Re: [ronpaul-26] Fw: Health Alert: Monsanto Protection Act Signed Into Law

From: Mike W
Sent on: Sunday, March 31, 2013 12:34 PM
Mr Steve Young:

I'm going to ignore for the moment your complete ignorance of the whole problem with Monsanto, and focus on what's directly wrong with your thinking here.

We are talking here about a law passed into existence for the purpose of protecting ONE type of economic activity over another.  This law also forbids suit for damages from other economic participants who may be damaged by, say, Monsanto crops. 

Libertarian principles -- to me, anyway -- mean that everyone is equal before the law.  Anyone can be sued, any company can be sued, if they damage me, my land, the environment, whatever.   If you damage me, I can sue you in the courts, and you can be forced to compensate me.  The law in question here says I can't do that now.  Where's the libertarian principle there?

This isn't about private property rights.  Don't kid yourself.  Joe Farmer might be able to plant 80 sections of Frankencorn without permission, but I still have to get a permit to re-shingle my roof or dig a turtle pond in my back yard 10 miles away.

Now then.  You said one thing that makes sense -- ending IP laws.  At least for food.  Patenting food = patenting life, and it should simply never have been allowed... and needs to stop. 

Meanwhile, use some of that piss & vinegar to inform yourself a bit better, and you'll be all right.

On 03/30/[masked]:37 PM, Steve Young wrote:
When did the Ron Paul crowed become eco-nazis and totally abandon libertarian principals and positions? Everyone should have the right to plant whatever they want without approval from the hallucinated authority known as government. What happened to ridding our selves of the FDA, USDA, and ending IP laws so market forces can regulate crap companies out of existence?

If the tact is going to be to abandon principals and randomly sick government on people based on nazi like demagoguery of certain groups rather than the ethics of specific behaviors, then I will bid you adieu.

Steve Young
[address removed]

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