot is to win the republican nomination.? This way the media would be forced to give him exposure, and more people would have access to his message.?

If he didn't win the GOP nomination, I would still like to see him run.? The media would probably still ignore him, so it would be all of us trying to get 30,000,000 or more voters for him.? If we can't get 5,000,000 to vote for him in the primaries ( especially the earliest ones) I don't know if we could get 6x that many in 9 months.?

First things first, lets try to find 20 people per week each to vote for him in the primaries.?

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Subject: [ronpaul-26] ATTENTION: PETITION RON PAUL ! (please read)

Right about now we should all be patting ourselves on the back - Ron Paul's name is still getting out against tremendous odds, we're slowly winning converts everyday, and in case you haven't read, Paul's on-line support network is expected to reach as many as one-million by 2008! Regardless of the outcome, I have no doubt we'll be happy with the results come primary election day. So I strongly believe we need to focus on doing whatever we can right up to election day.
We have a good plan in plan in place, but the fact is, good plans amount to a hill of?beans if you don't have a good contingency plan in its stead if the first one fails. I'm optimistic about Ron Paul's chances, but I'm also a realist. Ask yourself,?"Who votes in Republican primaries?" Well, die-hard Republicans of course, correct? And that's scary because as much as I agree with these people on some issues, I also disagree with them on a whole slew of others. This
is the crowd that's wakes up everyday to FOX?News, listens to Limbaugh?in the afternoon, and prays to small plastic idol of Sean Hannity before going to bed. These are the folks who determine the winner(s) of primaries and?sadly enough, will continue to?have unconditional support for GWB?regardless of how reckless and unconstitutional his policies.?Oh, and if you haven't noticed, their base is?easily twenty times the size of ours.
Mr. Paul has made it abundantly clear that he has no?desire to run as an independent?if he doesn't win the primaries; IT SHOULD BE OUR GOAL TO PERSUADE HIM TO SERIOUSLY THINK OTHERWISE;?and we?could do this?by petitioning him to do so through?an intense e-mail campaign and by flooding his office with letters requesting?him to do so. Think about,?he'd do far better in a general election than in any primary, and additionally,?he'll be
seventy-six by the time?such an opportunity presents itself again, and by then?our country will be in far greater peril than it currently is. I have little doubt that he has the potential to win the November 2008 election. And while a gamble?such as this will consequently cost him his?seat in congress, it'd be well worth the gamble because even if he?didn't win, the amount of publicity he'd get would create a national dialog on some extremely important issues that receive absolutely no attention through Big Media.
Lets just look at our advantages for?November 2008:
1) Dick Morriss has just predicted a?Clinton-Obama ticket, something?anyone?who follows politics could have seen?a mile away. He has also predicted that Guiliani will win the Republican nomination. I say good, let him, because?that will effectively push the entire NRA?base (all
4.5?Million of them plus their families)?firmly into our camp. Oh, and?don't forget the?religious-right either, because as?much as they may disagree with Paul's strictly constitutional stance on some issues, there's something about abortion, gun control, one-world government and?the possibility of?having a chip?put in their foreheads that?scares them (and rightfully so.)
2)?The Paul-base is probably the most?unique mishmash of people to ever unite under one candidate. We have?old-school noninterventionalist Taft-Buchan Republicans, anti-war Democrats, Libertarians,?members of the?Reform Party, independents, etc. And if you have?any doubts?about the power of grass-roots activism, read Jesse?Ventura's?I Ain't Got Time to Bleed.?In it he details how he managed to smash the competition (both Democrats and Republicans) during his run for
governor, and with a mere fraction of the campaign cash?his opponents had.
3) The Iraq War. Remember those days after 9/11 when 90% of?Americans wanted to invade Iraq, and then?number was 70%?before the invasion; today 70% of the country wants us out. If?you think that figure is low now, wait a year?from now for?the number of?dead soldiers climbs to 5,000.?By then, even mainstream Republicans are going to be demanding action and change. And who was the only person with the foresight that predicted the current disaster? Not Hillary.?Rudy McRomney are campaigning as strong supporters of the war because it sells well to Republican primary voters, but if?any of them wants to win in 2008, do?you seriously think they'll be anywhere as supportive of this war next year when 80-90% of?country will be against it by that point??Paul will crush them on this issue with
his?extensive knowledge of foreign policy.
4) Finally, people?are just plain alienated by both parties.They want change; hell, some thought they'd get it with the Democrats in power, they were?wrong and that's becoming clearer day by day. Until two years ago, I was a good soldier for the Republican Party, but I couldn't take it anymore: NAFTA, CAFTA,?MAFTA, FTAA, CFR,UN, RNC,DNC, the Iraq war, bla, bla, bla,?the list goes on.
I'm thoroughly convinced that Paul running as an independent?in 2008 will blow the competition out of the water. But we?must persuade him first. And yes, I'd hate to see him loose his seat, but the gamble is worth it and if he's smart?enough to strike while the iron's hot; he can and will?win! I want your feedback, and?if?you would, I'd encourage you to email this to everyone you know (to include other Paul supporters throughout the
country.) When in our lifetimes will we ever see another candidate with Paul's wisdom, courage and overall sense of integrity and values? We have one shot at this and?I think we?need to make it happen. We already have a rapidly growing support base in place. Now it's?up to us to?determine our future as a nation, not those?maggots sucking up nonstop news coverage that will just run this country into the ground and destroy what?our?Founding Fathers struggled to achieve in their generation and for posterity to come. ?????????????

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